Electional Astrology Consultation

The fundamental premise of astrology is that there is a correspondence between celestial events and earthly events: as above, so below. Just as the arrangement of planets can signify the outcome of one’s life at the moment of birth, so can they signify the outcome of almost any voluntary undertaking. Using astrology to intentionally elect a time for an event to occur is the practice of electional astrology.

Electional Astrology Topics

I use a combination of traditional and modern techniques to arrive at astrologically auspicious times or elections for many different purposes. Electional astrology can be used to elect astrologically auspicious times for:

  • making announcements
  • opening a business
  • starting a website
  • putting on a sale
  • buying a house
  • signing a contract
  • submitting an application for a job or school
  • having a job interview
  • getting married
  • hosting a party
  • starting a new health regime
  • running for office
  • and much more!

Please be aware that I use the tropical zodiac, traditional rulerships and whole sign houses in my practice.

What’s your experience and approach?

I have been studying and practicing electional astrology since the mid-2000’s. My principal sources for electional astrological techniques are Hellenistic-era astrologers such as Vettius Valens, Serapio, Dorotheus and others. For the most part, my approach is very similar to that of my friends and colleagues Chris Brennan and Leisa Schaim. I focus on finding times which produce a positively placed ruler of the Ascendant in good condition and in an appropriate house which matches the purpose and nature of what is attempted to be accomplished. I make sure the lunar applications are appropriate and positive, also taking into account the Moon’s phase and latitude, as well as planetary days and hours. I try to avoid Mercury retrogrades and other retrogrades depending, and generally avoid eclipses. I find ways to minimize the significance of the malefics through cadency and horizonal placement, or mitigate them through aspect and sign. I also try to find times that make harmonious aspects (or at least no discordant ones) with one or multiple charts depending on how many people are involved in the event. When appropriate, I also take Lots, trigon lords of the sect light and bound lords into account, among other factors.

How do I order?

Just complete the form below about the event you want me to elect! Once you submit the form you will be automatically redirected to a payment portal to complete payment. By the date you specify, you’ll receive my recommendation and analysis for the timing of your event by email.

How long will it take?

At the very end of the form, I ask you when you need this done by. You decide when you want me to deliver electional options by and I promise to meet or beat that due date. The calendar on the form reflects my current availability.

How much does it cost?

It depends on your needs for the election.

Electional Base Rate: $200.00 USD

This includes the recommendation for the overall best time in 1 location within your specifications, taking 1 natal chart into account, to be delivered in 30 days or more.


Delivery Date Add-On: $50 within 1 month, $75 within 2 weeks, $100 within 1 week
Multiple Natal Charts Add-On: $25 per additional natal chart to be considered
Multiple Locations Add-On: $25 per additional location to be considered
Multiple Electional Options Add-On: $25 for the two best options, $50 for all good options

If you have any trouble ordering, please send me an email me at: patrickwatsonastrologer@gmail.com