Horary Astrology Consultation

The fundamental premise of astrology is that there is a correspondence between celestial events and earthly events: as above, so below. Just as the arrangement of planets can signify the outcome of one’s life at the moment of birth, so can they signify the outcome of a question at the moment it is asked and understood by another person, such as an astrologer. Such a question is a horary question, the interpretation of these charts is the practice of horary astrology.

Horary Question Guidelines

  • The question must be whether a given event will occur in the future. Frame the question positively and avoid double negatives.
  • The question must be able to be answered with a “yes” or a “no”.
  • The question must be personally relevant to you.
  • The question must be burning, important, pressing, urgent, timely, in response to a specific development. As soon as the circumstances arise which lead to the question, send it. You must want to know the answer so badly that you just need an answer, whether it’s yes or no.
  • The question must only be asked once to one astrologer.
  • You can only ask one question at a time.
  • Avoid asking “Should I” questions, because that’s asking for a value judgment. Try to ask “Will I” questions.

For a full explanation for the reasons behind these guidelines, please consider reading this article.

Horary Question Topics

Horary is most effective when the questions have a clear relation to one of the topics of the 12 astrological houses. The houses are divisions in a chart designate particular topics or areas of life. Common questions include: “Will I get the job?”, “Will I get the job?”, “Will X and I enter a romantic relationship?”, “Will we stay together”, “Will I get my wallet back?” Here are all the kinds of topics that can be addressed through horary.

  • 1st house: appearance, life, vitality.
  • 2nd house: possessions, finances, material things one owns.
  • 3rd house: siblings, short distance trips, early education.
  • 4th house: home, parents, family, one’s private or inner life.
  • 5th house: sex, pleasure, entertainment, pregnancy, children.
  • 6th house: one’s mode of service, one’s subordinates, illnesses, injuries.
  • 7th house: relationships, marriage, business partnerships.
  • 8th house: other’s finances, inheritance, death.
  • 9th house: long distance travel, higher education, religion, publishing.
  • 10th house: one’s praxis, career, reputation, bosses.
  • 11th house: one’s friends, friends in high places, alliances.
  • 12th house: one’s rivals and enemies, imprisonment, loss, catastrophe, illness.

Please be aware that I use the tropical zodiac, traditional rulerships and whole sign houses in my practice.

How do I order?

Fill out the form below to submit your question. Once payment is completed, I’ll get to work in answering your question and you’ll receive an email with my analysis of the horary chart of your question.

How long will it take?

You decide. The last question of the form will ask you when you need to know the answer by.

How much does it cost?

It depends on how fast you need me to work. If you need me to get back to you:

  • Within 1 day: Emergency Rush Horary Service: $125.00 USD
  • Within 2 days: Expedited Horary Service: $100.00 USD
  • 3 days or more: Regular Horary Service: $75.00 USD

Payment is handled through Paypal once you submit the form. If you have any trouble using this form please send me an email at : patrickwatsonastrologer@gmail.com.