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    1. Hi Kurt, one of the benefits my supporters on Patreon get is exclusive access to new articles a day ahead of everyone else. If you support my work on Patreon with just a dollar per article, you’ll get access to the password and read any new articles the first day they’re available. ( If you can’t support me on Patreon at this time, you can read the newest articles the next day. For example, my latest article will be available to the public tomorrow morning. Hope this helps!

  1. Okay, Pat, so first I love your blog- it’s fucking great. I hope it becomes even more popular cause we need a more lighthearted approach to astrology- especially with scary fatalism and shit…which leads into my multi-part freakout question:

    What the actual fuck is up with natal charts my guy? Like I love to analyze and search for answers through all sorts of mediums, but after reading my chart and my partner’s chart, I’m not quite sure how to interpret it. It seems like when people read their charts, they go through all sorts of emotions, and even phases, which for me are:

    1. Fuck you that’s not true!
    2. Okay, maybe that’s kinda true.
    3. I didn’t think I could do this?
    3.5. Well shit just go ahead and personally attack me right now
    4. At least I’ll marry someone with a big-oh.
    (And finally)
    5. Lol my dumbass aint gonna live that long
    6. *Reads the last bit* what the fuck does that have to do with any thing in this whole goddamn chart

    So in TLDR, how do you interpret your chart and not scare yourself with it? I hate the idea that I have no control over what happens to me or anyone, but I also love to search for deeper meanings- I just find that this form of fatalistic astrology sucks, and I think it should be reinvented and reworded as a guide, not a set of absolutes, especially when it comes to death and quality of life.

  2. Hi Patrick,
    Excellent article! You mentioned an aspect that Im very curious about.
    You mentioned “Antiscia”……at 8 Sag/Gemini during the Saturn/Pluto conjunction at 22 Cap which occurs in my 4th house…foundations?
    I am a Scorpio, and have my Sun 2nd/Moon 8th opposition at 22 Scorp/Taurus sextile/trine.
    I also have my Jupiter/Mercury conjunction at 8-9 Sag, which is you said Antiscia the Saturn/Pluto conjunction. I understand it means hidden shadows? The Dec 26th eclipse falls directly on my natal Saturn 3rd at 4 Capricorn, which squares my nodes 12th NN-SN 6th.

    I am correct that the eclipse is endings, death, letting go….and the conjunction/antiscia (mirroring hidden shadows?) to my sun/moon and Jupiter/mercury….is new identity/expansions/new ideas?

    There has been a lot of inner change happening this last year….pluto is transiting my Saturn, and I just had my second Saturn return last year….a lot of inner work on thinking, speaking issues.
    Glad I found your article, very informative and interesting!

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