You’ve learned some astrology. Now how do you actually use this stuff?

Have you ever just had burning questions about astrology and wish a professional astrologer could give you their undivided attention and walk you through these strange topics like annual profections and zodiacal releasing without having to pay for a full reading?

A day before our appointment you’ll receive a reminder with our Zoom meeting link. A few minutes before our session begins, click on the Zoom link and I’ll meet you there!

I strongly recommend using a desktop or laptop computer for our session, instead of a phone or tablet. This will allow you to record our session through Zoom onto your own computer. If you use a phone or tablet you will not be able to record and  I have limited space on my server and can not guarantee that you will receive a recording of our session expeditiously.

If you have any trouble setting up an appointment please contact me at patrickwatsonastrologer@gmail.com