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Patrick Watson
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 by Janara Iman

This is my 2nd reading with Patrick. Once again I feel my inner and outer worlds unfolding and falling into place, making sense of my life. My birth rectification and in depth readings began to fill in the many gaps and questions I have had for so long, making sense of everything. Patrick has a seismic talent for getting to the bottom of things with clarity and careful analysis as he moves through the planetary aspects, and his work is invaluable. I left the session feeling enlightened and elated. Thank you so much Patrick!

 by Akshay
Great birth chart reading session

Patrick is a brilliant astrologer. I had a wonderful birth chart reading session with him. He did a great job explaining the important natal placements. He was patient with all my questions and answered each of them with great detail. I liked the time analysis techniques that he used to predict future opportunities in different areas of life. I would highly recommend his services to anyone. Thanks again, Patrick

 by Khalid Hadeed

I’ve had two very satisfying horary readings from Patrick to date. The first addressed a more abstract question concerning the potential for my personal fulfillment and happiness, and the second addressed a more tangible question concerning the same. In both of these readings he presented interpretations that clearly corresponded with detailed present and past circumstances I hadn’t shared with him. His interpretations were very deep and nuanced, and he explained the complex astrological factors grounding them with a remarkably lucid and elegant style, one that I imagine would be accessible and appealing both to people with some knowledge of astrology and people with no knowledge at all. His approach truly brings alive the magical interrelatedness between the human and the cosmic planes of existence. I think any reading you get from Patrick would be very useful, satisfying, and faith-inspiring too!

 by Drea
Fascinating insight into my chart

I had a reading with Patrick a few months ago and I can honestly say that it was a really fascinating reading. First off Patrick is a fantastic astrologer, there is no woo nonsense (which I say simply to ease the minds of those looking for a reading but put off by some of the generic pop Astro content they see on insta/tik tok) you can see the breadth of his knowledge and skills straightaway, as well as his passion for what he does. He also has a fantastic way of explaining things, he is straightforward BUT he is also extremely down to earth, understanding and easy to chat with. He also has a fantastic sense of humour.

I knew that Patrick was a highly recommended astrologer (and has good company in some excellent astrologers ie Coppock, Brennan etc) and I also have an interest in astrology, but I was surprised by my reading and was in awe of how he was able to pluck away at parts of my chart and both confirm things for me, and also provide new info but especially show where there are correlations and what to watch out for.

I had came to Patrick with which were probably bigger questions to answer than I fully realised at the time, inc re help confirming patterns I felt but needed help with his expertise to confirm and explain what was going on in detail, but he took it on and was very patient, and he did indeed provide answers and helped me understand better but also gave me a lot of new things to think about.

I found my reading to be extremely beneficial and I’m very grateful to him for his time.

I can honestly say that whether it is a first time reading out of curiosity, whether you’ve had other readings or whether you’re at a crossroads… it can be very helpful booking a reading with professional astrologer like Patrick who can help you understand your chart better but also help with navigation. I’d recommend him to anyone in a heartbeat. And I look forward to a follow up reading in due course. Thanks again Patrick!!

 by Virna Koutrakou

I need only 3 words to describe Patrick in his astrological analysis: Thoughtful, thorough, accurate!
I needed help with a chart because I was too involved with the problem and Patrick, in his usual quiet but highly effective way was able to shed light to it. So, thank you, Patrick!
And if people need an astrologer that will look in depth in a chart and describe things exactly as they are, without adding anxiety or withholding information, then Patrick is the person for you!

 by Rhea
An insightful session

Patrick`s ability to balance a sharp focus on the chart and all its information, whilst answering my questions succinctly, with a generosity of spritit, made for a much insightful consultation, an experience that I am wholeheartedly recommending to anyone interested in Astrology . ✨

 by K
10/10 recommend. Book now!

At times we must accept the limitations of the human language and this is one of those times. Words honestly fail me when trying to capture and articulate the pure magic that unfolded for me with Patrick during our session yesterday. I came away from our session with such clarity and an inner peace that to me, is absolutely priceless. I am in awe of Patrick’s commitment to his discipline and I very much look forward to our next session when the stars align. Thanks again, Patrick.

 by Mara
pro tips

I have been getting annual consults on my birthday with Patrick for 3 years now. I have seen other astrologers, and while each will have their own style and experience, I am always impressed by Patrick's expertise and specialty in the Hellenistic tradition. He is pragmatic and straightforward, and also funny which is sometimes needed depending on the forecast! Definitely experienced, I always learn something cool and mysterious about the ancient philosophy, and I personally am interested in the technical side of the transits and timing. His predictions are useful in weathering the ups and downs of the year. I review the recording from time to time to plan my spiritual reinforcements. HIghly recommended.

 by Jennifer C.

Last year, Patrick helped me with an electional chart for my wedding, and his recommendation was spot on. So for my birthday, I treated myself to a general consultation to get a better understanding of my chart and the upcoming transits. As a student of astrology, I appreciated Patrick's ability to explain things directly, and it gave me more information for me to further my own studies. His insights were extremely helpful for me to see parts of my chart in a new way, so I have the tools to understand myself better. Highly recommend booking a session with him!

 by Angelica Alvarez
Highly Recommended

I had a rectification consult with Patrick, he was very professional and informative.
supporting me in finding my birthtime which is something I been wanting to do for a while. I look forward to another consult.
xx from Australia
Thank you Patrick

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