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Patrick Watson
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 17 reviews
 by Carolina

I had a natal chart reading with Patrick and it was even more than I expected. Patrick was warm, engaging, professional and so incredibly insightful and talented. He pinpointed areas in my chart that no one else had ever remarked on before, all of which were incredibly validating to me. Patrick is an amazing astrologer and I highly recommend him.

 by Karen

Recently I had a chart consultation with Patrick. It was unlike any other chart reading I have experienced. Mind blown! I am in awe of his knowledge and will be referencing our session for years to come. Patrick is a kind soul with incredible talent and passion!

 by Farin

I just had my consult with Patrick and he was bang on about EVERYTHING! He was able to answer most of my questions before I had even asked them! He is extremely knowledgeable and his expertise is just astonishing! He gave me excellent advice that I can absolutely follow. I have so much food for thought! He is worth MORE than he charges and I absolutely recommend him, and will definitely be returning as a regular client! What a Life-Changing experience!

 by Emilie W.

Patrick's electional/predictive skills are IMPRESSIVE. He correctly predicted when my wife and I would become pregnant (to the day) based on our charts and transits. He also elected a date and time for me to launch a big sale. He sent me a detailed email with his reasoning and the pros and cons of the electional chart. The sale went very well. Finally, during a general consultation, Patrick gave me some real insights into the patterns in my charts and what sorts of events tend to take place with various transits. It was super interesting and helpful!

 by Justine
Extremely Informative and Productive Reading

I had a year-ahead reading in January of 2021, and was looking for an astrology consultation to get some insight into how I should approach this upcoming year, and some time-sensitive events related to my higher education. Any expectations that I had for this consultation were well exceeded. Patrick was excellent at giving me a refresher on the basics of astrology, but dedicated the majority of the consultation, not on the basics of my natal chart, as per my request, but gave me insight into how my placements would impact my experience for this year. He was extremely detailed in terms of giving me dates for when advancements in my education, career, and love life could occur. One of the highlights of this reading, was when he was able to correctly identify that I had a surgery at 17 years old. He was very kind, considerate, and attentive to any questions I had throughout the reading. I highly recommend Patrick.

 by Alicia

I had a consult with Patrick to understand if my chart supported some ideas that I had for a couple of future endeavors. He was absolutely thorough, professional, easy to engage with, and has a sense of humor! Patrick provided some insights and things for me to consider in the coming years and I came away with a better understanding of myself. I would highly recommend Patrick and plan to consult with him again.

 by Vianney
Amazing Horary Question Reading

Patrick answered my question with a lot of great detail and with thorough explanations. Many of the possibilities that Patrick suggested in the reading were actually very accurate and spot-on.

 by Semira
Tutorial session

I had a tutorial session two days prior to this review. Patrick is extremely knowledgeable and helped me understand aspects In my chart. His consultation went beyond my expectation. I will have an additional session with him in near future and I will recommend him to my friends.

 by Brenda Renee

Hands down the most thorough and informative astrology consult that I have had. Patrick easily clarified some on my confusing natal chart placements and then gave me more thought provoking insight into areas which I hadn't yet considered. I highly recommend Patrick.

 by Ava R
outstanding astrologer

Patrick's expertise in zodiacal releasing (as well as transits, profections, and everything else astrology) are by far the most specific and accurate astro readings I have ever received.

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