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Patrick Watson
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 by Deborah

Wow, speechless! I had a rectification consultation and was blown away with the detail and thoroughness of his assessment. He provided so much information and explanation as to his rising sign determination and each statement was spot on. I could go on and on sharing how much I gleaned from the session, but suffice it to say, I was amazed at the accuracy of his explanations and found his reading to be incredible. I will definitely schedule another consultation with him in the future for a forecasting session. Highly recommend his services!

 by Samantha C
Fabulously wonderful

I had an amazing reading with Patrick. He is compassionate, kind and incredibly skilled. I would totally recommend him and I cannot wait for my next reading. I've had many readings with other astrologers and have a prior astrological knowledge and this reading brought new insights and perspectives I've yet been introduced to. Thank you!

 by Becky

Patrick provided a lot of insight into my natal chart, along with upcoming notable transits and zodiacal releasing periods. The thing I appreciated most about the consultation is the fact Patrick did not deny the rougher placements in my chart when I asked about them. And that was incredibly validating. He also pointed out things that could give me hope, which was great. Overall he provided a wealth of information. I highly recommend his services to anyone! Thank you Patrick!

 by Dona Riley
Great Consultation!

I told Patrick I was especially interested in learning about zodiacal releasing and annual profections and he not only read my chart, he explained to me how the ZR periods work and how they are interpreted as well or ill conditioned so I could understand it on my own. He's very good at talking to people too. I highlly recommend getting a consultation.

 by Dominique Garcia
Incredible Consultation

I recently had an hour-long general consultation with Patrick to discuss an upcoming career move I'm making. Patrick first interpreted the main aspects and houses in my natal chart that speak to the career. He also discussed parts of my chart that tell about my personality, communication, skills, and types of careers that I might be drawn to. Before I even told him what I do for a living, one of the career areas he mentioned was what I do for a living. He then went into his ZR technique which completely blew my mind. As we went through some important dates in my life, it became apparent that there are certain cycles I tend to make and pathways I'm drawn to. Patrick showed me how those pathways can be tied together with his incredible ZR technique. Patrick answered all of my questions and helped me to realize that another chapter in my life is unfolding, and it does indeed serve a purpose. I am so thankful for my consultation with Patrick because he put my mind at ease. Aside from being brilliant, he is so easy to talk to. I highly recommend Patrick Watson to anyone looking for an amazing, gifted astrologer.

 by Emily Newhouse
My Wedding Happened at the Perfect TIME

I got engaged I hired Patrick on February 21st 2020 to elect a time for my wedding. I am an astrologer myself and am pretty good but choosing a right time for something, electional astrology, is hard, time consuming and a miscalculation could be really bad (and I am not experienced in it.)
I didn’t want to take chances with my own wedding so I hired Patrick who I knew professionally from his podcast and we’d talked a few times and I liked him and trusted him.
Patrick did an incredible job showing me various dates that work within the parameters I gave him. (an afternoon or evening wedding on a Saturday in the late spring or summer of 2021).
And he also did a great job explaining the pluses and minuses of certain dates. 3 worked and one stood out as working particularly well with my husband and I’s personal astrological charts.The planets that symbolized me and my husband in the chart (Mars and Venus were meeting in the sky on our conjunct natal Venuses) and the new moon in Cancer shows a new beginning around love, family and creating a home. (I am also a Cancer and Cancer is my 7th house of marriage).
I chose it, knowing full well, the virus would be bad (but didn’t want an April wedding because rain, and didn’t want a June wedding because Mercury retrograde), and who knows what would happen (Patrick was kind enough to draw up an extra chart for me around virus fears. And he was right there too- virus FEARS were more of a hindrance to the wedding than the virus itself with some family members almost not coming.
Against, certain odds, virus and family related, my husband and I had THE MOST perfectly imperfect wedding I could have EVER imagined.
Not only was it a small, intimate,outdooor, BEAUTIFUL, delicious, unique, and romantic, wedding held in the backyard of our new home (not the originally intended venue), it could not have happened at a better time. MANY people complemented me not on how gorgeous the wedding was but that it happened at the PERFECT time. My wedding was many of my guests’ first large social gathering since March 2020.
Our wedding was July 10th 2021. It was right in that 2 WEEK WINDOW that people (some) were vaccinated and numbers were low before the Delta variant came and numbers started going up again.
Not only that, the DAY BEFORE my wedding there was a tropical storm headed up the coast bringing TONS of rain (I chose to trust my wedding date and cancelled my tent reservation or i would have to pay the whole amount.) Because of this, the weather for my July wedding (a time that can be hot, humid and sticky especially outdoors- and i was super worried it would be too hot [which I do not like but my husband does]) was a balmy 78° with a slight breeze. It WAS GORGEOUS.
Our wedding time was also precisely chosen and while our ceremony started out overcast, sun came out and DURING our VOWS of love to each other.
The new moon in Cancer turned into a new moon in Leo by around 8pm and then the warm cocktail party atmosphere turned into full on party time as our unofficial after party started with music and the caterers generously left us all the alcohol! (which was not in the contract).
During this pandemic crisis, many people, asked/wondered if I would postpone my wedding so I could have a big celebration. But I knew that date was chosen for a reason and goddamit I was getting married then. No one got sick, and it really was one of the most wonderful, magical days of my life.
If you’ve read this far, and are considering hiring Patrick for choosing a date for a wedding, or business launch, please do it. It is worth it!

 by Jordy
Fantastic Reading

Patrick is a great astrologer, and I'm really happy I decided to book with him. He answered all of my questions in great detail, and was open to my interpretation of things as well. He confirmed a few things I already knew but solidified that knowledge from his own perspective. I'm happy I decided to book with him, and I would encourage anyone looking for some clarity in their life to do the same! Definitely a worthy investment and I'm glad I decided to book this session. Looking forward to the next one!

 by Jenia

I recently had a session with Patrick to rectify my chart and I'm so happy I finally did this. Patrick was amazing, so thorough, kind and professional. He clearly put a lot of work into my rectification session before hand and it was so fascinating to see the charts and other working tools he used to flush out all the info for analyzing my chart. As a student of astrology it has been incredibly frustrating for me not having the confidence in my birth time and Patrick really made me feel like I have something solid to work with from here on out. Thanks again Patrick!

 by Carolina

I had a natal chart reading with Patrick and it was even more than I expected. Patrick was warm, engaging, professional and so incredibly insightful and talented. He pinpointed areas in my chart that no one else had ever remarked on before, all of which were incredibly validating to me. Patrick is an amazing astrologer and I highly recommend him.

 by Karen

Recently I had a chart consultation with Patrick. It was unlike any other chart reading I have experienced. Mind blown! I am in awe of his knowledge and will be referencing our session for years to come. Patrick is a kind soul with incredible talent and passion!

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