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Patrick Watson
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 by Mara
pro tips

I have been getting annual consults on my birthday with Patrick for 3 years now. I have seen other astrologers, and while each will have their own style and experience, I am always impressed by Patrick's expertise and specialty in the Hellenistic tradition. He is pragmatic and straightforward, and also funny which is sometimes needed depending on the forecast! Definitely experienced, I always learn something cool and mysterious about the ancient philosophy, and I personally am interested in the technical side of the transits and timing. His predictions are useful in weathering the ups and downs of the year. I review the recording from time to time to plan my spiritual reinforcements. HIghly recommended.

 by Jennifer C.

Last year, Patrick helped me with an electional chart for my wedding, and his recommendation was spot on. So for my birthday, I treated myself to a general consultation to get a better understanding of my chart and the upcoming transits. As a student of astrology, I appreciated Patrick's ability to explain things directly, and it gave me more information for me to further my own studies. His insights were extremely helpful for me to see parts of my chart in a new way, so I have the tools to understand myself better. Highly recommend booking a session with him!

 by Angelica Alvarez
Highly Recommended

I had a rectification consult with Patrick, he was very professional and informative.
supporting me in finding my birthtime which is something I been wanting to do for a while. I look forward to another consult.
xx from Australia
Thank you Patrick

 by Sea
Insightful and thoughtful

I had a reading with Patrick back in 2020, and I only just rewatched the video consultation and I can say now that he was:
A. Very thoughtful in his interpretations and kind in his phrasings, specially when I brought up a couple of sensitive topics.

B. Very accurate in terms of what was coming up for me, I wasn't looking for specific predictions on anything in particular, but he mentioned a couple which, in hindsight, were very accurate.

C. Informative, in the pre consultation questionnaire I mentioned I had been studying astrology for a while and I ended up learning more than a couple of things from the consultation.

Would definitely recommend his services to anyone.

 by Rachael
Down to earth

I received practical, clear answers to my questions without the woowoo of "evolutionary" astrology. That's hard to find these days. I'll definitely be coming back.

 by Deborah

Wow, speechless! I had a rectification consultation and was blown away with the detail and thoroughness of his assessment. He provided so much information and explanation as to his rising sign determination and each statement was spot on. I could go on and on sharing how much I gleaned from the session, but suffice it to say, I was amazed at the accuracy of his explanations and found his reading to be incredible. I will definitely schedule another consultation with him in the future for a forecasting session. Highly recommend his services!

 by Samantha C
Fabulously wonderful

I had an amazing reading with Patrick. He is compassionate, kind and incredibly skilled. I would totally recommend him and I cannot wait for my next reading. I've had many readings with other astrologers and have a prior astrological knowledge and this reading brought new insights and perspectives I've yet been introduced to. Thank you!

 by Becky

Patrick provided a lot of insight into my natal chart, along with upcoming notable transits and zodiacal releasing periods. The thing I appreciated most about the consultation is the fact Patrick did not deny the rougher placements in my chart when I asked about them. And that was incredibly validating. He also pointed out things that could give me hope, which was great. Overall he provided a wealth of information. I highly recommend his services to anyone! Thank you Patrick!

 by Dona Riley
Great Consultation!

I told Patrick I was especially interested in learning about zodiacal releasing and annual profections and he not only read my chart, he explained to me how the ZR periods work and how they are interpreted as well or ill conditioned so I could understand it on my own. He's very good at talking to people too. I highlly recommend getting a consultation.

 by Dominique Garcia
Incredible Consultation

I recently had an hour-long general consultation with Patrick to discuss an upcoming career move I'm making. Patrick first interpreted the main aspects and houses in my natal chart that speak to the career. He also discussed parts of my chart that tell about my personality, communication, skills, and types of careers that I might be drawn to. Before I even told him what I do for a living, one of the career areas he mentioned was what I do for a living. He then went into his ZR technique which completely blew my mind. As we went through some important dates in my life, it became apparent that there are certain cycles I tend to make and pathways I'm drawn to. Patrick showed me how those pathways can be tied together with his incredible ZR technique. Patrick answered all of my questions and helped me to realize that another chapter in my life is unfolding, and it does indeed serve a purpose. I am so thankful for my consultation with Patrick because he put my mind at ease. Aside from being brilliant, he is so easy to talk to. I highly recommend Patrick Watson to anyone looking for an amazing, gifted astrologer.

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