1. Research

Try to find your birth time through all conventional means first.

2. Assess

Determine whether or not you still need a rectification.

3. Compile

Compile your life’s key events into a chronology.

4. Schedule

Schedule an appointment, upload your chronology and complete payment via the form below.

5. Analysis

I’ll analyze your chronology and natal chart possibilities before we meet.

6. Discussion

If I’m confident, I’ll explain and test my model when we meet. If I’m uncertain, we’ll collaborate on narrowing down the possibilities.

7. Test/Follow-up

A follow-up may or may not be necessary depending on how well the model holds up in your own testing, if the time can be further narrowed down, or how conclusive my rectification attempt was.

My books are closed for now until summer 2024 while I finish working on something truly exciting…

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