Mars in Scorpio

Mars is the closest planet to Earth that is further away from the Sun, representing the first point of departure from the inner solar system. Mars’s cycles are rough and irregular, further off the ecliptic, jagged in his recurring geometry as his scarred red face crosses the sky. Accordingly, Mars is the planet of action, courage, conflict, passion, separations, divisions. The condition of Mars at the time of our birth says something about how we fight for what we want, our competitive spirit, our propensity for bravery, our experience with danger and risk.

Mars in Scorpio is in a fixed water sign and is in his own element, so it is one of the signs where Mars is most naturally himself. This is someone whose strength is in their ruthlessness, stealthiness and risk taking. They’re provoked by the desire for revenge and survival, as they see it. They don’t believe in fair fights as much as winning and surviving, no matter what low road, cheap shots, covert scheme or brutal extreme measures have to be taken. With Mars in Scorpio, they’re more like guerillas and ninjas than soldiers and cops. They can be extremely effective and uncompromising when they get on the war path.

This is especially true if you were born with Aries or Scorpio rising. Whether you experience the better or worse significations of this position depends on whether you were born during the day or at night, and the kind of aspects it makes with the other planets.

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9 thoughts on “Mars in Scorpio”

  1. You say that… Whether you experience the better or worse significations of this position depends on …. but you give no “better significations” for this position. It seems to me that you are the one taking “cheap shots” here. Maybe you have this placement and are experiencing the worse significations of this position. This write up is just plain nasty.

    1. Patrick Watson

      Dear Leah,

      You’re right, I misspoke. Mars in Scorpio is fluffy and cuddly, full of love and light. When someone is mean to them, their eyes brim with magic rainbow tears that cure depression. Their farts smell like cinnamon buns and they poop marshmallows.

      But in all seriousness it doesn’t sound like you read what I wrote very closely. Mars is the warrior planet and its virtues are strength, courage, daring, I did allude to this. Mars can be an asshole but if he’s your asshole, you want him on your team. Just because Mars is in Scorpio isn’t very nice doesn’t mean he doesn’t do his job well, and given the right target, you wouldn’t always be opposed to a nasty Mars. Check out some famous people with Mars in Scorpio, you’ll see what I mean. One of my favorite examples of this placement is Bruce Lee, who not only had Mars in Scorpio, but also in its own bounds and square Pluto. He kicked ass.

      Hope this helps,


    2. I agree with you, this reads like a more negative write-up of Mars in Scorpio. No sign in particular HAS to give a negative manifestation of an energy; he seems to be focusing more on the lower end here, “revenge and survival, guerrila warfare, cheap shots,” etc., which are mostly ego-centered. He’s not wrong that they CAN resort to this because it’s true that Scorpio is willing to go to the extremes. But there is no reason at all to think that this is what they do primarily because the energy itself is not mostly negative. He is equating the ‘darkness’ of the sign to having no morals or even caring about justice, which isn’t always the case.

      If I were to write the positive aspects of this, it would be that Mars in Scorpio simply gives Mars a sort of fixed emotional passion to go to the extremes; in a good sense, they can be very zealous and passionately champion any goal or cause they pursue- not stopping and being willing to endure any and all obstacles until their goal is accomplished. This does not necessarily mean they are ruthless, but just that they will somehow overcome whatever challenges come their way – either by solving them, sidestepping them, or yes, sometimes blasting through them. But it gives a powerful fixity of purpose and will. Unlike Mars in Aries, which is more abrupt and acts in the moment, Mars in Scorpio acts strategically and its ultimate goal is to conquer, so it has tremendous patience – like that of a war general – and will wait until the proper moment to strike. To that end, it uses it’s emotions like feelers, sensing out the emotional terrain to figure out when to strike and when to retreat. It is a very visceral and instinctive Mars, and, being in a receptive sign, will willingly receive any and all emotional information – no matter how bad – in order to move forward. It gives tremendous emotional determination to succeed – with almost a fanatical, do-or-die mindset. An unevolved Scorpio Mars, who does not understand karmic laws such as cause and effect, will indeed resort to pettiness, revenge, low-blows, ruthlessness and other vindictive behaviors, which can be the negative manifestation of this aspect. But positively, Mars in Scorpio can give a powerful and probing intuitive sense, a tremendous sense of focus, a strong sexuality and need to emotionally blend with the partner totally, and a great sense of its own resources (which is shares with its opposite sign, Mars in Taurus), to where it can manage money and finances very well.

      1. Patrick Watson

        Thank you for taking the time to thoughtfully respond to this. Maybe I can rework my summary here to contain the more admirable/positive tones Mars in Scorpio can have.

  2. I thought this was a great take on Mars in Scorpio. My Mars in Scorpio with a Scorpio rising likes it. (:
    “Extremely effective” seems like a pretty positive Mars description to me.

    1. Ditto. My Mars in Scorpio with Scorpio rising likes it too! 🙂

      By way of comparison, my mom and I were talking once about a famous kidnapping case, where this little girl was taken and kept in her attacker’s back-yard shed for years before she was rescued. After being rescued, she gave an interview where she said that on the first night after she was kidnapped, he left her alone in the shed, and she looked out this small high window at the moon, and she cried because she was so scared and lonely, and thought about her mom.

      And my mom said, “Somehow I don’t think, even at her age, that you would’ve reacted that way. I mean–” (she started laughing) “crying at the moon and thinking of me.”

      “Oh, yeah, no,” I said. “I would’ve been like, ‘Thank god he left me alone. Now, what is there in this room that I can use to KILL that guy when he comes back? Is there a mattress spring I can sharpen? A nail? What?'”

      Because that truly is how Mars in Scorpio thinks. Not every day, but in a situation like that, hell yes.

      1. Haha, just saw this. I concur. If I’m in a place where I feel uncomfortable, I’m always looking for the exits, JIC.

  3. TBH, I feel like the placement is all bark no bite in most cases. They tend to take everything personally and are strong WHEN you do not know that they are your enemy. Think of when a good friend betrays you or when a boss pretends to like you.

    In more head to head, they tend to lose quite often. They do not do well with direct confrontations and end up being more bark than bite when confronted. Whenever someone focuses on doing away with them or sees that they are plotting, they end up roast meat.

  4. I would like to say to Patrick that, I do not think you should dilute your interpretation, just to suit individuals who do not like what they read about their Mars placement – in Scorpio, or not. Speaking as an astrologer and a Scorpio, I find that too many astrologers fall into the politically correct trap and talk absolute, meaningless rubbish, in the attempt to be popular and accepted. What you say about Mars in Scorpio is very accurate, in my long experience of these individuals… Astrology is not for the timid!

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