North Node in Capricorn

The Nodes are the points of intersection between the path of the Sun and the Moon. The North Node is always opposite of the South Node. The North Node is where the Moon begins to move northward of the Sun’s path, the South Node is where the Moon begins to move southward of the Sun’s path. Accordingly, the North Node signifies what topics are rising and emerging in the world, and the South Node signifies what topics are falling away and out of favor in the world.

With the North Node in Capricorn, the Saturnian notions of seriousness, responsibility, scarcity and limits are on the rise. Correspondingly with the South Node in Cancer, the notions of community, family, tribe, sentimentality, care and concern are on the outs. The lessons of Capricorn are what will move you forward, the lessons of Cancer are what will hold you back. One has to not be held back by familiar support systems, get serious, get with the program and put their ambitions and responsibilities first in order to forge ahead with their own purpose.

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