Sun in Aquarius

How well can you see in the dark? The sun is what our world revolves around, what gives our planet light, warmth and life. The light of the sun allows us to see and make sense of our surroundings. Every year, the Earth comes to the same spot relative to the Sun, and we have organized our calendars and celebrations to this cycle. As a result, our world figuratively and literally revolves around the Sun. The sign the Sun was in at your birth tells you what season your life revolves around, the way you individuate yourself, your own “light” that you shine forth.

Aquarius is a diurnal fixed air sign ruled by Saturn, which means that a person born when the Sun was in Aquarius individuates themselves in a way that is characteristic of Saturn. It’s the sign of the eccentric, the activist, mad scientist. They’re independent, inventive and insensitive. They’re rational, rebellious and rigid. They’re aloof, and altruistic, but like to be alone. They’re abstract, absurd and absent-minded. They’re cool, contrarian and sometimes, they’re downright cold.

What makes Aquarius unique in the zodiac is that it is the sign directly opposite from the Sun’s home of Leo. When planets are in the sign opposite to the one they rule, they become their opposite, a kind of antihero version of themselves. So it is with the Sun in Aquarius. If the Sun in Leo attracts attention in conventional ways, the Sun in Aquarius attracts attention in unconventional ways. This is how Aquarius gets its reputation for being quirky and rebellious, not because of Uranus, but because it’s where the Sun is furthest away from where it is most comfortable being itself.

Saturn’s rulership of Saturn gives a hard edge to the sign of Aquarius, emphasizing human reason, scientific/technological progress over faith, meaning and notions of divinity. Aquarians don’t rely on Sun-type figures, whether that’s gods, leaders, fathers. They trust in their own reason and intellect, they trust in themselves or ourselves as a species. Sometimes this manifests as a cold, calculated, corporate conservatism which denies altruism, other times this comes across as a progressive, scientific, humanist atheism which denies intuition and faith.

This is especially true if you were born during the day and/or with Leo or Aquarius Rising. If you were born at night, you may identify more with your Moon sign.

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