3 Slightly Better Arguments for Modern Rulerships (That No One Makes)

One of the ongoing divisions in astrology has to do with traditional rulerships versus modern rulerships. The main point of contention has to do with how or if the outer planets should be integrated into the system of domicile rulerships. Modern astrologers say Uranus rules or co-rules Aquarius, Neptune rules or co-rules Pisces while Pluto […]


The Elemental Astrology of Porter Robinson’s Music

Porter Robinson is an extremely talented American DJ and producer whose eclectic music combines influences from Japanese anime, video games and all over the place. Like all great musicians, he has a clear knack for melody and the ability to summon heart-rending progressions, injecting a surprising degree of emotional impact, nostalgia and euphoria into his […]


From Darkness To Light: Mitt Romney’s 2020 Loosing of the Bond

One amazing feature of Zodiacal Releasing is that its fractal organization of time means that when one encounters the same sequence of subperiods on larger or lower levels, the same dynamics are at play in different contexts. Translation: Certain smaller events in one’s life can bear an uncanny resemblance to later developments, usually on a […]