Why You Should (And Sometimes Shouldn’t) Avoid Getting Married During a Venus Retrograde

I have had many clients solicit electional consultations with me to determine the best time for them to get married. Several of them had timeframes that coincided with the 2020 Venus Retrograde in Gemini. In most cases, I tried to avoid electing times during the Venus Retrograde, but sometimes I didn’t. (Gasp! What a rebel!) […]


Facebook & Cryptocurrency: Mark Zuckerberg’s Once-in-a-Lifetime Jupiter-Uranus Transit

Uranus is now in Taurus for the next several years, and one of the key themes that astrologers (including myself) have identified with this transit is the technological disruption of value and finance, which cryptocurrency has the potential to do. As I’ve been looking at the various figures who will experience Uranus in Taurus conjoining […]


5 Tips For Surviving the 2019-2020 Saturn-Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn

Saturn and Pluto are two of the more feared planets in our solar system and in early 2020, they’re meeting up in the zodiac. Saturn is boundaries, limitations, and fears. Pluto is extremes, warping and distortion. In conjunction, they become like each other, Saturn is taken to Plutonian extremes, whereas Pluto becomes concrete and realized. […]