Lot of Fortune in Sagittarius

It’s possible your Lot of Fortune could actually be in a different place in your chart. It’s complicated. Provided this is where your Lot of Fortune actually is, then the following would be true:

The Lot of Fortune is derived from its relationship between the Sun and Moon, projecting that same distance from the Ascendant, depending on whether you were born during the day or at night. This projection goes in the direction of the light of the sect to the light contrary to sect. Since the projection is made in the direction of the contrary to sect light, it represents a casting out into the contrary, the undefined, the unknown. Since the Lot of Fortune is in essence a lunar Lot, it embodies more of these passive principles to ultimately signify something about one’s circumstances outside of one’s control, the way the lots are cast, the way the dice are rolled, the weather.

With Fortune in Sagittarius, one’s general circumstances can be more fortuitous and full of promise. You may feel some things just come a bit easier for you, even when things should be hard. If Jupiter is in Cancer, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces, you may be more successful in this regard, additionally so if Venus and/or Jupiter make whole sign aspects into Sagittarius. Things may be more difficult if Mars and Saturn are present or form whole sign squares or oppositions into the sign. If Mercury forms whole sign aspects to Sagittarius, there may be more ups and downs, variability and changeability in your circumstances. Meanwhile, if the Sun and Moon make whole sign aspects to Sagittarius, your circumstances are ultimately in line with or support your drive, desire and will, as well as your instincts, physical body and health. If Uranus, Neptune or Pluto form whole sign aspects into Sagittarius, they indicate the larger forces at play in your circumstances, what was revolutionary, mainstream or transformative at the time of your birth, respectively.

Zodiacal Releasing from the Lot of Fortune and its complementary Lot, the Lot of Spirit show you ups, downs and reversals in your will, action and circumstances.

To learn even more specific and customized information about your natal chart and ask questions about what it indicates for your past, present and future through the use of transits, profections and Zodiacal Releasing, schedule a consultation with me today!

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  1. Hi Patrick,
    I have taken a lot of time over the last two days to study Pluto and how that is going to potentially affect elections and the future is especially as it starts to transit into Aquarius.

    The way you write and the organization of your site at some of the best I’ve encountered. Probably I am resonating with you because you are the Libra cusp.

    I have been a lay student of astrology for quite a while, but a much more oriented toward the scientific vibrational qualities of the planets in our solar system than I am with all the hocus-pocus that comes with the Oracle orientation they can be overkill with Hellenistic astrology.

    I really enjoyed reading your history of Pluto through the signs in this period of time for me is kind of critical.

    I am really interested in reading more on your site because I consider it one of the most lucid explanations of things. I am particularly interested in political astrology as well as location astrology. I recently did my own study of calculating the sun signs of all 50 states in the US and their triplicity focus.

    I am in the middle of relocating to a new residence, and will not get my air freight until early December. But I may contact you sooner since I can always use my iPhone to record a session if push comes to shove.

    I’ll be in touch for a consultation sooner than later because 2020 has been quite a year for me and when I share the information about my 2020 solar return you’ll understand.

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