Moon in Pisces

As the Earth revolves around the Sun, so does the Moon revolve around the Earth. While our Sun sign tells us what “season” of the year we come from, our Moon sign and its relationship to the Sun tells us what “time of the month” we come from. The Moon’s phases pulse with the tides, like breathing in and out, like a flower opening and closing. While the Sun rules the day representing our outward expression and visible public lives, the Moon rules the night, representing our inner private lives, where we absorb and reflect our inherited circumstances and surroundings: our habits, instincts, emotions, patterns, comforts, our bodies, our origins, our mothers.

The Moon in Pisces is in a mutable water sign and takes on the qualities of its ruler, Jupiter. So the Moon in Pisces is more sentimental, soulful, musical and dreamy. People with this placement can be very empathetic, highly sensitive to the emotional states of others. While this position is stereotyped to be a blubbering mess every time they see lobsters in the tank at the grocery store, they can also put their sentiment into action and actually help those less fortunate due to Jupiter’s generosity and beneficence. Sometimes this can be linked back to early experiences where retreating into the realm of fantasy and imagination helped make sense of the pain and tragedy of the world, and the only place that felt safe and like home. They may have odd sleeping habits and recurring dreams.

This is especially true if you were born at night and/or with Cancer or Pisces Rising. If you were born at night you will tend to exhibit more of the positive qualities of this placement, and potentially more than your Sun sign. If you were born during the day you will tend to exhibit more of the difficulties associated with this placement and identify more with your Sun sign.

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