Sun in Cancer

How well can you see in the dark? The sun is what our world revolves around, what gives our planet light, warmth and life. The light of the sun allows us to see and make sense of our surroundings. Every year, the Earth comes to the same spot relative to the Sun, and we have organized our calendars and celebrations to this cycle. As a result, our world figuratively and literally revolves around the Sun. The sign the Sun was in at your birth tells you what season your life revolves around, the way you individuate yourself, your own “light” that you shine forth.

Cancer is a nocturnal cardinal water sign ruled by the Moon, which means that a person born when the Sun was in Cancer individuates themselves in a way that is characteristic of the Moon – reflective, emotional, instinctual. The Moon is a satellite of both the Earth and the Sun, so it is considered to embody reactive, passive principles. The Moon originally came from the Earth, a kind of Eve from Adam’s rib so to speak, so the Moon is associated with where we come from, our sense of home, our parents, and especially our mother. It also has close associations with our emotions, instincts, habits, our fertility, our physical bodies and needs, food and water, general health, all that supports life.

People with the Sun in Cancer are stereotyped as emotional and moody, they tend to be concerned with security and privacy, and often have strong nurturing and protective instincts and domestic inclinations. They have a strong sense of belonging in or leading a pack or tribe, in terms of family, community or country, heartful, loyal or patriotic. The archetypal Cancerian figures include mothers and fathers, caretakers of children, doctors, nurses and chefs. In fact, quite a few prominent chefs and food critics are born with the Sun in Cancer. People with the Sun in Cancer are caring, culinary and comfort-seeking, cagey, cantankerous and curmudgeonly, cranky, clingy and well, crabby. Also, because of the Moon and Cancer’s associations with women and mothers, Cancer is associated with the chest and breasts. Careers that are well-suited to Cancer traits include working in charities, medicine, food, hospitality.

This is especially true if you were born during the day and/or with Leo Rising. If you were born at night, you may identify more with your Moon sign.

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