Libra Rising

Your Ascendant is the degree of the eastern horizon at the time and place of your birth, one of the most individualized points in your chart. It’s where the Sun rises, making its first appearance at the dawn of a new day. Similarly, the Ascendant marks our first appearance in the world, as we awaken to our new life at birth. It says something about how we ‘rise’, how we make our appearance in the world and how we navigate through life. The sign the Ascendant falls in is the 1st house, which is why it has significance for our appearance, health and essential vitality, our intrinsic motivation and nature. It is the ‘face’ of our chart. Some part of the 1st house will always be visible beyond the horizon while the rest has not yet risen, half-light, half-dark. It is where the Earth’s turn results in a house that straddles between the light and the dark, where spirit meets matter, where reflection becomes awareness.

With Libra Rising, the way one navigates through life is in a Venus-like fashion: with grace and charm, taste and style. One has the potential for great popularity and admiration, the object of envy and lust. One uses their likability and connections to go where they need to go. They find smoothing out a path of consensus before you walk on it is the best way to proceed. They want to beautify, purify, harmonize, make things similar to each other, join things or people together. The specific way in which they typically go about business depends on the placement and condition of Venus, and the house in which it falls presents a particular area of focus over the course of one’s life. One’s appearance can often be glamorous or handsome according to the quality of the sign it’s in. This can also be someone who wants to harmonize, reconcile and heal divisions, someone who wants to do something unassailably good in the world. However, this can also signify someone who wants to be liked, someone who can be greatly tempting or tempted by the path of least resistance, the face of indulgence, sexual or otherwise. They can have a very symmetrical appearance, a balanced and proportionate form.

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