Hellenistic Lot/Arabic Part Calculator


What It Is: A meticulously designed spreadsheet calculator
What It Does: Calculates all the Hellenistic Lots (Arabic Parts) for a given chart
Why Is It Better Than Others: It shows you every possible Lot combination at a glance and allows you to compare the differences in Lots between the charts of twins and more
What You Need To Use This: A Google account to access it through Google Sheets
How to Access:
After payment is completed below through the PayPal portal you will be automatically redirected to the link to your copy of the calculator on your Google Drive account.
Price: $25.00 USD

If you have any trouble purchasing or accessing the spreadsheet calculator, please email me at patrickwatsonastrologer@gmail.com

More Information, Features and Screenshots

You’re probably more interested in Lots or Arabic Parts these days since you’ve been hearing about Zodiacal Releasing. You’re probably familiar with the Lot of Fortune, and perhaps the Lot of Spirit and the Lot of Eros. Beyond that however, Lots are confusing, they have strange names, they’re annoying to calculate, there’s so many of them, you’re not sure what to do with them, some of them have the same names with different calculations, some of them have different names with the same calculation, some of them switch for a day or night chart while others don’t, and so on. In other words, Lots or Arabic Parts are a total mess, right?

So I created this spreadsheet calculator on Google Sheets to attempt to demystify this phenomenon. Here are the following features of this spreadsheet calculator:

  • Automatically and accurately calculates the positions of all Lots for every possible planetary combination down to the sign, degree, minute and second 
  • Organizes the Lots by category and calculation, including some non-standard Lots
  • Provides all names of Hellenistic Lots associated with each calculation
    • All Lot names are sourced from the Hellenistic era of astrology, listed along with the source for each Lot
    • Lots sourced from Curtis Manwaring’s Hellenistic Astrology software, Delphic Oracle
  • Uses a color-coded system for easy identification of diurnal and nocturnal Lots
  • Finds the Lots which are different between the charts of twins
  • Encourages thinking about the Lots in terms of their calculation rather than their literal names
  • Allows for experimentation with Lots involving the outer planets

Here’s a screenshot of the calculator filled out with the data of twins born just 1 minute apart. Click to enlarge.

Here’s a screenshot showing how easy it is to see which Lots are different between these twins:

Even though these twins were born just 1 minute apart, we can tell from the pink shaded cells that their Mars-Venus Lots and their Venus-Saturn Lots are in different signs. One of the common themes surrounding some of the Lot descriptions involve marriage, and indeed while these twins have very similar lives and professions, their relationship timelines are substantially different. Through Zodiacal Releasing from these different signs, we can tell when one twin was more likely to get married while the other wasn’t.

Be on the forefront of Lot research in astrology and get your copy of this calculator today!

Price: $25.00 USD

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