Thank You for Purchasing my Hellenistic Astrology Lot Calculator!

Thank you for purchasing my Hellenistic Astrology Lot Calculator!

Click HERE to access! Please don’t share this link, thank you!

Once you click, you will be prompted to sign into your Google account. Once you’re signed in it will ask you if want to make a copy of the file (this will be your own copy of the master file), so click “Make a copy”. You can always access your copy of the spreadsheet through your Google Drive account.

Instructions for how to use the calculator are included on the calculator. Basically just fill out the boxes near the top for the sign, degree, minute and second of each planet and point for a given chart and as you press “Enter”, the rest of the spreadsheet will automatically populate with the signs and positions of the Lots. When you have the positions filled out for 2 charts on the calculator, any differences in Lot positions between the 2 charts will be highlighted in red. This is what makes it useful for differentiating between the charts of twins when it appears there are negligible differences at first glance.

If you have any problems accessing or using the spreadsheet, or if you notice any errors, please email me at:

If you enjoy using this calculator and think other astrology friends might benefit from it too and want to continue to support my work, please share the link to the sale page: on your social media! My tags on Facebook and Twitter are both: @pwatsonastro

Thank you!


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