2020 Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction: Profits, Philanthropists and Plutocrats

I have written and talked a lot about the 2020 Saturn-Pluto conjunction and I recently wrote about scientific advancements and the Jupiter-Pluto cycle. I want to write about interpreting the 2020 convergence of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto together but first I have to address another side of the Jupiter-Pluto cycle that may have a more direct impact on you: Money.

Jupiter is a benefic planet associated with wealth, abundance, growth, excess, wisdom, goodness and generosity. Pluto is a controlling and domineering planet of extremes, warping what it touches to incredibly large and small scales. Jupiter is the aristocrat of the solar system while Pluto is more of a fascist. Jupiter knows he’s better than you, but when he’s with Pluto he can be a real dick about it. Pluto might be intimidating, but when he’s with Jupiter you would prefer to have him on your side. The combination of Jupiter and Pluto evokes the dynamic of empowered wealth and benevolence to the point of corruption, in terms of big philanthropy, big business, the donor class, oligarchies and plutocracies, etc.

Accordingly, births of people and inceptions of companies occurring around the major junctures of the 12-13 year Jupiter-Pluto cycle (conjunction, opposition, square, and to a lesser extent, the trine and sextile) have the potential to have extraordinary success alongside extraordinary downfalls. Extreme wealth can be used for philanthropic purposes, but it can also be used to acquire undue or undesired influence.

So I’ve compiled several examples which I think illustrate the essence of this archetypal combination. I am not suggesting that the Jupiter-Pluto cycle is the only way to investigate the topics of big business and big philanthropy, but it does appear to be significant. If we have a good grasp of how this cycle operates, then we’ll be able to project what its interaction with Saturn in 2020 might portend.

Billionaire Philanthropists

Philanthropy captures the most benevolent side of the Jupiter-Pluto complex. Pluto empowers Jupiter to extremes, so wealth and generosity are magnified to extraordinary scales. Jupiter also ennobles Pluto, which uses extreme powers toward benevolent ends. Each of the following examples are not only extraordinarily wealthy but extraordinarily generous, both in terms of dollars and in percentages of wealth.

Warren Buffett, #1 Top Giver of 2018

Warren Buffett has pledged to give away 99% of all his extraordinary wealth as one of the top 3 wealthiest people on the planet. Forbes Magazine rated him the #1 Top Giver in 2018. He was born while Jupiter was 7° and a month before it reached the same degree as Pluto. Jupiter rules his Ascendant and is placed in the 8th house of others’ resources, and he has primarily made his money through investments in other people’s businesses.


Bill Gates, #2 Top Giver in 2018

Bill Gates has a pretty straightforward indicator of profound wealth in his chart: Jupiter conjunct Pluto in the 2nd house of money, finances, possessions. His Jupiter-Pluto conjunction was also very close to the star Regulus at his birth, so this was a particularly “royal” conjunction. He has long been one of the world’s richest people due to his Microsoft fortune. In terms of dollars, he is also one of the most philanthropic billionaires out there. Some of his “greatest hits” occur close to axes of the Jupiter-Pluto cycle, such as the…

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, World’s Wealthiest Charity

In December 1994 Bill Gates established the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. While we don’t know the exact date in December, it was the precise month of the exact 1994 Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Scorpio. Not only was this a recurrence transit for Bill Gates’ natal Jupiter-Pluto conjunction, but it was also square Gates’ natal Jupiter-Pluto conjunction to the degree. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is the wealthiest charity in the world and has had an incredible impact on global health issues, particularly in its pursuit of reinventing toilets for use in developing countries. This is interesting considering Scorpio is the sign associated with private parts. Being the fall of the Moon, Scorpio can also associated with biological waste and filth, and this is an area where the foundation has undeniably promoted transformational improvements in these areas.


Chuck Feeney, #1 Most Generous Philanthropist

Under the same conjunction as Buffett, Chuck Feeney was born when Jupiter was 5° and just over a month from the exact conjunction with Pluto. Forbes Magazine rated Feeney as the #1 Most Generous Philanthropist in the world in terms of lifetime giving, anonymously giving 378,000% of his own net worth over his lifetime. Despite being a multibillionaire he lives in modest accommodations. Forbes Magazine has even called Chuck Feeney the “James Bond of Philanthropy” for his stealthy and generous philanthropy. Even among other billionaire philanthropists, Feeney stands out from the pack.

The Giving Pledge

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett both credited Chuck Feeney’s “Giving While Living” philosophy for inspiring their Giving Pledge where billionaires promise to give away at least half of their net worth while alive or upon their death. So let’s get this straight – two of the wealthiest people in the world were born at two different Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions, were inspired by the most generous philanthropist who was also born at a Jupiter-Pluto conjunction, while the “Giving Pledge” itself was launched on June 16th 2010, while Jupiter was 3° and under 2 months from an exact square with Pluto. This was made all the more extraordinary by Jupiter’s conjunction to Uranus, which has a totally separate archetypal nature than the Jupiter-Pluto combination, but also has a connection to unbounded and disruptive successes.

Jon Huntsman Sr., #2 Most Generous Philanthropist

The #2 Most Generous Philanthropist according to Forbes Magazine is Jon Huntsman Sr. who has given 373,000% of his own net worth over his lifetime. Huntsman was born with Jupiter 2° and 3 weeks from an exact opposition with Jupiter.

John D. Rockefeller Sr., Wealthiest Man in Modern History

Even old timey businessmen/philanthropists fit this pattern. John D. Rockefeller Sr. was born on July 8th 1839 when Jupiter was 8° and just under 2 months from the 1839 Jupiter-Pluto opposition. He’s considered to be the wealthiest American of all time and the wealthiest person in modern times, period. He used his fortune from Standard Oil to pioneer systematic targeted philanthropy. His birth time is somewhat speculative based on imprecise quotes about him being born either just “at night” or “before midnight”. One observes that if he was born about an hour earlier when Pisces was rising, his Ascendant ruler would be Jupiter in the 8th, just like Warren Buffett. The Jupiter-Pluto opposition would occur across his 2nd and 8th houses, the houses of finance.

Andrew Carnegie, “Father of Modern Philanthropy”

Andrew Carnegie was born on November 25th 1835 when Jupiter was 2° and about 1 month before the next Jupiter-Pluto square. Carnegie was a contemporary of Rockefeller’s in advancing a modern form of philanthropy. His birth time is rated DD. I shouldn’t speculate on his birth time, but I do note that if he had Sagittarius rising, his Ascendant ruler would be Jupiter in the Cancer 8th house, just like Warren Buffett. Another weird Jupiter-Pluto connection: Chuck Feeney obsessed about Carnegie’s 1889 essay “The Gospel of Wealth”, which informed a large part of his “Giving While Living” philanthropic approach.




Big Business & “Too Big to Fail” Banks

Events in big business can also be captured by the Jupiter-Pluto complex. Pluto empowers Jupiter to an extraordinary degree, so wealth can expand to incredible scales, to the point of distortion and corruption. Jupiter also encourages Pluto, giving confirmation or rewards for using extreme powers. Sometimes these extremes can go too far, achieving growth through exploitation of labor and the environment, tax evasion, political manipulation with armies of lobbyists, creating monopolies which endanger the global economy by overcentralizing financial power, etc.

Microsoft Opens for Business

Microsoft officially opened for business on April 4 1975, when Jupiter in Aries was just 4° and 2 weeks before the exact opposition to Pluto in Libra. It is the company Bill Gates is most closely associated with and one of the most influential and successful businesses in modern times. Microsoft so completely dominated the computer market it was charged with becoming a monopoly. The Jupiter-Pluto axes seem to be important for developments with Microsoft, which makes sense considering how the founding of the company and its founder fit into the Jupiter-Pluto cycle. Microsoft established dominance through the licensing of MS-DOS, which began in the summer of 1981, as the 1981 Jupiter-Pluto conjunction was approaching. Bill Gates left Microsoft within months of the December 2007 Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Sagittarius, which signified the end of his Microsoft era and the beginning of his dedicated philanthropic activism.

Side note: While Apple has beaten out Microsoft as the biggest computer company in the world for now, Apple wasn’t founded at a major axis of the Jupiter-Pluto cycle. Just as Bill Gates was born at a Jupiter-Pluto conjunction and started Microsoft at a Jupiter-Pluto opposition, so was Steve Jobs born at a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction and started Apple on April 1st 1976 under a Jupiter-Uranus opposition. We could therefore see the Microsoft-Apple business rivalry as a conflict of Jupiter’s allegiance to Uranus or Pluto.

Walmart Opens

Walmart is an incredibly successful supermarket chain, so successful that it has slowly taken out local businesses in towns all over the world and sustains much criticism for many controversial business, labor and environmental practices. The first Walmart opened on July 2nd 1962, when Jupiter was 5° and less than 2 months before and after exact oppositions with Pluto.

Amazon.com Created

In a similar way, Amazon.com has done to Walmart what Walmart did to big box stores, at a high cost for employees. The domain for Amazon.com was created on October 31st 1994 at 9 pm in Bellevue WA (Source: ICANN), when Jupiter was just 6° and 1 month from conjoining Pluto at 28 Scorpio. To be clear this is not when the company itself was founded which was just a few months earlier in 1994, but the purchase of the domain for a primarily online business seems significant.

Jeff Bezos himself was not born at a significant part of the Jupiter-Pluto cycle, but because we don’t know his birth time we don’t know if the 1994 Jupiter-Pluto conjunction just happened to hit a sensitive part of his chart. We sure know that the next Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction will be hitting his chart big time, a direct conjunction to his Sun.

Standard Oil Incorporated

This even works for old timey monopolies. John D. Rockefeller incorporated Standard Oil on January 10th 1870, when Jupiter was 5° and less than two months from an exact conjunction with Pluto. It had such a monopoly on the oil industry that the Supreme Court enforced the Sherman Anti-Trust Act and ordered the company to break up at a Jupiter-Saturn opposition across Scorpio/Taurus, aligned with Standard Oil’s Jupiter-Pluto conjunction. It might help us to remember this example since the coming Jupiter-Pluto conjunction will also be configured with Saturn.

Switzerland, “Grandfather of Banking Secrecy”

Switzerland is well known for having some of the strictest banking secrecy laws in the world. This is why so many wealthy and powerful people have Swiss bank accounts, to move money around in the shadows for completely innocent purposes of course. And whaddya know, Switzerland has quite a history with the Jupiter-Pluto cycle.

  • Jupiter-Pluto in Switzerland’s Origins – Switzerland’s founding date is considered to be August 1st 1291, when Jupiter was 3° and within 2 weeks of a Jupiter-Pluto opposition across Leo/Aquarius.
  • First Swiss Banking Secrecy Law – In 1713, the Grand Council of Geneva passed its first banking secrecy law, making it illegal for banks to report information on anyone in the upper class. While we don’t know the exact date, 1713 was the year of a Jupiter-Pluto opposition across Pisces/Virgo.
  • Oldest/Notorious Swiss Bank – The oldest currently surviving Swiss bank is Lombard Odier, which was founded on January 11th 1796. It was expressly designed to shelter the riches of French aristocrats fleeing the French Revolution and continues to provide tax shelters for the ultra rich and powerful. This was when Jupiter was within 2 months of an exact conjunction to Pluto in Aquarius. I’m guessing their Pluto return in Aquarius in the 2020’s should be fun.
  • Swiss Banking Association – A group of Swiss bankers formed the ultra powerful Swiss Banking Association on November 16th 2012, just over a month before an exact Jupiter-Pluto opposition across Sagittarius and Gemini.
  • Modern Swiss Banking Secrecy Law – Modern banking secrecy laws in Switzerland were established by the Federal Act on Banks and Savings Banks which was passed on February 2nd 1934 when Jupiter in Libra was square Pluto in Cancer by degree.

JP Morgan Chase, #1 Biggest Bank in USA

Modern banks can be difficult to analyze astrologically because major banks are usually a result of mergers of several different companies over time, but we can still see Jupiter and Pluto interacting at important moments like giant mergers. These two titanic banks merged on December 1st 2000, when Jupiter was just 7° and less than 2 months from an exact opposition to Pluto and 6 months before the next exact opposition to Pluto. JP Morgan Chase is the largest bank in the USA and the global economy’s most valuable bank by market capitalization. They have over 2 trillion dollars on hand. That’s a lot of power for one bank.

Bank of America, #2 Biggest Bank in USA

Bank of Italy bought another bank called Bank of America but then 2 years later it decided to relaunch using the American name instead. So the Bank of America we know today really started off with that name on November 1st 1930, when Jupiter and Pluto were at the same degree. Interestingly enough for such a patriotically-themed bank, the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Cancer wasn’t that far off from the US Sun in Cancer.

Citigroup, #3 Biggest Bank in USA

Citigroup is one of the largest banks in the USA as well as the world, considered part of the “Bulge Bracket” of financial institutions, crucial to the health of the global economy. The bank we know as Citigroup was a merger between Citicorp and Travelers Group on April 6th 1998, when Jupiter was just 7° and less than 1 month from an exact square with Pluto. In fact, 1998 in general featured several high profile mergers and acquisitions.

US Department of the Treasury

Rather than being “too big to fail”, the only reason these banks didn’t fail is because of the collective power of taxpayers. The US Department of the Treasury is projected to collect over 3 trillion dollars of taxes in 2020. One would expect the treasury of the world’s largest economy to deal in truly massive sums of money, and so appropriately, George Washington approved the formation of the US Treasury, at the urging of Alexander Hamilton on September 2nd 1789. This event happened within 24 hours of the exact Jupiter-Pluto opposition. Speaking of treasurers and Jupiter-Pluto oppositions…




Plutocracy and Oligarchy

The following examples demonstrate the shadier side of Jupiter and Pluto. While Jupiter is about generosity and magnanimity, Pluto warps and distorts Jupiter’s nature, so instead generosity is afforded to those who are already powerful, magnanimity turns to greed.

Steve Mnuchin, Trump’s Treasurer

Mnuchin was born when Jupiter was 4° and less than a month from its exact opposition with Pluto. He’s a multi-millionaire hedge fund manager who wound up being US Treasurer in the Trump administration, managing the nation’s finances and taxes. He has been accused of shady and unseemly business moves surrounding the 2008 global financial crash. Even in his position as US Treasurer, Mnuchin is being accused and investigated for corrupt practices. He oversaw the passage of the GOP’s multi-trillion dollar tax cut which disproportionately benefited millionaires and billionaires, and further weakened the government’s ability to pay for crucial services. The extra money billionaire CEO’s received will not go towards investment and certainly not towards raising wages, by their own admission. Now Mnuchin is promising another huge tax cut in 2020. A Treasurer by and for the rich.

Rupert Murdoch, Head of News Empire

Rupert Murdoch is the head of News Corp which owns basically a little bit of everything in media, newspapers, TV, movies, etc. He was born when Jupiter was 8° and just over 2 months from the exact conjunction to Pluto. He has an extraordinary amount of influence not just because of his money, but through his power to control the messaging and potentially influence the political perspective of the masses. This is evident in the decidedly conservative slant of his media outlets, and the seeming revolving door of conservative political figures and federal officials who end up with jobs on Fox News.

Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan Chase Chairman and CEO

Jamie Dimon was born when Jupiter was 3° and just over month from an exact conjunction to Pluto.  Dimon was responsible for overseeing the Citigroup merger at the 1998 Jupiter-Pluto square. Then he became the CEO of JP Morgan Chase which was formed at the 2000-2001 Jupiter-Pluto opposition. So we can see again how the lives of people who are born at major junctures of a given planetary combination appear to have an affinity with that particular planetary cycle which evokes the themes of those particular planetary archetypes.

Appropriately for the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction, he is the wealthiest bank CEO of one of the most powerful banks on the planet. He invests in and profits from private prisons and polluting fossil fuel projects. He spends billions of dollars on lobbyists and politicians to serve the bank’s interests in Washington. He leaves the company’s own regular employees in the lurch with insufficient pay while JP Morgan’s executives collect millions upon millions in bonuses and salaries. He publicly derides government assistance and socialism even though as CEO of JP Morgan Chase he received…billions of dollars in government assistance after the 2008 crash, a mess his bank was partly responsible for. He paid 13 billion dollars to close the government’s investigation into JP Morgan’s fraudulent assessments of mortgage in the leadup to the 2008 crash. In fact, the bank pays many billions of dollars to dispose of regulatory investigations. Whatever you think of him as a manager, there is no question that he is a senior member of the American oligarchy with immense influence, a figure who embodies the archetypal combination of Jupiter and Pluto.

International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA)

The ISDA is an uncommonly powerful trade association which lobbies against the regulation of swaps and derivatives – y’know, the exotic financial instruments that barely anyone understands beyond the fact that they had a massive role in the 2008 global financial crash. Warren Buffett has called the trading of derivatives “financial weapons of mass destruction”. The ISDA has spent over 3 billion dollars lobbying the US government to relax regulations on derivatives trading – even after the 2008 crash. Virtually all the most powerful players in banking and finance are members of the ISDA. Appropriately for such a shady, domineering, assholey group promoting the narrow interests of the powerful and greedy, the ISDA was formed sometime in late February to early March 1985. Jupiter completed an exact square to Pluto in exactly that timeframe, on February 26th 1985.

The Kochs, a Jupiter-Pluto Family

The Koch family has long been identified as the kind of shady behind-the-scenes power-player figures we might expect to be associated with the Jupiter-Pluto cycle, and well…

Fred C. Koch – Jupiter-Pluto Opposition
The original Koch patriarch was born on September 3rd 1900 when Jupiter was less than 2 months from the exact opposition to Pluto. He generated his fortune based on his novel innovation in more efficiently refining crude oil and overseeing the construction of oil refineries for Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany. He also founded the far-right John Birch Society and donated to many unsavory causes.

Frederick R. Koch – Jupiter-Pluto Sextile
The eldest Koch son was born on August 26th 1933, when Jupiter was 2° and within two weeks of an exact sextile to Pluto. The sextile is the weakest positive aspect two planets can have between each other. Accordingly, Frederick Koch is a billionaire philanthropist but big business and politial machinations are not as much his cup of tea as it was for Charles and David.

Charles Koch – Jupiter-Pluto Trine
The second eldest Koch son was born on November 1st 1935, when Jupiter was 1° and 5 days of an exact trine to Pluto. The trine is the strongest positive aspect two planets can have between each other. Out of the 4 brothers, Charles was undoubtedly the leader. He genuinely believes he is trying to save America through his massive financial backing of conservatives and his massive organization of conservative donors.

Koch Family Business Established – Jupiter-Pluto Trine
Fred C. Koch started the company which would eventually become Koch Industries on February 8th 1940 when Jupiter was 6° and within one month of an exact trine to Pluto. This is how the Koch family would accrue their billions.

Bill and David Koch – Jupiter-Pluto Square
The two twins Bill and David Koch were born on May 3rd 1940, when Jupiter was 3° and two weeks from an exact square to Pluto. If only we had their birth times. David ended up joining forces with Charles while Bill was kicked out of the company and worked to bring down the company. Bill is still alive, but David died on August 23 2019.

Chase Koch – Jupiter-Pluto Trine
Charles Koch’s son Chase Koch was born on June 15th 1977 when Jupiter was 5° and 3 weeks from an exact trine with Pluto. He is the Koch family member from the next generation who looks poised to carry on the family’s leadership of Koch Industries and political operations.

George Soros

I’m going to include George Soros on here, not because I think his donations are necessarily bad, but because conservatives tend to perceived George Soros in a similar way that liberals see the Kochs. Soros was born just 2 months before Jupiter reached the degree of Pluto, and he definitely fits the pattern. It’s important to remember that planetary archetypes are multivalent and encompass entireties rather than confirming our own biases. What is true to say about him is that he is extraordinarily wealthy and tries to make an impact for causes that matter to him in a way that few other people can. This is as true for the Kochs as it is for Soros, Gates, Buffett, etc., even if people disagree on the merits or morality of their preferred causes. And they all participate in the same planetary complex of Jupiter and Pluto.

Vladimir Putin, the Low-Key Worst/Wealthiest Man on the Planet

Putin is rumored to secretly be the wealthiest person on the planet because of his unverifiable financial proxies revealed through the Panama Papers. Based on some estimates he could have a fortune of around 200 billion, which is many billions more than Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos. He was born when Jupiter was just 3° from an exact square with Pluto, and if this birth time is correct, Pluto is exactly conjunct his Midheaven. The secrecy of Putin’s enormous fortune, his desire to undermine democracies along with his reputation for being a brutal behind-the-scenes power player as well as being a domineering public figure of authority in Russia, are all descriptive of where Pluto may be placed in his chart, and some of the darker themes of the Jupiter-Pluto combination.

I think I’ve proven my point that the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction has something to do with the notion of extreme wealth and big business. But the 2020 Jupiter-Pluto conjunction is different because it will be in close proximity to Saturn and should be properly understood as a Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction. How should we interpret all three of them together? You’ll have to wait for my next article.

7 Replies to “2020 Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction: Profits, Philanthropists and Plutocrats

  1. One of my grand daughters was born feb 20, 2014 with venus/pluto oppo to jupiter, and she is obsessed with cutting out little clothes and to glue and assemble into miniature clothes for her baby dolls, nobody showed her how to do this, she just decided one day her baby dolls needed special clothes and she just started doing it, she is an “odd” child thats very smart but very quiet and empathic for 5 going on 6 years old. She can sit and entertain herself indefinately, unlike her siblings that constantly say they are “bored”.

    1. Interesting, my son was born a month before with the same aspect (because of Venus’s retrogradation in that time). He’s extraordinarily charming and has an alarming musical talent. This next Jupiter-Pluto conjunction should be important for both of them in setting them up for the Jupiter-Pluto themes in their lives.

  2. According to your examples, Jupiter/Pluto seems to indicate simply wealth, but not necessarily generosity. What is the communality between Buffet, Murdoch and ISDA? Wealth and Jupiter aspecting Pluto. What’s the difference between them, astrologically? The philanthropists seem to have a connection between a luminary and Neptune, a connection that the banks and other unscrupulous businessmen don’t share.

    Warren Buffet: Sun conjuncts Neptune 3° orb and Moon squares Neptune 3° orb.
    Bill Gates: Sun conjuncts Neptune 7° orb out of sign but working.
    Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: Moon sextiles Neptune 1°orb.
    Microsoft open for business: Sun trines Neptune 3°orb.
    Chuck Feeney: Sun trines Neptune 1° orb and Moon sextiles Neptune 6° orb.
    Andrew Carnegie: Moon conjuncts Neptune 7° orb and Sun sextiles Neptune 1°orb.
    George Sonos: Sun conjuncts Neptune 12° orb, out of sign and still working.
    The Giving Pledge: Sun trines Neptune 3° orb and Moon opposes Neptune 7°orb.
    Jon Huntsman: Moon squares Neptune 10° orb.

    But strange enough:

    When Walmart opens, Sun trines Neptune 0° orb and Moon trines Neptune 9°orb.
    Standard Oil Incorporated: Moon copresence Neptune 13° orb and Sun squares Neptune 4° orb (maybe here Neptune is less about the idealistic values and more literally about the oil, we should see if other oil companies share this).
    J.P. Morgan Chase: Moon conjuncts Neptune 9° orb and Sun sextiles Neptune 5° orb.
    Bank of America: Sun sextiles Neptune 3° orb and Moon opposes Neptune 11° orb.
    US Department of Treasury: Moon trines Neptune 2° orb.
    ISDA: Moon opposites Neptune 2° orb an Sun trines Neptune 8° orb.
    Vladimir Putin: Sun conjuncts Neptune at 8° of orb, with Saturn interposing.

    Absolutely nothing of the sorts in the charts of John D. Rockefeller, Amazon, Citigroup, Steve Mnuchin, Rupert Murdoch, Jamie Dimon,

    So my first idea was that, amongst all the wealthy Jupiter Pluto examples you gave, only the philanthropists would share some form of luminary Neptune aspect, while the Murdochish Dickensian characters and other obsessive compulsive Scrooges bankers couldn’t possibly.
    But we have Walmart, ISDA, the Bank of America and even Putin sharing a luminary Neptune aspect, so maybe we’ll have to interpret Nepune less morally, as an idealistic influence and more like some sort of no limits expanding and infiltrating influence? We could do that, but then we’d have to acknowledge that Amazon and Murdoch the Scrooge, who don’t share the aspect, are also expanding/infiltrating their presence throughout our world.
    Plus, Murdoch is a Pisces, with his Sun’s ruler Neptune in Capricorn, so maybe that explains it all: he dreams of Cappy drugs, so much money and position his wide eyes must display dollar bills when nobody’s watching.

    So it’s not clear based only on these examples if a Neptune influence amongst the wealthy Jupiter/Pluto individuals would lead to philanthropy or would simply be indicative of their worldwide limitless presence. Or something else (maybe they’re all addicted to something, metaphorically or not so much).

    I loved reading your article, as always, and I appreciate the amount of time consuming data research you invest in all your analysis.

    1. Thanks for reading closely! I mainly tried to identify the multivalent expressions of Jupiter-Pluto with the diversity of examples but you’re right, we could scrutinize these examples to really tease out why the same Jupiter-Pluto conjunction that gave us people like Buffet and Feeney also gave us Murdoch and Bank of America. I tried to note what role Jupiter had in charts with some sort of reported birth times. There were other extraordinarily wealthy people and companies with different Jupiter signatures that seem to relate to different industries. Jupiter-Uranus seems more tied to disruptive technologies (Apple) while Jupiter-Neptune seems to be tied to cinema and media (Disney), etc.

    1. It’s been available to the public for about a week now, maybe try refreshing/using a different browser/device?

  3. I was born with Pluto at 9 Virgo closely conjunct the IC, opposing Jupiter at 4 Pisces conjunct Chiron at 7 Pisces, both in range of my MC at 9 Pisces. No riches yet, sadly. 😕

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