Patrick Watson

Birth Time Rectification Course Launched!

Rectification is the practice of using astrological techniques to figure out someone’s birth time, especially when it’s unknown or uncertain. I consider it to be one of the hardest things an astrologer can do, because it requires such a strong foundation in natal astrology in order to reverse-engineer a natal chart. Indeed, rectification is essentially

Misadventures in Quantifying Essential Dignity

What is the ruler of a sign? Typically astrologers default to the domicile ruler of a sign, and while that is usually sufficient, there is some fine print we’re overlooking most of the time. There are not just domicile rulers, there are also exaltation rulers, trigon lords (triplicity rulers), decan rulers, bound rulers, etc. Depending

The Horary Mystery of the Missing Cat

Horary astrology blows my freaking mind. Here’s an example that completely blew me apart. The client gave me permission to use their anonymized information for this post. They ordered from my emergency rush 24-hour turnaround horary service to ask me the following horary question. I read and understood the question “Will I find my cat

Conjunctions, Copresences & Dickpics

In astrology, when two planets join together at the same degree of zodiacal longitude, it is called a conjunction. The nature of conjunctions are based on the combined nature of the planets involved, and their respective conditions in the sign they are found. In a sense, the archetypal nature of each planet becomes like the

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