My Dankest Astrology Memes of the 2010’s

If there’s anything we remember about the 2010’s, it will be the glorious cornucopia of internet memes that have pervaded everyday life and are not likely to go away any time soon. Memes have changed and evolved but we’ll always remember those good ol’ 2010’s-era image macros with the distinct bolded/outlined Impact font on just about any topic. Astrology memes in particular have exploded in this peculiar socio-political-cultural moment of dread and hope. I’ve tried to do my part in elevating beginners’ astrological discourse beyond Sun signs, while also providing some lowbrow-yet-highbrow entertainment for intermediate and advanced practitioners of astrology. Many thanks to,,, and to all of you have given tens of thousands of likes, loves, laughs, shares, comments and retweets on Facebook and Twitter over the years. Here for a final curtain call are my most dank-ass astrology memes of the past decade. Raise a glass for the 2010’s, and chug it down for the 2020’s because the memes will be litty fresh to death. Cheers!



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