New Astrology Podcast: “I Love Astrology” by Nick Dagan Best

Nick Dagan Best aka the Human Ephemeris, (a veteran astrologer and a mentor of mine) has just launched a new astrology podcast called “I Love Astrology”. He asked me to co-host with him for the first episode and I was happy to oblige. The theme of the first episode was oil, and he conducted three great interviews with Laurence Jones, Jonathan Pearl and Tony Dickey.  Laurence Jones made some fascinating insights about cars and Mars Rx.  Jonathan Pearl shared some of his astrological observations of oil’s value in the stock market. Tony Dickey demonstrated the relevance of all the outer planetary cycles for humanity’s relationship with oil. For the show’s finale, Nick Dagan Best conducted a consultation with a real client using Venus’s 8 year synodic cycle. She was born during a Venus retrograde period, and through a series of questions about previous times that Venus had been retrograde, Nick was able to tease out what the upcoming Venus retrograde period might mean for her. It was just fascinating to hear, and personally I think I’ll be listening for every new episode! Take a listen to the first episode here and start or join in a conversation about it on Facebook!

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