Not That Into Baseball But Here You Go: 2016 World Series Prediction

For full disclosure: Never been that into baseball. Or sports in general. Always been more content to sit on my ass shaving off years of my life with more cerebral activities. Y’know, healthy living. I have a cadent Mars in detriment, let’s put it that way.

In any case, my wife is a big fan of the Chicago Cubs baseball team, and she let me know how big a deal it is that they’ve never been to the World Series in 108 years. After analyzing the presidential debates in terms of 1st vs 7th contests, I was interested to see how it could be applied in other ways, and the World Series seemed to fit the bill.

On my Facebook page, I cataloged the start times of each game and I made a prediction about the winner based on the condition of the rulers, applications and separations, as well as planets in the signs representing the two teams. I used the assumption that the home team was represented by the Ascendant, and the visiting team by the Descendant. Now, I totally screwed up the first game, because I underestimated the presence of the contrary to sect malefic, but since then I correctly determined the winner of the next 5 games, which I only had a 3.125% chance of doing, which y’know, isn’t terrible.

Now we’re at a big dramatic tiebreaker – Game 7. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, such as weather pushing the time earlier, Game 7 begins on November 2nd 2016 at 8:08 pm in Cleveland, OH.


Since the game is in Cleveland, the Indians are the home team, so they are represented by the Ascendant in Gemini, ruled by Mercury in Scorpio still emerging from the beams of the Sun in the 6th. Mercury makes no applying aspects other than a sextile to Pluto.

Meanwhile, the Chicago Cubs are represented by the Descendant in Sagittarius, which contains Saturn, an applying Moon-Venus conjunction, and all are ruled by Jupiter in the Libra 5th. Over the course of the games, the team represented by Sagittarius while Venus was applying to Saturn tended not to do well. Since Venus has separated from Saturn, the opposite has been true. It’s almost as if once unhindered by Saturn, Venus could do its thang.

The Moon’s application to Venus looks like a Cubs victory because it’s happening in Sagittarius, the sign representing the visiting team. Additionally, Venus is the ruler of the ruler of the 7th, (a bit of a stretch, but Venus and Jupiter are in mutual reception), and the only other house that Venus rules is the 12th, which would be the rival or undoing of the Ascendant, the Indians.

Additionally, Jupiter this whole time has been forming a sextile to Saturn, which we wouldn’t consider too big of a deal except that Saturn is in Sagittarius. So Saturn is receiving an aspect from the planet that is ruling it. Presumably, the MC represents what each side is aspiring toward, a victory. The MC is in Aquarius ruled by Saturn, so we have a simple applying sextile between Jupiter (the Cubs) and Saturn (winning the World Series). Poor Mercury (the Indians) is in aversion to both.

As the Moon conjoins Venus on the western horizon at the start of the game, one has to marvel that it will have been 108 years since the Cubs were at the World Series. 108 years after all, is the great period of the Moon.

Now watch me be wrong and have to eat the bitterest of humble pies.

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