Top 6 Things to Expect from Saturn in Sagittarius

Saturn entered Sagittarius last night, and I have said a LOT on the subject and a LOT has been said on the subject. If that was all just a bit TL;DR for you, this is the list-icle for you. Saturn is in Sagittarius from September 17th 2015 to December 19th 2017 and here is the lowdown on what to expect. 

1) Religious Controversy

Saturn will likely harden and corrupt perspectives in realms of knowledge and belief, the domain of Sagittarius. Faith versus skepticism, science vs religion. Throughout history we’ve seen this: Saturn was in Sagittarius at the beginning of the Protestant Reformation when Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to a church door, it was there during the Galileo affair and the Salem Witch Trials. More recently, in the 1986-1988 Saturn in Sagittarius period, we saw the Shroud of Turin disproven by carbon dating tests, fundamentalist Christians in the US and Europe revolted against perceived heresy in Martin Scorsese’s The Last Temptation of Christ, and the publication of Salman Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses created a full on international crisis when conservative Muslims perceived the book to be blasphemous toward Islam.

Even in the short time Saturn was in Sagittarius early in 2015, we had the Charlie Hebdo attacks which brought up the issue of appropriate limits of free speech and religious indignation – Saturn in Sagittarius. It is not hard to imagine in our current climate that in the next 2 years there could be notable events relating to claims of religious discrimination, blasphemy, heresy, sacrilege, etc. Also, Pope Francis has his Sun at 25 Sagittarius, which is conjunct former Pope Benedict’s MC at 25 Sagittarius. When Saturn reaches this degree in February, June and November of 2017 it could be big news.

2) Spotlight on Immigration and Refugees

immigration2In a similar but separate vein, I expect that Saturn in Sagittarius will bring some developments and challenges concerning immigration and refugees. After all, Sagittarius is related to travel and foreign cultures, Saturn would put those topics under strain and scrutiny. Currently, there is a global discussion about how to take care of Syrian refugees. Furor over illegal immigration from South America is reaching a boiling point in some parts of the population of the United States. It’s worth noting that the last significant action taken on immigration in the United States was during the last Saturn in Sagittarius period, when Ronald Reagan signed the Immigration Reform and Control Act on November 6th, 1986. Even in the distant past, historical developments events concerning migration of peoples have occurred during Saturn in Sagittarius periods. These include the forced relocation of the Cherokee people during the Trail of Tears and Africans kidnapped aboard the ship Amistad in the 1839-1841 Saturn in Sagittarius period.

3) Tunnels, Trains, Roads and Stuff

tunnelThis may seem sort of random but it is a common theme of Saturn in Sagittarius periods. Sagittarius is connected with the topics of travel as a mutable sign, and Saturn appears to concretize this idea, literally, in the form of highways, trains, railroads, tunnels. During the last Saturn in Sagittarius period of 1986-1988, France and England began work on the Chunnel, a train tunnel running underneath the English Channel connecting the two countries. There are now reports that China wants to build an underwater tunnel that would connect Beijing to the United States, and it could conceivably start in earnest within the next two years. It was during the Saturn in Sagittarius period of 1868-1870 that the US transcontinental railroad was unveiled, and now Elon Musk is planning on building a Hyperloop train to connect far away cities, and it doesn’t seem it’s that far away from becoming a reality. In the Saturn in Sagittarius period of 1956-1958, the United States began constructing its interstate highway system. Now, funding for the federal highway system is in jeapordy and will become a major issue on October 29th 2015, when funding will run out.

4) Developments in Spaceflight

With serious Saturn in the adventurous exploring sign of Sagittarius, we’re probably going to see some concerted efforts and setbacks to go where no person has gone before. In the 1957-1959 Saturn in Sagittarius period, we saw the launch of Sputnik and the formation of NASA. In the 1986-1988 Saturn in Sagittarius period, Russia launched the first space station Mir, while NASA grounded all space shuttles after the Challenger disaster. Back in 1927, Saturn was in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries, and Charles Lindbergh made the first transatlantic flight which immediately made commercialized airflight viable and desirable. Now with Saturn in Sagittarius poised to trine Uranus in Aries again, I figure that SpaceX will demonstrate the viability of commercial spaceflight in a similar fashion in 2016 and 2017.

5) Fear of Progress and Technology

Saturn’s transits through the signs tend to reflect fears associated with the topic of the sign. With Saturn in Sagittarius, the fear seems to surround areas of exploration, progress, technology. Sometimes it manifests as a principled objection to a given technology, such as nuclear power and nuclear weapons. The nuclear disarmament movement formed during the 1956-1958 Saturn in Sagittarius period, and saw some of their concerns materialize in the 1986-1988 Saturn in Sagittarius period with the Chernobyl disaster and escalating tensions and nuclear weapons buildup between the US and the Soviet Union. Now with a deal in place to halt Iran’s capacity to make nuclear weapons, it will be interesting to see how the fear of nuclear technology will impact things.

Sometimes the fear can be seen as being misplaced. I imagine that as the United States moves forward as a pro-gay rights nation, that those who still oppose gay rights (who almost invariably do so on religious grounds) will attempt to frame their discomfort as religious persecution. Their fear is that progress is essentially a desecration of their religious values.

But sometimes the fear Saturn highlights can be more reasonable. It is not hard to imagine that even if spaceflight were demonstrated to be commercially viable which I expect to happen, that a lot of people would have a good deal of fear about traveling to space, in the same way people feared planes and even trains during previous Saturn in Sagittarius periods.

6) Bad Times for Pop Divas

This isn’t necessarily because of anything intrinsic to Saturn in Sagittarius per se, but it’s just weird because so many pop divas have Sun or Saturn in Sagittarius. Lady Gaga has Saturn at 9 Sagittarius, so she’ll be experiencing her Saturn Return, which could be really hard for her depending. She will have a big part in the upcoming American Horror Story: Hotel TV show, so it’s possible she may not be well-received, or it could be a bookend to her music career and the beginning of a more sustained focus in acting. Madonna also has Saturn in Sagittarius and she went into acting at her Saturn Return and it was not well received. Given the comparison between the two, and this astrological connection they share, it’s something to think about. Miley Cyrus has her Sun at 1 Sagittarius. Janelle Monae has her Sun at 9 Sagittarius. Britney Spears has her Sun at 10 Sagittarius. Nicki Minaj has her Sun at 15 Sagittarius. Taylor Swift has her Sun at 21 Sagittarius. Christina Aguilera has her Sun at 26 Sagittarius. So they will all be having Saturn conjoin their Suns at various points in the next 2 years. It will be interesting to see what this means for all of them, and if what happens to each of them is part of something larger which affects all of them or individual circumstances.

BONUS: A Couple of Shitty Holiday Seasons

With Saturn in Sagittarius, the Sun’s annual sojourn through Sagittarius over the course of Thanksgiving and Advent should make the holiday season that much more shitty and sad. You’re welcome!

If you want to know what Saturn in Sagittarius will mean for you, consider getting a general consultation with me and we can talk about it!

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  1. Hi Patrick,
    I have Mars in Sagittarius right on my midheaven(6 degrees) then moon in sag.(23 degrees) so this should be interesting! I try to look at difficult points in a chart as positively as I can and as places for growth, as I do a lot of children’s charts.

    1. Oh wow yeah, with the Mars retro in Sagittarius in 2016 hitting your Mars! Look back at the previous Mars retro in Sag from 2001 as well as the Sun-Mars conjunction in Sag in late 2008 for clues.

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