Bannon, Uranus and Yods, How Bow Dah?

The first episode of BigFatAstroVlog is here! It is titled Bannon, Uranus and Yods, How Bow Dah? This episode tackles the following topics:

#hotpieceofastro – The astrology of  the “Cash Me Ousside How Bow Dah” internet meme

#smellslikeastro – Bannon’s fascination with the astrology-ish Fourth Turning generational cycle theory and Uranus in Gemini

#paininmyastro – What dafuq is up with yods doe


  • URANU.S.A by Nick Dagan Best:
  • Hellenistic Astrology: The Study of Fate and Fortune by Chris Brennan:

There will be new videos every other Friday, so the next one will be due on March 10th 2017!

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