TEASER: Big Fat Astro Vlog

So you might have noticed…patrickwatsonastrologer.com has turned into bigfatastro.com. But that’s not all!

I thought to myself, y’know, what do my readers really want? Clearly you want to see my Big Fat As…tro Vlog! It’s a new show centered on astrology topics such as #smellslikeastro, #paininmyastro, #hotpieceofastro, #rightupyourastro and more! It should be mildly amusing but clever and dealing with more advanced topics in astrology. You might even laugh your astro off! Ahem. New videos will drop every other Friday, but there may be surprises. Don’t worry, I’ll still be writing articles too, except now they’ll be published under my Big Fat Astro Blog! If you want to get my videos and articles a day ahead of the unwashed plebeian horde, please support my poor ass with $1 on Patreon here. Also, subscribe to me on YouTube plz kthxbai.

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