Donald Trump’s Zodiacal Releasing from the Lot of Spirit and the 2020 Election

This is such a complicated topic, because using Zodiacal Releasing on Donald Trump’s chart did not work out the first time around. In fact, the apparent weakness of Trump’s Zodiacal Releasing periods was a key factor in my failed 2016 prediction. So the first step of using Zodiacal Releasing to predict the 2020 Election was to account for what happened in 2016. I’ve brought up my theory about how the Lots might change in certain circumstances, and how Trump’s chart fulfills certain conditions that may make his Lots likely to switch. This is a controversial, experimental take on Trump’s chart, but it is absolutely one that I think makes his chart intelligible according to the basic principles of Zodiacal Releasing. So I wrote a long paper which had to accomplish a few things:

  1. Why anyone using Zodiacal Releasing would have fucked up predicting the 2016 Election
  2. Why Donald Trump’s default Zodiacal Releasing doesn’t make sense even if he had lost
  3. Why Donald Trump’s Lots could switch on a theoretical and textual basis
  4. Why Donald Trump’s Zodiacal Releasing makes a lot more sense if his Lots switch
  5. Predicting the 2020 Election using this new perspective on Trump’s Lots and Zodiacal Releasing

Read my paper here.

9 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s Zodiacal Releasing from the Lot of Spirit and the 2020 Election”

  1. Long paper. I’m not reading a 49-page paper without an abstract, etc.

    You obviously put a lot of work into this. You probably did a very good job. I think it would be worth the extra 10% effort (or whatever it may be) to add a layer of marketability, of digestibility, to this, because I’m certain I’m your target audience but even I am saying no, you cannot earn the hefty cost of my attention of a 49-page paper so easily.

    Go the full nine yards, write up an abstract, with a discussion, methods, etc. Balls to the wall on the spiritual science tip.

    Then put a small paywall behind it.

    That’s how astrology for our generation and beyond ought to be done.

    My .02.

    1. Patrick Watson

      Hey, thanks for your comment. You make some fair points. I hadn’t originally set out to write a 50 page paper. If I had, I probably would have done it up properly with footnotes/source citations, etc. It started off as a simple article that made claims that required fuller explanations than I had space for. So it ballooned out of control. I’m also aware it was not for everyone. Honestly it was more for me, to put my whole thought process down, and out there for anyone with 45 minutes to spare.

  2. I’ll read a 50-pg paper, and I won’t be complaining about having to work in order to learn something. Comments that go on for six paragraphs about how long papers are too long seem tedious (“the hefty cost of my attention”), but you don’t see anyone asking for a tl;dr for them. Here’s the two cents back.

    Just downloaded the paper, Patrick. Looking forward to investing some time and brainpower into being edified by it. Keep up the good work!

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  5. Hey Patrick!

    I was playing around with Trump’s ZR yesterday out of curiousity given his loss and the “Republican” nonsense going on now. I haven’t found that ZR is always clear by any means and perhaps it is due to the calculation of lots as you explain in your article.

    Anyway, I was amazed that starting from Pisces Spirit rather than Aquarius Fortune (on my Solar Fire v9.0.26) revealed a clearer timeline for his troubles from my perspective. I was particularly interested in the period when the virus hit the US headlines and the panic was starting. I noted that from Fortune around 3-18-2020 the sequence was Gem-Sag-Cancer-Cap yet from Spirit his sequence was Cancer-Aquarius-Aquarius-Aquarius. With Cancer Saturn in 12th ruling his 6th and 12th, I thought that his underestimation of the virus and utter lack of concern for the populace he’s responsible for (all of it, not just his peeps) sealed his fate around this time. Mars in Capricorn was opposing his Venus and Saturn then. Given that and his future transiting Mars in Aries superior square to his natal Saturn in the Fall as well as the impending Fall Sun and Mercury transits over his South Node, I would have predicted a loss for him. It’s interesting that it’s coming down to Dec 14th. Mind you I am not as sophisticated or learned as you. So I reached out to Gray Crawford who suggested your article and 2020 election prediction using ZR.

    Unlike OsirisRa, I didn’t need an abstract (give me a break dude). I found it pretty straightforward (I have taken Chris Brennan’s natal Course and received my Hellenistic certificate from him so the concept of ZR was not alien to me). Great explanation on quadriplicity use in ZR. Very clear. I wasn’t aware of the nuances with the lot calculations but am not surprised. I had been calculating Fortune for Diurnal charts in my nocturnal chart for years! LOL

    Again, Great work and Thanks for sharing!

    1. Correction! Sorry for typo! Saturn rules his 6th and 7th— obviously! Today using Pisces ZR he has Cancer-Scorpio-Cancer-Aries! And with a Solar Eclipse to boot! So the transiting Moon and Mars act on a diurnal chart here decisively.

      Interesting also that his Secondary Progressed Mars is in his progressed 12H Libra just past Neptune with 0-1 Scorpio Progressed ASC. His progressed 11H Moon and Sun in Virgo above Horizon (with Mercury Saturn and Pluto with MC in Leo — AND his Mercury-Saturn midpoint is ON PLUTO) so 15-16 LOF in Scorpio takes on role of Spirit. Talk about Fall from Grace! Fascinating.

      SO LONG Orange Man!!

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