Donald Trump’s Zodiacal Releasing from the Lot of Spirit and the 2020 Election

This is such a complicated topic, because using Zodiacal Releasing on Donald Trump’s chart did not work out the first time around. In fact, the apparent weakness of Trump’s Zodiacal Releasing periods was a key factor in my failed 2016 prediction. So the first step of using Zodiacal Releasing to predict the 2020 Election was to account for what happened in 2016. I’ve brought up my theory about how the Lots might change in certain circumstances, and how Trump’s chart fulfills certain conditions that may make his Lots likely to switch. This is a controversial, experimental take on Trump’s chart, but it is absolutely one that I think makes his chart intelligible according to the basic principles of Zodiacal Releasing. So I wrote a long paper which had to accomplish a few things:

  1. Why anyone using Zodiacal Releasing would have fucked up predicting the 2016 Election
  2. Why Donald Trump’s default Zodiacal Releasing doesn’t make sense even if he had lost
  3. Why Donald Trump’s Lots could switch on a theoretical and textual basis
  4. Why Donald Trump’s Zodiacal Releasing makes a lot more sense if his Lots switch
  5. Predicting the 2020 Election using this new perspective on Trump’s Lots and Zodiacal Releasing

Read my paper here.

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