The Fall and Future of Trump

First order of business – Donald Trump was defeated by Joe Biden in the 2020 US Presidential Election and I called it officially in my paper which I published on November 25th 2019 here. I doubled down with an explainer article on April 16th 2020 here. And then before results rolled in on Election Day, I released my paper on Joe Biden’s Zodiacal Releasing here. So yeah. I called it.

As an astrologer, as an American citizen and as a human being, I am enormously grateful for this development. I am especially heartened for Kamala Harris’ history-making achievement as the first African-American and Asian-American woman to be vice president-elect. To round out this victory lap, here is the quickest and dirtiest explanation of how I arrived at the prediction I made, and why I was confident enough to make it public.

The Fall of Trump

In 2016, Zodiacal Releasing from the Lot of Spirit did not seem to account for Trump’s high profile or his 2016 election victory. I was dumbfounded by the stark mismatch between the cadency of his periods and the reality of what happened. After the 2016 election, I discovered that his life actually made a lot more sense if we reversed the position of his Lots because it changed which signs are angular to Fortune, and that there was textual justification for doing this in the works of Hellenistic astrologers Valens and Serapio. What was previously a lackluster cadent period in 2016 became a blockbuster angular period in 2016 after this reversal.

What I had previously studied as his Fortune releasing was now recontextualized as his Spirit releasing. Once I dug further into Trump’s biography, I noticed an interesting pattern: Every time he had previously run for President, he dropped out when the signs Capricorn (♑︎) and Aries (♈︎) were both present on L1, L2, L3 or L4. I nicknamed it the Humiliation/Drop Out Sequence.

Election Cycle Campaign End/Drop Out Date ZR sequence from the adjusted Lot of Spirit in Aquarius
1988 10/22/1987 ♓︎-♐︎-♑︎-♈︎
2000 2/14/2000 ♈︎-♑︎-♉︎-♌︎
2012 5/16/2011 ♊︎-♊︎-♑︎-♈︎
2012 (yes, a 2nd time) 2/2/2012 ♊︎-♊︎-(♑︎)-♈︎

He also declined to run or was demoted from positions under other Capricorn periods.

Event Timeframe/Date ZR sequence from the adjusted Lot of Spirit in Aquarius
Trump declines to run in 2014 NY Governor Election 10/13/2013 ♊︎-♋︎-(♑︎)-(♑︎)
Trump removed from student leadership position “a month” into the school year in the fall of 1963″, late September/early October ♒︎-♑︎-(♑︎)

That’s when I realized that he would be re-encountering a Capricorn-Aries sequence under ♊︎-♑︎-♈︎ in 2020, and it would just so happen to take place over the 2020 election! Not only that, but according to the fractal organization of time inherent to the technique, I knew that ♊︎-♑︎-♈︎ in October-November 2020 would be the macrocosmic analogue of ♊︎-♊︎-♑︎-♈︎ from May 16th 2011, the day he dropped out of the 2012 race. So his 2011 drop out was a very straightforward  precursor/foreshadowing to the days after the 2020 election.

There was another smaller analogue to the meaning of the 2020 election. On April 30th 2020, Trump was mandated by law to create a presidential transition team in case he lost to Joe Biden. That took place under ♊︎-♑︎-♑︎-♈︎. So I had these correspondences all building up toward his current period like a long wave gathering steam.

Event Date ZR sequence from the adjusted Lot of Spirit in Aquarius
Dropped out of the 2012 race 5/16/2011 ♊︎-♊︎-♑︎-♈︎
Began presidential transition team in case he lost the 2020 election to Biden 4/30/2020 ♊︎-♑︎-♑︎-♈︎
Lost the 2020 election to Biden 11/7/2020 ♊︎-♑︎-♈︎-♑︎

Sort of hilariously, there is a doubling up of the L1 and L2 periods which should majorly emphasize the overall theme of the times…

Inauguration Day 1/20/2021 ♊︎-♑︎-♊︎-(♑︎)

Naturally, it’s the day he leaves, because this whole Gemini-Capricorn period is ultimately about Trump leaving this role of President behind.

Even when releasing from his adjusted Lot of Fortune in Pisces, he has experienced significant rejection at these Capricorn periods. In fact, here is what happened to him when he went under the exact same periods on Fortune as he did on Spirit for the 2020 election:

Event Date ZR sequence from the adjusted Lot of Fortune in Pisces
New Jersey rejects Trump’s casino license renewal in light of Taj Mahal bankruptcy 4/11/1991 ♊︎-♑︎-♈︎-♑︎


From the perspective of Fortune and Spirit then, the Gemini-Capricorn periods highlighted his worst business failure from Fortune (the Taj Mahal Casino) and his worst political failure from Spirit (the 2020 Election). So you can see I had repeated examples of the same sort of thing happening to him under similar sequences, even across different Lots. The strength of this prediction is that it is totally independently verifiable. Anyone, even a devoted Trump fan, could match up the times he dropped out of presidential contests and see the pattern between them and come to a similar conclusion about the relationship between 2011 and 2020.

The Future of Trump

However, if all of this is right then we’d expect the rest to follow as well, and this is where things get pretty freaking weird. In the same way that his birther campaign in 2011 foreshadowed his chaotic presidency and defeat in 2020, then his political activities in late 2011/early February 2012 should be meaningful going forward as well. So what happened?

After he quit the 2012 race in total disgrace on May 16th 2011, he regretted it immediately and began plotting on how he could re-enter the race. He “wrote” his book “Time to Get Tough: Making America #1 Again”. Then, he formally left the Republican Party on December 21st 2011 and tried to run as an independent. He was extremely serious about doing this but he gained no traction and it had gotten too late in the race. Ultimately he had to quit the 2012 race again, this time on February 2nd 2012 in his endorsement of who else, but Mitt Romney. If past is prologue…

Microcosm Macrocosm
Announced 2012 run for President
Won 2016 presidential election
Quit 2012 run for President
Lost 2020 presidential election
Left the GOP for independent run for President
New political party? Trump 2028?
Dropped independent run for President
Loses 2028 election?

…then should Trump still be alive, I expect him to break off from the Republican Party in November 2027, attempting to start his own party and make an independent run for President before crashing and burning in the 2028 election. If Trump tried to run again, one would think it would be in 2024, so why do these periods come back in 2028? He’ll be 82 years old! At this time that seems wholly unlikely, but we also have to consider that for how Uranian Trump’s chart is (Sun conjunct Uranus/Moon opposite Uranus), Uranus’s return to Gemini in that time should be significant.

For now, let’s just savor this moment and prepare ourselves for the task of pressuring the incoming administration to get to work for all of its constituents for a more just, equitable and prosperous world.

38 thoughts on “The Fall and Future of Trump”

    1. I’m not the first person to do this. The first that I know of is Curtis Manwaring, who figured out that a huge glaring inconsistency in Obama’s Spirit Zodiacal Releasing is resolved if you follow Valens’ rule about using the diurnal calculation at night when the Moon is below the horizon:

      Here are other statements in the tradition which explain more about the Lots’ reversability or predominance:

  1. This is the most cogent and accurate prediction and explanation I’ve seen yet. Excited to dig further into understanding ZR more thoroughly. I still don’t get what inspired you to reverse the lots—damned genius, Patrick. Looking forward to watching your rising star in the astro world. Best to ya!

  2. Thank you Patrick. You are a real wizard. You make it all look so easy. That is a real gift. I was kind of hoping some jail time might be on the horizon. But he has never been there before. God bless him though for what he has forced us To see and do.

  3. Awesome article! impressive – so many astrologers around the globe had their prediction wrong. Its nice to know that traditional astrology has much to offer.

  4. Wish I could say that Biden would bring a more prosperous future, but a financial collapse has been baked in the cake since 2008 due to FED policy. Max Keiser said recently that a central bank failure most likely in the EU is likely coming this year which will lead to a domino effect across the world (I had predicted this for 2022). The FED kicked the can down the road and now with covid (which somehow massively reduced the flu numbers) has sent debt skyrocketing to unsustainable levels. QE (aka counterfeiting aka theft) will lead to hyperinflation. My astrological forecast for the 2020’s is here…

    I really would prefer to be wrong about most of what I write above. It’s a really ugly situation. We have a sort of natural selection process that rewards corrupt politicians by only allowing politicians who are compromised into powerful positions. Then the deep state can dictate what they do or they get ruined by their kompromat or lose funding. When too much financial power gets concentrated in one place, dictatorial powers arise from behind the scenes. We don’t even know who the true rulers are, except that they accomplish everything that happens by purchasing it.

    1. Hi Curtis, thanks for reading! I feel I owe you a special debt of gratitude for my being able to make sense of Trump’s chart with switching his Lots, because you had made such an impression on me when you recontextualized my 2012 prediction for Obama as a Fortune analysis rather than a Spirit analysis.

      I’ve wondered how we haven’t already experienced hyperinflation after the 2008 crisis. I think the 2022 Pluto Return for the USA could be the dollar losing its status as the world’s reserve currency. Without that backing for the dollar, I don’t see anything protecting us from hyperinflation except from holding money in an alternate currency. In past scenarios that has been foreign fiat currencies but today I would imagine certain cryptocurrencies would be the most resilient options.

  5. I am so glad I was checking back on your site today and got to read Curtis Manwaring’s response from a few days ago! Crazy Times. Disturbing but reasoned prediction about economy.

    Tonight, the New Moon in 23-24 Capricorn tonight approaches Pluto, all opposing Trump’s Cancer Saturn. Sabian symbol in this axis is all about contemplation and withdrawal! No wonder we’ve been through COVID19 and this crazy POTUS at the same time. His response to the virus cost him everything, and people died. He also takes the Republican Party down with him. That Party will never be the same. We may be in the throes of a new Conservative party in the USA, that emphasizes the protection of the Constitution that so fragilely holds our Republic together -the best Mercury-Jupiter-Saturn Co-presence manifestation I could hope for as this unfolds.

    Note how Trump is also getting a “Double Whammy” Saturn Pluto hit at both Saturn ruled axes, the Aquarius Stellium opposing his natal 12th house Pluto.

    With Natal Mars-Asc-Regulusconnections by Parans, are we looking at his downfall due to desire for revenge ? Or will we see the rise of an American Dictator. Let’s see how it all turns out.

  6. The plot thickens…

    Trump is at The Alamo tonight. Yes. TONIGHT. Talk about incendiary given his transits! Does this guy have some twisted astrologer advising him?!

    Meanwhile news that McConnell and Liz Cheney now both favor impeachment process.

  7. Well he got impeached by the House of Representatives again earlier today at 4:28-4:32 PM D.C. local time (final vote tally and Gavel drop times from C-SPAN). And tonight the Moon is enclosed by Pluto and Saturn following last night’s new moon. So anyone with poorly placed Cancer planets is probably feeling it unless there are strong mitigating factors in their chart. Trump has 12H Mercury Saturn and Venus with an Averse Moon in Sag conjunct his South Node. Releasing from Pisces, his ZR today is: Cancer-Aquarius-Leo-Aquarius. L4 changed to Pisces 1h20m after the final vote.

    BTW, as an aside, looking closer at Curtis’ blog post link, I realize he uses Sibly USA chart. Why does everyone keep using that as the benchmark for the USA overall? I would refer you to a blog by Robert Wilkinson discussing the birth chart of the USA:

    Using the chart for Mar 1 1871 at 3:19 pm in Philadelphia, the riot transits are spot on. It’s the time for the Articles of Confederation. And it’s interesting because this was our “first” constitution, as the Executive and legislative branches did not yet exist. I find this a fascinating correspondence with the BIG LIE ELECTION FRAUD events of Trump and his followers. It’s as if the “Republican” Majority today doesn’t honor our later constitution but this early one. And with all those Confederate flags carried by the rioters as well as these 197 “Republican” representatives today (4 members didn’t vote -how does one warrant an abstention from today’s vote?!) voting NAY on impeachment, I am beginning to see why a strong civics education is one way of combating the ignorance on display over the past week. It’s quite eerie to see. The USA is in deep trouble I fear.

    Of course there are arguments to be made for the use of the July 4th and the Constitution charts but I feel that this specific chart use is verified based on history and what is going on at this time.

  8. Heres some help on the civics lesson:

    I challenge you to get through that video and not see the truth. Few people get through it without losing their minds, but it is the truth. It’s a difficult pill to swallow. The Greeks were right to assign Kings to the 9th, and not the 10th house because statism is a religion. Just watched a video of the “holy podium” stolen from Nancy Pelosi and them saying that the Capitol was “desecrated”. A religion pure and simple, and one that deserves no respect. Learn about the philosophy of voluntarism. Anything done without consent is a form of violence.

      1. If you had watched that video, the answer to that question would be completely obvious. But your question also implies something else, “whose side are you on”? It’s the same mentality that every Trump supporter has but is on the other side of now that you two are locked in mortal combat. If that’s the level of your thinking please don’t waste my time. You will deserve what you get.

        1. You’re the one using your own time to comment here and I’m under no obligation to even approve your comments, much less click on your links. I find much to admire in anti-authoritarianism and civil libertarianism but that will never put me in league with the ugliness, ignorance and delusion of the people who stormed the Capitol with unjustified cause, or with pseudo-intellectualism arrogantly and cowardly positing itself as being above the fray when so much is at stake.

  9. Of course you don’t have to do anything. But if you want to understand me (and the clues are many that you are completely misunderstanding me) then you should do yourself a favor and watch the video. Without doing that you are already passing judgement without a trial. That video changed my life more than bitcoin did. It opened my eyes to the injustices of the world and how they are accomplished.

    1. I can’t say I understand you. I’ve seen you drift away from being a liberal towards libertarianism (which is fine, it is what it is), away from being an astrologer I still highly respect towards becoming a full time cryptocurrency evangelist (which is also fine but also an unfortunately huge loss for astrology as one of the last direct connections to Hindsight other than Chris). Then more recently you seem to have found yourself in COVID-19 denialism land which signals to me that you’re now really different from the person I thought you were, and I can’t follow you down this path, and I’m less than interested in what you have to say on this and other political matters. I wish the old Curtis was back writing new articles on ZR and other timelord techniques but you’ve got to be you and I’ve got to be me.

  10. BTW, notice how you use the words “taking the time to reply here”. It implies that location = ownership. Words submitted on an owned platform are no longer “free speech”. Do you see the trap you are setting yourself up for? If Thomas Jefferson had won that argument on intellectual property, then you would not even have that concept in your head. They would simply be ideas in open space.

    But once words can be owned, speaking them can potentially be forbidden in court. It led to situations where truth can be forbidden because of ownership. Imagine a corporation being allowed to copyright truth so that it could not be spoken in a court of law. Justice could be denied by simply having the capital to own the truth. That is essentially what is happening right now with the technocrats (FB, Google, Apple, Twitter, etc). That error was realized early on so they had to fix that bit of corruption long ago. Copyright led to the necessity for exceptions, but technocrats are finding ways to corral free speech in their algorithms.

    I don’t even have your email, so you are behind this walled garden you’ve set up for yourself which supports echo chambers.

    1. My email is, it’s in different places on this website, like the consultation pages. I can also be contacted through Twitter and Facebook. My general comment policy is to allow people to comment what they want even when it’s critical of my work because I don’t want to be accused of censorship, and hey, I’m a nice guy. I draw the line at comments which are abusive to other commenters or comments which are obviously spam.

      1. Damn, sad to see two of my favourite astrologers fall out of over politics. No need for that! Having different views and opinions on the world helps maintain diversity of thought and prevent echo-chamber mentality, it’s a good thing.

        1. FB and Twitter are echo chambers though. The algorithms have been designed to limit political speech and intentionally favor establishment views. “Diversity of thought” is another term for “divide and conquer” which is exactly how the [DS] uses these AI algos to control the populace by having “lively” discussion limited to within their carefully scripted bounds. Step outside of those bounds and you realize free speech is a myth in the technocratic universe. I’ve tried to warn you about what’s coming. Suit yourself and learn the hard way. I’m prepared.

          In the near future just get yourself prepared for banking collapse which will be used to turn the population into slaves/dependents of the state. Protest will be snuffed out at the bank by declining your cards if you are identified by the AI algos as having attended any forbidden events. Food shortages, supply chain disruptions are already happening in various pockets of the economy. It’s going to get worse before it gets better. By 2025-26, there should be some reckoning of a new Nuremberg 2.0 trial over these forced vaccine mandates that violate the most basic of human rights which is self ownership of one’s body. The left was caught in hypocrisy over “my body, my choice” when it came to vaccine mandates.

          BTW, being a “nice guy” won’t cut it in this world pretty soon. Best if people living under this delusion get their principles straight.

  11. Covid 19 denialism? No. Covid 19 exists. I’ve been saying that this is a bioweapon and that the state is using it to put you into lockdown. You aren’t reading carefully enough. There is some intentional fraud in the statistics though and Dr Reinhart Fuellmich is leading this trial to court against Bill Gates and the GAVI Institute.

    Several medical doctors are also saying there is fraud (again not that covid 19 doesn’t exist). The fraud is much more sophisticated than that. The eugenicists haven’t gone away. They are still with us even since their failed attempt at control during WWII. They’ve just changed tactics and are now applying stealth.

  12. Hmmm… Curtis, to be clear I am Conservative. NO party affiliation. Just Conservative. I’m not sure I believe in Statism. And I am not going to click on a YouTube video on Civics to learn about Civics because my library is full of books that I’ve read on it. Conspiracy theories seem to be out of control at this time but I want no part in them. Could the Transhumanism project you advocate be in part true? Yes. Certainly I am aware of the scientific details of CRISPR technology with the potential challenges and benefits it promises, but that’s a long conversation, and one that , frankly, I don’t think you’ll be able to reasonably listen to.

    I am advocating Rule Of Law here. None of the folks who rioted at the Capitol seem to really understand that, (and they certainly haven’t been well read on the Privacy issues that Social Media presents over say the last decade —at minimum). If it was clear before, I pointed out in my earlier comments that the elected officials who didn’t vote either to approve the Biden/Harris results or impeach the president are walking on sand in my opinion, and living in a former time which highlights this nation’s unprocessed wounds. MOREOVER, The president’s own cybersecurity official, Mr Chris Krebs, who ensured a safe and secure election pointed that out clearly and emphasized the importance of paper votes as well. That is after he was fired. Those are the facts that I choose to accept.

  13. I don’t believe in statism either. Apparently everyone interprets according to political affiliation rather than just looking at facts and prefers to make assumptions rather than follow links. I’m aware of the CRISPER tech as well and how it can be used for good or ill. I am 59 years old and have seen a lot in my lifetime. I’ve spent a lot of time with scientific research papers over the decades. I was named Hornbeck scholar of the year at the University of Denver in 1982. Why does everyone assume that the person on the other side of an internet connection is an amateur?

  14. Now that we’ve come around to 2024, could you say more about why you think he won’t be on the ballot? Anything could happen to keep him off the ballot (and I hope it will). But what is it about his ZR or SR or transits or whatever that leads you to think he won’t be running on election day (even though he sure is running now)?

  15. Hi Patrick, I’ve been introduced to your work through Nick Dagan Best and Chris Brennan. After that, I watched multiple podcasts with you and other individuals. I couldn’t be more impressed! Your Trump work is extremely important, thought-provoking, and scary. Please continue digging, sharing your thoughts, and ignoring far right bigots.

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