ASTRO-FLOWCHART: “Is My Horary Question Valid?”

Yes, I’m a bit of a hardass with horary questions, but I like to minimize ambiguity in my horary practice so this is what makes sense to me. I’ve written up my thoughts on this before in great detail, but I figured this flowchart might be more accessible. If you feel a raging horary coming on, and you’d like me to answer your horary questions, check this flowchart first to see if it’s a question I can answer. Happy horarying!


5 thoughts on “ASTRO-FLOWCHART: “Is My Horary Question Valid?””

    1. Hi! To directly answer your question – nowhere. This flowchart is not representative of the opinions of most astrologers practicing horary, it represents my opinion on what questions horary astrology best serves. I am skeptical of “Should I” questions because it’s hard to say if you were right or not in the end, and it invites the astrologer to introduce their own biases. I prefer less ambiguous applications of horary, but that necessarily limits the kind of inquiries I can accept to yes/no questions. They can be done I’m sure, I just don’t do them myself. You might like to read the discussion we’ve been having about this on Reddit:

  1. I appreciate the flow chart, it’s very similar to the thought process many of us go through with horary consultations. similar to the above comment from Lee though, restricting to yes/no is like maxing a Porsche at 20mph, and I’d argue that someone restricting horary to yes/no might actually be missing the point of horary altogether. I would instead place the emphasis that horary is best served resolving problems that have evaded resolution for one reason or another, regardless of whether or not they hang on a prediction (i.e., yes/no). I don’t agree that it invites astrologers to bring in their biases any more than any other branch of astrology, so long as one is able to base their judgment in a reliable application of the symbolism in the chart.

    there are a few other things in the flow chart that I wouldn’t agree with personally (“Been thinking about it” leading to “try natal instead”) and a few that I strongly agree with (like the encouragement to try mundane for matters that affect multitudes), but regardless of my personal thoughts on the issues this post was fun and gave me a chuckle.

    1. Hi Wade, I appreciate these points you’re making. I disagree that I’m missing the point of horary – after all if you agree that not every question is best suited to horary, the difference is just where we draw the line. I doubt you’d turn down a qualifying yes/no question just because you only get to drive the Porsche 20mph! It’s still a valid application of horary.

      Astrologer bias is a concern that doesn’t necessarily play out in practice so much, except perhaps in the case where an astrologer asks themselves a horary question, which I don’t think represents a true exchange, and therefore an unreliable horary chart. I still think astrologer bias is less possible with yes/no questions rather than ‘Should I’ questions.

      I think the reason for all these requirements for the question in the first place is so that the sky has the best chance of meaningfully reflecting it. It’s about the ‘horary moment’ when someone is moved to ask and they’re understood. The timeliness of the question is important. So I find it less than ideal if someone waits a while before asking a question because it’s unclear that the sky reflects the initial concern after some time has passed since the issue first presented itself. Obviously, there could be other circumstances affecting their ability to ask, but we’re talking ideally here. As close as we can get to the ideal, the more reliable the horary chart, to me at least.

      I’m glad I made you chuckle. Perhaps we could make an updated flowchart which could incorporate your and others’ expertise and represent more mainstream opinions on horary questions?

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