From Darkness To Light: Mitt Romney’s 2020 Loosing of the Bond

One amazing feature of Zodiacal Releasing is that its fractal organization of time means that when one encounters the same sequence of subperiods on larger or lower levels, the same dynamics are at play in different contexts. Translation: Certain smaller events in one’s life can bear an uncanny resemblance to later developments, usually on a larger or more dramatic scale. If you can understand the underlying planetary dynamics of a given sequence on a smaller level in someone’s life, you can extrapolate what might happen when that sequence reoccurs on larger levels.

It might seem a bit strange to be talking about Mitt Romney when he’s not one of the candidates running for President in 2020, but I have reason to believe we should keep an eye on him, especially in late April of 2020. I have kept Romney’s chart in the back of my mind since 2012 when I first noticed some of these peculiarities about his Zodiacal Releasing that suggested more consequential events were still to come in Romney’s career, some of which have already come to pass. I made a video about this back in 2017  in which I predicted he would run a primary campaign against Trump, and well, there were serious conversations he had about that. This article is a somewhat updated version of my original theories about his chart.

Mitt Romney’s Lot of Fortune and Lot of Spirit

“…the Lot of Fortune and [Spirit] have great influence on undertakings and their outcomes. The former gives information about matters concerning the body and concerning the work of hands. [Spirit] and its ruler give information about spiritual and intellectual matters and about the activities of giving and receiving. It will be necessary to examine the places and the signs in which their houserulers are located and to correlate their natures, in order to learn the type of activity and fortune and the quality of activity.”
-Vettius Valens, Book II, pg. 35, translated by Mark Riley

Here is Mitt Romney’s chart with an A-rated time:

Mitt Romney’s Lot of Fortune is in Aquarius, conjunct the MC in the whole sign 9th house. Its ruler is Saturn in Leo, conjunct the IC in the whole sign 3rd house. His Lot of Spirit is in Virgo, his whole sign 4th house, ruled by Mercury retrograde in Pisces in the whole sign 10th house. According to Valens, because his Lots and their rulers can all witness the Ascendant by a whole sign aspect, his Lots of Fortune and Spirit should stay as they are. According to Serapio, because his Sun is in a water sign in a day chart and because his Sun is in the Egyptian bounds of Mars, Fortune should take on the role of Spirit. While some people have taken my experimental proposals about switching the Lots to heart, Romney’s chart is an example where the default calculations for the Lots appear to not need any adjustments, even though the chart fulfills a couple of Serapio’s conditions.

What do the natal positions of his Lots tell us?

The Lot of Fortune should indicate something about one’s inherited circumstances. With Romney’s Lot of Fortune conjunct Venus and the MC in Aquarius 9th, right away we could potentially say he was born into fortunate circumstances (Venus), in a religious context (9th) and prominently (MC). This would be especially emphasized by his Moon-Jupiter conjunction in superior position to the sign. Mitt was born into the Romneys, a wealthy and powerful political dynasty in the Mormon church. The ruler of Fortune is Saturn in Leo 3rd, the house of siblings. Interestingly, he was the youngest sibling of 4, and he was 6 years younger than his youngest sibling. One could speculate about how the dynamics of having siblings with significant age differences could have formed the young Mitt Romney. Romney’s 3rd house also contains his IC, which would indicate incidental significations for one’s home, parents, lands and lineage. Interestingly, his father was HUD secretary (the IC is associated with home properties) and the CEO of American Motors (3rd house of transportation, short trips). Since the Lot of Fortune concerns matters of the body, it’s worth considering that Mitt Romney’s most dangerous health event was a near-fatal car crash (Saturn in 3rd house)

The Lot of Spirit should indicate something about one’s modus operandi and intrinsic motivations. Romney’s Lot of Spirit is in his Virgo 4th, ruled by a retrograde Mercury in Pisces copresent with the Sun and Mars in his Pisces 10th. Mercury is also his ruler of his Ascendant, which would doubly emphasize the role of Mercury in describing his essential character and some major themes of his life. From the placement of his Lot of Spirit in the 4th, we might think his motivations for action originate from his parents, and because the ruler is in the 10th, we might say a person like this would go into “the family business”. His father George Romney  was a successful businessman, a state governor and a failed presidential candidate. Mitt Romney has been a successful businessman, a state governor and a failed presidential candidate, so this checks out.

The condition of Mercury in the role of Romney’s Lot of Spirit is uncanny. The essential function of Mercury is to contest and destabilize. Mercury is the thinker, the announcer, the talker, the trickster, the prankster, the salesman, the analyst, known for being adaptable, flexible, contrarian and hard to pin down. This fits Romney’s MO as a wonky analyst, a businessman, a politician. Mercury is retrograde and in the sign of its fall conjunct Mars. Alongside retrograde Mercury’s precariousness, the conjunction to Mars in the 10th shows how his words can be damaging to his reputation. The leaks of his “47%” remarks damaged his 2012 campaign and his debate quotes about “binders full of women” and Big Bird were memed to death.

His fallen Mercury in Pisces suggests he is never fully respected wherever he is, he is always contrary, a foil to his hosts and otherwise in precarious positions. Democrats alternately see him as a shrewd sinister businessman/weirdo social conservative dad from the 1950’s or an earnest man of principle with some amount of courage for standing up to Trump, depending. Republicans alternately see him as a competent manager and rock-ribbed conservative or a spineless traitorous flip-flopping RINO (and he’s probably a bit of all of these). One thing everyone might be able to agree on is that he can be super awkward:

As awkward as Romney can be, when he’s more relaxed, his surprisingly sharp wit is evocative of his Mercury-Mars conjunction.

In fact Romney has never appeared quite at ease or as passionate than when he is dunking on Donald Trump. He went harder after Trump in this 2016 speech than he ever did against Obama when he was running against him in 2012. And  hey, you do not have to like Romney at all to acknowledge this. Check out the highlights from that speech:

Even beyond these debatable perceptions, some basic facts about his political career bear out the paradoxical connotations of his fallen Mercurial state: He has been both a red governor in a dark blue state as well as the lone Senator in his party to vote to convict the president of his own party of impeachment charges.  Within the same lifetime he has been the presidential nominee of the GOP and he has been its pariah. He has dramatically embodied the Mercurial penchant for playing on both sides, existing in liminal spaces. In Romney’s life this has played out in the realm of politics.

Over and over again in many interviews, Romney has disclosed the importance of his father in motivating his political career (Spirit in 4th). It’s easy to interpret a politician’s expression of emotion as insincere but that doesn’t seem to be the case here in this hard-hitting-and-definitely-not-fluff piece from CNN:

He idolized his father and couldn’t bear to see his father make missteps and ungraciously lose in political campaigns (Mercury Rx conjunct Mars in the 10th). Mitt himself has spoken of his involvement in politics in these terms, especially at his first campaign for MA Senator in 1994, the year before his father died. Mitt wanted to make up for the humiliations of his father’s losses, to make his father proud. Mitt thought his father’s flaws were in not being flexible enough, and Mitt seems to have overlearned this lesson in his decidedly Mercurial means of navigating his own political career. All this we can interpret from the ruler of his Lot of Spirit, Mercury.

What should be his best and worst periods?

  • Middling: Cardinal Signs (Cadent to Fortune) – The cardinal signs are somewhat non-descript in Romney’s chart. They’re cadent periods relative to Fortune and do not feature angular relationships to any of Romney’s planets except Neptune. It seems for the cardinal signs, that the condition of the rulers would be the key to understanding how each one turns out. On that basis, Cancer and Libra would be among his best and most fortunate cardinal signs while Capricorn would be significant but hard while Aries would be his least fortunate cardinal sign.
  • Best: Fixed Signs (Angular to Fortune) – Because of the presence of the benefics and Saturn in fixed signs and their angularity to Fortune and the MC/IC axis, the fixed signs should be some of Romney’s most prominent, consequential, and alternately rather unfortunate (Leo) or very fortunate periods (Aquarius/Taurus) or mixed (Scorpio).
  • Worst: Succedent Mutable Signs (Succedent to Fortune) – Because of the presence of Mars, Mercury, Uranus, Nodes and horizonal axis in the mutable signs and their succedency relative to Fortune, the mutable signs should be his least fortunate and/or most volatile periods (Virgo and Pisces) as well as better ones (Sagittarius/Gemini).

We can see some of the major themes of each of his periods based on the house position of the sign as well as the placement of the ruler.

Romney’s Succedent Virgo L1 Period – (3/12/1947 – 11/27/1966)
Virgo – Natal 4th/Fortune 8th, Mercury in Pisces – Natal 10th/Fortune 2nd
Virgo angular to: Sun, Mercury and Mars in Pisces
Romney as Political Protege

Virgo L1 – 3/12/1947 

Virgo L2 – 3/12/1947
Libra L2 – 11/1/1948
Scorpio L2 – 6/29/1949
Sagittarius L2 – 9/22/1950
Capricorn L2 – 9/17/1951
Aquarius L2 – 12/5/1953
Pisces L2 – 5/23/1956
Aries L2 – 5/18/1957
Taurus L2 – 8/11/1958
Gemini L2 – 4/8/1959
Cancer L2 – 11/28/1960
Leo L2 – 12/18/1962
(Pisces) – L2 7/10/1964 < Mercury in Pisces, ruler of the period and Lot of Spirit. Eventful 1964 RNC.
(Aries) L2 – 7/5/1965
(Taurus) L2 – 9/28/1966

This first 20 years would bear out the essential quality of his ruler of the Lot of Spirit, his Mercury in Pisces, clearly bringing out the topic of political activities (Mercury in 10th) in connection with his parents (Virgo in 4th). Mitt idolized his father and even accompanied his father on the campaign trail in his successful run for governor of Michigan in 1962. This would be especially dramatic at the Loosing of the Bond to Pisces he experienced at 17 years old. Just 3 days after entering his Loosing of the Bond, the young Mitt Romney attended the 1964 Republican National Convention with his father which took place July 13th-16th 1964. At this convention, Mitt saw his father, Michigan Governor George Romney be soundly defeated in an attempt to add civil rights to the Republican party platform in his crusade against Barry Goldwater’s extremely conservative campaign. He even saw his father fail in an attempt to pass a resolution condemning extremism on any side in politics. Mitt got a front row seat to the world of national politics, and the difficulties of being a moderate leader of a conservative party.

Of all the things that could have happened around Mitt Romney at that Loosing of the Bond, here was this eerily relevant event which both foreshadowed and otherwise seemed to have made a big impression on Romney’s own political career, given how frequently Mitt Romney has mentioned this event in his political campaigns in 1994 and 2012.  It was this event which led me to conclude that Romney would lose the 2012 election, because Romney was at a Virgo-Pisces sequence on the subperiods of his Spirit releasing on election night, activating his Sun/Mercury/Mars in the 10th, recalling this time of loss.

Romney’s Cadent Libra L1 Period – (11/27/1966 – 10/16/1974)
Libra – Natal 5th/Fortune 9th, Venus in Aquarius – Natal 9th (MC)/Fortune 1st
Libra angular to: Neptune in Libra
Romney as Mormon Missionary, Father

Libra L1 – 11/27/1966

Libra L2 – 11/27/1966
Scorpio L2 – 7/25/1967
Sagittarius L2 – 10/17/1968
Capricorn L2 – 10/12/1969
Aquarius L2 – 12/31/1971
Pisces L2 – 6/18/1974

Since Libra is his Fortune 9th and its ruler Venus is in his natal 9th, we might expect the topics of travel, foreign places, higher education and religious issues to have been a major theme of this period. Because of his Mormon faith, he was stationed in France as a Mormon missionary from July 1966 – January 1969. In the early 1970’s he was a seminary teacher and held other minor leadership positions in the Mormon church, perhaps reflecting Venus’s conjunction to his MC in the 9th. Starting in 1971, he was one of the very few students to succeed in Harvard’s then-newly created joint business and law degrees, where by many accounts he was remembered fondly and enjoyed great popularity. Libra is his natal 5th which is a house associated with children. In 1969 he married Ann Romney and they became parents in 1970, when their first child Tagg was born, and again in 1971 when their second child Matthew was born. Romney also assisted with his mother’s unsuccessful Senate campaign in 1970. Perhaps this is because Venus generally represents the mother in a day chart or perhaps because Venus rules the Fortune 4th.

Romney’s Angular Scorpio L1 Period – (10/16/1974 – 7/29/1989)
Scorpio – Natal 6th/Fortune 10th, Mars in Pisces – Natal 10th/Fortune 2nd
Scorpio angular to: Moon and Jupiter in Scorpio, Venus in Aquarius, Saturn and Pluto in Leo
Romney as Bain Business Shark

Scorpio L1 – 10/16/1974 

Scorpio L2 – 10/16/1974
Sagittarius L2 – 1/9/1976
Capricorn L2 – 1/3/1977
Aquarius L2 – 3/24/1979
Pisces L2 – 9/9/1981
Aries L2 – 9/4/1982
Taurus L2 – 11/28/1983
Gemini L2 – 7/25/1984
Cancer L2 – 3/17/1986
Leo L2 – 4/5/1988

Since Scorpio is his Fortune 10th and its ruler Mars is in his natal 10th, we might expect the topics of career ambitions, reputation and professional success to have been major themes of this period. Because Scorpio is his natal 6th house of service and its ruler Mars is in the Fortune 2nd, this would seem to emphasize the role of employment, work and the topic of finances in this period. Additionally, the Moon is present in the sign and rules his natal 2nd house of finances, alongside Jupiter which is in mutual reception with Mars, the ruler of the period, exchanging between the 6th and 10th. It was in 1975 that he graduated from Harvard and began a phenomenally successful career in finance. He was first hired by the Boston Consulting Group in 1976, and then hired to be a partner with the Bain & Company in 1977. In 1983 he was given the chance to begin and lead his own spinoff investment firm, Bain Capital. It was through his work in finance that he became a multi-millionaire, an apparent peak in his career according to Zodiacal Releasing.

Romney’s Succedent Sagittarius L1 Period – (7/29/1989 – 5/27/2001)
Sagittarius – Natal 7th/Fortune 11th, Jupiter in Scorpio – Natal 6th/Fortune 10th
Sagittarius angular to: Sun, Mercury and Mars in Pisces
Romney as Discontent Turnaround Artist

Sagittarius L1 – 7/29/1989 

Sagittarius L2 – 7/29/1989
Capricorn L2 – 7/24/1990
Aquarius L2 – 10/11/1992
Pisces L2 – 3/30/1995
Aries L2 – 3/24/1996
Taurus L2 – 6/17/1997
Gemini L2 – 2/12/1998
Cancer L2 – 10/5/1999

Since Sagittarius is his Fortune 11th and Jupiter is in his Fortune 10th, we might expect some of the themes surrounding career and ambition to continue into this period, with the additional topic of alliances, causes, groups, networks. In January 1991 – December 1992 Romney led a turnaround of his boss’s failing company, Bain & Company. This was a great boon to his reputation as a business manager but Romney was no longer satisfied with just making money and ran for Massachusetts Senator, losing against Ted Kennedy in November 1994. In February 1999, Romney was hired to lead a turnaround of the 2002 Winter Olympics Committee which was reeling from a corruption scandal and cost overruns.

Since Sagittarius is his natal 7th and Jupiter is in his natal 6th house, we might have expected the theme of partnerships and work/illness to be a major theme of the period. His wife Ann was the main reason Mitt decided to quit his job and run for office in 1994. In 1998 Ann’s health had deteriorated and she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, an event Romney described as the worst event of his life. Despite this setback, Ann urged Romney to accept the opportunity to manage the Olympics. (One wonders if this event shifted his business and political priorities, considering he would eventually usher in universal healthcare in Massachusetts as governor.)

Romney’s Cadent Capricorn L1 Period – (5/27/2001 – 1/6/2028)
Capricorn – Natal 8th/Fortune 12th, Saturn in Leo – Natal 3rd (IC)/Fortune 7th
Capricorn angular to: Neptune in Libra
Romney as CEO/Politician Era

Capricorn L1 – 5/27/2001 

Capricorn L2 – 5/27/2001
Aquarius L2 – 8/15/2003
Pisces L2 – 1/31/2006
Aries L2 – 1/26/2007
Taurus L2 – 4/20/2008
Gemini L2 – 12/16/2008
Cancer L2 – 8/8/2010
Leo L2 – 8/27/2012 < Saturn in Leo, ruler of the period. Lost the 2012 election.
Virgo L2 – 3/20/2014
Libra L2 – 11/10/2015
Scorpio L2 – 7/7/2016
Sagittarius L2 – 9/30/2017
(Cancer) L2 – 9/25/2018
(Leo) L2 – 10/14/2020 < Loosed encounter with the ruler of the period, 2020 election.
(Virgo) L2 – 5/7/2022
(Libra) L2 – 12/28/2023
(Scorpio) L2 – 8/24/2024
(Sagittarius) L2 – 11/17/2025
(Capricorn) L2 – 11/12/2026

Since Capricorn is his Fortune 12th we might expect one of the major themes of this period to revolve around the topic of enemies, betrayals and self-undoing. Romney strong-armed the then-current GOP MA governor out of running again. He betrayed the MA GOP and Jim Rappaport when he picked Kerry Healey as his Lieutenant Governor. He continued to betray the GOP with his non-partisan cabinet choices. He saw his nemesis in William Bulger, a controversial MA politician with connections to the mob, and Romney pressured him into resigning. Romney’s clear ambitions for national politics beyond Massachusetts was made clear by his frequent absence in the state (212 days) in the last year of his term as governor, antagonizing the MA GOP as well as the MA Democrats.

He was characterized by his GOP rivals in the 2008 and 2012 primaries as a flip-flopper, a “fake” conservative, a “RINO”. His signature achievement as MA Governor, passing healthcare reform put him in an uncomfortable position in the 2012 race when the GOP’s raison d’être was its opposition to “Obamacare”, which was virtually indistinguishable from MA’s “Romneycare”. Obama’s 2012 campaign successfully characterized Romney as an insidious businessman, while Romney would often unwittingly assist in this characterization. Since 2016, Romney again became a provocative force in GOP politics in his strident opposition to the candidacy of Donald Trump and his subsequent vote to convict Trump of impeachment charges. This officially cast him as a nemesis to Trump and he has been paying the cost of the grudges against him by Trump and the GOP more broadly.

Romney’s Angular Aquarius L1 Period – (1/6/2028 – 8/1/2057)
Aquarius – Natal 9th (MC)/Fortune 1st, Saturn in Leo – Natal 3rd/Fortune 7th
Aquarius angular to: Venus in Aquarius, Moon and Jupiter in Scorpio, Saturn and Pluto in Leo
Romney as Elder Statesman

Provided Romney is still alive and still active in politics after age 80(!), it would seem that he would reach a new height of prominence and fortunate reception due to the angularity and benefic testimony of this sign. Pluto will be between 5°-8° of Aquarius in 2028, conjunct Romney’s Venus/Midheaven at the time of the 2028 election, presuming it happens.

I gave you this mini-biography of Romney’s life to establish that this technique works and is worth your consideration. Next up is the reason why we’re even talking about Mitt Romney at all.

Romney’s Loosings of the Bond to Cancer and Capricorn

In general, Cancer and Leo major periods both feature Loosings of the Bond to Saturn-ruled signs Capricorn and Aquarius. These Loosings of the Bond can be characterized as a movement from light to darkness, describing a period of brilliance which is eventually curtailed. In Capricorn and Aquarius periods, their Loosings of the Bond occur in the signs of the luminaries, the Sun and the Moon. So these types of Loosings of the Bond can be characterized as a movement from darkness to light, describing a period of obscurity and hardship which is eventually lifted and liberated from.

In the context of Mitt Romney’s chart and chronology, the Capricorn period as a whole seems to outline the process of his political evolution from being a hyperpartisan figure to being a transpartisan figure. From being the figurehead of the GOP to becoming its pariah, from being constrained by partisanship to being freed from it, from betraying his conscience to being liberated by conviction, “living his truth”.

The first Capricorn L2 period (the first 27 months of the 27 years) should be representative of his entire experience throughout the 27 years. When he first entered his new Capricorn L1 period on May 27th 2001, he was in the middle of managing the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics. He was brought in to turn it around in the midst of a corruption scandal and cost overruns. Romney’s demonstration of capable leadership in the Olympics brought him to national attention and ultimately he parlayed this success into his run for MA Governor and his career in national politics. The beginning of this Capricorn period then serves as an appropriate starting point for this chapter of his life in national politics.

Some of the timing of Romney’s Zodiacal Releasing periods are just crazy. Romney was elected governor of Massachusetts on November 5th 2002, under Capricorn-Capricorn-(Cancer)-Cancer, at the first L3 Loosing of the Bond of his then-brand new Capricorn L1 major period. Like, within hours.

Here we can see a clear demonstration of the connection between the Loosing of the Bond and the initial occurrence of the sign, the so-called Foreshadowing period. He announced his run for Governor under the Foreshadowing period Capricorn-Capricorn-Cancer, and was elected Governor at the Loosing of the Bond, Capricorn-Capricorn-(Cancer).

While this is an impressive correlation it is also a bit confusing because there does not appear to be anything particularly special about Capricorn or Cancer in Romney’s chart. We might think that being elected to a public office would be indicated by reaching signs which are angular to Fortune or the natal angles, or to benefics, or ruled by positive planets. None of these are necessarily the case in Romney’s chart. Capricorn and Cancer are in aversion and cadent relative to Fortune and in aversion to the Ascendant. Both rulers, the Moon and Saturn are in signs of their antithesis or fall.

The only suggestion of the prominence of these otherwise unremarkable signs would be the fact that both Saturn and the Moon, the planets involved in the general period and the Loosing of the Bond, are angular to Fortune. In particular, Romney’s Moon is conjunct Jupiter in the Fortune 10th, even if the Moon is contrary to sect and in its fallen sign. The Moon is also a trigon lord of the sect light. So a Loosing of the Bond to Cancer, the sign of the Moon, could suggest a rise in stature despite its cadency, which is what happened when Romney was elected governor of Massachusetts.

Just as Romney was elected as the Massachusetts governor at his first L3 Loosing of the Bond to Cancer, so was Romney elected as the Utah Senator at his L2 Loosing of the Bond to Cancer about 17 years later:

Put even more simply:

While the Foreshadowing periods many times literally foreshadow the event of the Loosing of the Bond, upon closer inspection of the Cancer subperiods we can see that the Loosings of the Bond to Cancer more properly reflect a reversal of Romney’s actions and apparent attitude towards partisanship. In the Foreshadowing Cancer periods, he consolidates conservative partisan support, but at the Loosing Cancer periods he subverts conservative partisan expectations, expressing political independence. Below are the underlying dynamics of his first Capricorn L2 period:

We can see this same dynamic between his Foreshadowing Cancer L2 period and his Loosed Cancer L2 period:

Here we see how the Foreshadowing periods are foreshadowing the reversal that would take place across the Loosing of the Bond from Capricorn to Cancer, rather than a repetition. In the March 2002 Foreshadowing period, he was the MA GOP’s white knight. This is parallel to his 2010-2012 Foreshadowing period, where he became the national GOP’s “white knight”, its presidential nominee. In his Loosing of the Bond in 2002, he was elected the MA Governor, but immediately frustrated the state GOP with his willingness to work with Democrats and his aversion to political patronage. In his Loosing of the Bond in 2018-2020, he frustrated the GOP with his willingness to strongly criticize the President Trump. In the “darkness” phase of his Capricorn periods, he was held back by the constraints of partisan loyalty. In the “light” phase of his Capricorn periods (after the Loosing of the Bond) he appears to be liberated from these constraints. His Bonds are Loosed, as it were. From darkness to light.

Some Wild But Not Completely Unfounded Speculations

This is what has led me to consider that he might take a drastic action such as registering as an independent, or even mounting an independent kamikaze run for President, just to potentially split the conservative vote and deny Trump a second term, or even join forces with Joe Biden. And while THAT seems crazy and unlikely, Joe Biden said he would consider nominating a Republican as a vice presidential candidate just 4 months ago, on December 30th 2019.

Then there is the case of the oddly positive synastry between Biden and Romney. Check out how close Romney’s Moon-Jupiter conjunction is to Biden’s Sun-Venus conjunction in Scorpio.

Barack Obama’s Midheaven is also in this late area of Scorpio. If not running together, Romney still clearly stands to be some sort of asset to Biden. The image of former rivals forming a unity ticket to take down Trump could be powerful. Or insane. Or just like something Biden might do, even in light of his subsequent promises to nominate a woman as his running mate.

And here’s the other thing: If Romney’s 2018-2020 L2 Loosing of the Bond to Cancer is a reversal of the 2010-2012 L2 Foreshadowing Cancer period, then what do we make of his Loosed Leo L2 period? Under the initial encounter of his Saturn in Leo (the ruler of the major period), he lost the 2012 election. The Loosed L2 Leo period takes place over the 2020 election and inauguration. Would the Loosed version of this period just be a repetition of these events or some sort of reversal? Here’s what his microcosmic experience of this sequence was like:

Then there’s this Saturn thing. Romney’s natal Saturn is at 2 Leo. Back in the 2012 election I wrote a 2 part history of Mitt Romney’s experience with Saturn transits. Part 1 dealt with Romney’s Saturn transits to his natal Saturn. Part 2 dealt with Romney’s Saturn transits to his Mars and Sun. Examining the angular points of Romney’s Saturn cycle reveals a striking narrative about the intersection of the influence of his parents in his business and political career. Saturn rules Romney’s MC (career) and is conjunct his IC (parents).

So you may notice that his second Saturn Return in 2006 seemed to coincide with when he started getting really serious about running for President, which is true because he ran in the 2008 primary (and lost when Saturn was opposite his Mars). The next square was close to the 2012 election. The next opposition is kind of happening now and it will perfect on January 10th 2021. His previous Saturn oppositions seem to have been triumphant times. At the first opposition, 14-year old Mitt campaigned with his father and see him win the Michigan governorship in 1962. At the second opposition, Romney’s successful turnaround of Bain & Company was what led to the offer of taking over the 2002 Winter Olympics. At this third opposition, what could success look like? We should also keep in mind that Romney was born within range of the 1947 Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Leo, so it’s interesting to see how Romney has risen to the occasion during this Saturn-Pluto coronavirus pandemic, he’s in tune with the se Saturn-Pluto times.

It’s just kind of weird that these are the sorts of transits Mitt Romney would be having on January 20th 2021:

I mean…Jupiter is that close to his Venus and MC on Inauguration Day? The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is happening that close to his MC to begin with? Even if he wasn’t Biden’s running mate, I’d think he was part of an incoming administration in which he would have a prominent role. That would only seem possible under a President Biden, President Pence or someone else other than  a President Trump (which I don’t expect because of this). The last time Jupiter and Saturn were in this part of Romney’s chart, this is what he was doing:

This picture of Mitt Romney and his parents was taken on February 10th 1962, at his father’s announcement of his (successful) run for Governor of Michigan. This could only have been an exciting time for a 14-year old getting his picture taken and filmed for the news and getting quoted by journalists because of his famous father. It’s what Jupiter and Saturn crossing over your MC looks like when you’re 14. What does it look like at 73? We’ll find out.

So you’ve done all this reading of all this analysis, what does all of this add up to? I don’t know. I don’t have a crystal ball. I just have this weird system of planetary transits and patterns of a 2000-year old timelord system to go off of. It indicates he’s reached a crucial breaking point in late April that we may have yet to see the public/visible results of and that he is coming to an important part of his Saturn cycle that relates specifically to presidential politics. All I can somewhat responsibly say is that given all of this, I would expect to see Romney take on a bigger role in the 2020 election than we’d currently expect since he is not a candidate. I just have no idea what form that could logically take at this point in time.

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