Zodiacal Releasing Repetitions: Trump’s Humiliation Sequence

This article summarizes some of my key findings from the paper I released last year on Trump’s Zodiacal Releasing from the Lots of Fortune and Spirit. I should caution that my approach to Trump’s chart is non-standard: In Trump’s chart I believe his Lots of Fortune and Spirit should be reversed, so that his Fortune begins releasing from Pisces even though it is in Aquarius, and that Spirit begins releasing from Aquarius even though it is in Pisces. While this is controversial, it would not be a total departure from source texts and it would not be unprecedented. Furthermore, it seems to explain his chronology much better according to the basic principles of Zodiacal Releasing. Even if you do not accept my arguments in favor of switching his Lots, you may read the following correlations through the lens of Fortune (as a circumstantial event) as opposed to the lens of Spirit (as a deliberate action). 

Trump’s chart with my customization of reversing his Lots of Fortune and Spirit so that the mutable signs become the angles to Fortune. Birth time source

One of the most fascinating properties of Zodiacal Releasing is that its fractal organization of time allow thematic references to be interpreted across different time periods. In particular, the first L2 subperiod in a new L1 major period can be seen as a microcosmic version of what the entire major period is about because they go through the same releasing sequences. This ends up being useful for predicting what might be expected from encountering a given period, by looking back at what happened under similar sequences. When we do this for Trump, we see that in some sense Trump will be reliving the dynamics of 2011.

According to Trump’s adjusted Lot of Spirit in Aquarius, he is currently in a 20 year Gemini L1 period which started on July 8th 2010 and lasts until March 25th 2030. The Gemini L2 period which started on July 8th 2010 and ended February 28th 2012 runs through the same sequence of rulers as the L1 period, so in effect the first 20 months should bear some resemblance to later events of the 20 years. 7/8/2010-2/28/2012 is a microcosm of 7/8/2010-3/25/2030.

The reason why I’m talking about this now is that Trump is on the verge of entering a new Capricorn L2 period. This new Gemini-Capricorn period (4/16/2020-7/5/2022) is similar to his Gemini-Gemini-Capricorn period from  5/1/2011-7/8/2011. Therefore, the events of that time could have significant implications for the 2020 election. So what was Trump doing around that time? Well…

Much like Mercury’s rulership of his major period, he took on the motivations and means of Mercury – to create controversy and mischief. With his Sun and Uranus in the sign of Gemini, this also connects this time of his life to unbounded leadership aspirations. By my reckoning of his Fortune angles being mutable instead of fixed, this Gemini period would also be a peak period relative to Fortune, which would be appropriate for the time he achieved a new level of political notoriety and became President. He began the Gemini period by injecting himself into the “Ground Zero Mosque” debate in July of 2010, seemingly sensing a political opening through exploiting voters’ prejudices, especially as they projected them onto President Obama supposedly not being a “real” American, a secret Muslim born in Kenya, etc. The fact that this occurred during the first L4 periods of his 20 year Gemini period is also suggestive of the themes of this chapter in his life.

He announced to friends and supporters at a New Years Eve party in 2010 that he would run in the 2012 election. This took place under his Gemini-Gemini-Virgo period (12/15/2010 – 2/3/2011), and this was the foreshadowing of his successful 2016 run which took place under Gemini-Virgo (10/10/2015 – 6/1/2017). With Fortune in Pisces, these are all majorly angular periods. It was in that same period of early 2011 that he began making his first public pronouncements of his doubts about Obama’s birth place and the authenticity of his birth certificate.

His birther campaign continued to escalate, dominating the news cycle. It reached a new height in April 2011, which was the precise timeframe of his Sagittarius L3 period, which would be his Fortune 10th with Fortune in Pisces. The New York Times even characterized this time with the headline “Inside the Six Weeks Trump Was a Nonstop Birther”. This charade all came to a screeching halt over the course of a couple of days with a series of humiliating events that centered on the beginning of Trump’s Capricorn L3 period.

  • On April 30th 2011, Obama released his so-called “long form” birth certificate after making a special request of the Governor of Hawaii, which is what Trump and the birthers said they wanted all this time. Of course it wasn’t good enough for them, but it still deflated the balloon Trump had been blowing up this whole time.
  • On May 1st 2011, Trump was thoroughly publicly humiliated by Seth Meyers at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner

Not only did Meyers dunk on him, but Obama did it particularly forcefully and particularly well:

  • And if that wasn’t enough, the very next day Obama announced the death of Osama bin Laden which he had ordered. After all this time of Trump attempting to paint Obama as some sort of secret Muslim, Obama was able to claim some responsibility for the death of America’s enemy number one, the Islamic terrorist who masterminded the 9/11 attacks. If Obama could have done something more quintessentially “American” than that he would be flying on an eagle, firing a shotgun while eating McDonalds.

So to recap – In the course of just a few days, Obama dismantled Trump’s conspiracy theory about his birth, publicly and hilariously roasted him, and then claimed credit for killing America’s most notorious enemy. Trump could not have seemed more pathetic and small at that moment. Utterly humiliated, he officially dropped out of the race weeks later on May 16th 2011 under the sequence Gemini-Gemini-Capricorn-Aries:

One of the reasons Gemini-Capricorn would seem to be so unfortunate in Trump’s chart is because the rulers are Mercury and Saturn in Cancer in his 12th house, the house of enemies and self-undoing. And if there is any kind of pattern to how Trump is ever defeated, it’s that he loses confidence in himself and drops out by his own accord. There is a particular releasing sequence which seems to describe this “humiliation/drop out” dynamic: Capricorn-Aries.

Trump’s Capricorn-Aries “Humiliation/Drop Out” Sequence

Starting on April 16th 2020, Trump will arrive at the sequence Gemini-Capricorn-Capricorn-Capricorn. If past is prologue then those humiliating days of early May 2011 would correspond to a humiliating several months of 2020. It’s hard to imagine what form this will take except some sort of crisis in Trump’s confidence that leads him to opt out of the situation.


Under the releasing sequence Gemini-Gemini-Capricorn-Aries on May 16th 2011, Trump dropped out of the 2012 election. The next repetition of this sequence on a larger level occurs under Gemini-Capricorn-Aries, from October 5th 2020 – November 12th 2020. The 2020 election is on November 3rd 2020. This suggests that his exit in disgrace from the 2012 run for President is the foreshadowing event for the 2020 elections. Hard to spin that as a positive for Trump.

Trump’s previous encounters with the Capricorn-Aries sequence have also taken place at other times he has “dropped out” from elections.

  • Pisces-Sagittarius-Capricorn-Aries (10/21/1987 – 10/24/1987)
    October 22nd 1987:  Trump drops out of the 1988 election in a speech from a helicopter in New Hampshire. Link

Interestingly, another candidate who had to drop out of the 1988 election was Joe Biden, due to accusations of plagiarism.

  • Aries-Capricorn-Aries-Capricorn (1/24/2000 – 1/30/2000)
    October 7th 1999 – February 14th 2000: Trump’s failed Reform Party 2000 run for President, dropped out.

While he dropped out officially on February 14th 2000, he indicated on January 24th 2000 that he would quit over intraparty fighting. This date just happens to occur on a doubling up of the major and minor period involving these signs of Capricorn and Aries.

  • Gemini-Gemini-(Capricorn)-Aries (1/31/2012 – 2/3/2012)
    February 2nd 2012 – Trump quits running in 2012 AGAIN, endorses Mitt Romney.

  • This was after he had already quit on May 16th 2011! He immediately began to regret having quit. Later on in 2011 after his L3 Loosing of the Bond to Sagittarius, he decided to change his partisan affiliation to Independent, published a new book and floated an independent run for President. He was still floating this idea just days before he endorsed Mitt Romney on February 2nd 2012, officially ending the possibility of his own candidacy. Amazingly, the releasing sequence of the first time he quit the first time is identical to the second time he quit, except Capricorn is Loosed.

And yes, this sequence of Trump attempting to run again as an Independent should in theory foreshadow events around Trump in 2028.

Even when releasing from his adjusted Lot of Fortune in Pisces the Gemini-Capricorn-Aries sequence has not been good:

  • Gemini-Capricorn-Aries-Capricorn (4/11/1991 – 4/17/1991)
    April 11th 1991 – New Jersey Gaming Commission denies the renewal of Trump’s casino license in the wake of Trump’s Taj Mahal Casino’s bankruptcy. In general, the Gemini-Capricorn period releasing from Pisces coincided with his most notorious business failure: the Trump Taj Mahal. Therefore we could speculate that the Gemini-Capricorn period releasing from Aquarius will coincide with his most notorious failure in politics.

Even if you don’t accept that his Lot of Fortune should be considered to be in Pisces, if you release from his Lot of Spirit in Pisces then the period of the 2020 election was still foreshadowed by the events of 2011:

In any case I hope you can see why I would feel a bit more secure in making this kind of projection for Trump based on his Zodiacal Releasing. Get the popcorn ready, because if I’m right, it’s showtime.

21 thoughts on “Zodiacal Releasing Repetitions: Trump’s Humiliation Sequence”

  1. If Trump drops out of the 2020 elections and endorses Romney I’m going to write a ballad about you Patrick, “The tale of blessed Patrick, the Reliable Zodiacal Releaser” and celebrate

    1. Patrick Watson

      Heh. Problem is I don’t know what dropping out means in this context. Is it just because he loses? Or does he win but still drop out so that he can claim he won without having to deal with the rigmarole? Then it would be President Pence. And my prediction about Romney running a primary campaign hasn’t materialized except there were news stories saying that he had been making calls to donors inquiring about a primary run.

      1. Patrick Watson

        I’m releasing an article about Romney very soon. Romney has reached an LOB on all 3 sublevels. This is his breaking point. Anticipating some sort of move away from the GOP, registering as an independent or something.

  2. Good work.

    Exactly what prediction are you making? You talked around it a bit. Is it a cautious, safe, “we should expect to see general themes of this time similar to this time”? Or are you coming in with a stronger, more specific argument of what we should see?

    Slowing down and making a strong, clear, succinct argument on why you are reversing the lots would help–and what we should expect if you are wrong and we should not reverse the lots.

    I accepted the premise for the purposes of exploring the article, but now that I am finished, the premise needs to be revisited to fully consider any potential implications of the article.

    1. Patrick Watson

      Hey, thanks for reading and commenting.

      My prediction is that Trump will lose the 2020 election based on the recurrence of this Capricorn-Aries sequence and its relation to his previous presidential run drop outs. However, I’m not sure what dropping out would mean in this context. Before, the drop out sequences took place before the election, but this time it happens during the election. I would think this just means he loses. But what if it meant he would win the election but voluntarily drop out so that he can say he won but doesn’t have to deal with the rigmarole of being President? Then it would be President Pence.

      The interesting implication of this parallel of his Gemini L2 period is that the L2 Loosing of the Bond to Sagittarius in 2028 would mirror his L3 Loosing of the Bond to Sagittarius in late 2011 – the time he switched his partisan affiliation to Independent and made a last minute independent run for President in late 2011. If past is prologue, he’d presumably (and improbably) run for President in 2028. Only reason he could do that is if he lost in 2020.

      You are exactly right that my claims rest solely on the premise that his Lots should switch which is a massive argument to make and is impossible to make succinctly because of all the moving components and potential counterarguments one could make along the way. This is what the paper achieved. I first explained what Fortune and Spirit are supposed to be about, why ZR fails to match up with Trump’s life with the default Lots, the textual justifications for switching his Lots and the results of his ZR when switching his Lots.

      Even if you didn’t accept that his Lots should switch, one could still view these correlations through the lens of Fortune rather than Spirit but the major period would no longer be angular. Additionally the times Trump chose to drop out seem much more under the topic of Spirit rather than Fortune.

      Hope this helps,

      1. How about if he loses spectacularly this fall and then refuses to serve the rest of his term? Just walks out of the White House. Takes his ball and goes home?
        That would be just like him, the brat.

      2. Fair enough!
        How flexible is the Oct 5 time window? It’s Oct 2 as I write this and early this AM Trump was reported to come down with coronavirus.

        You probably know how I feel about C-19–a complete overblown scam and scapegoat for the already-impending global financial collapse; it’s not a coincidence major corporations are coming out far more profitable while middle-class businesses (both small business owners and those who cater to the middle class) are dead in the water. And obviously your readers / astrology at large is maybe–publically, anyway–~90% liberal-leaning. (I myself am non-partisan–both sides are completely full of shit and equally invested in both maintaining the status quo and exploiting the constituents as much as possible.)

        All of this is context to ask: how much wiggle-room is there in the Oct 5 – Nov 12 predictio ? What exactly was that prediction of–an enhancement of this April 2020 humiliation sequence? Apologies, as not everything was clear to me.

        I ask because while Modern is fuzzy and imprecise with its techniques/predictions, my understanding of Traditional is it’s far more precise and “stern” in its windows, and certainly its “orbs.” While orbs don’t seem to be pertinent here, are these Oct 2 events in line with what one would expect given your analysis, taking as much care to be as objective as possible? (To reiterate, I couldn’t care less, aside from a market perspective, who wins the election or how.)

        I know this isn’t a “PC” comment, but for me it is a necessary one given how unbalanced the “other side” is in their appeals to emotion and blatant partisanship.

        1. Hey Osiris,

          It’s precise. The releasing sequence tracks not with straight up losses, but drop-outs. Therefore my prediction is that he would “drop out” in some sense. I couldn’t figure out if it was just a loss or how it could be a drop out. The sequence fully completes in the week after the election during Gem-Cap-Ari-Cap.


          The health issue would have to show up under Fortune releasing, which I would start from Pisces rather than Aquarius. He’s not in very fortunate periods for that, although the previous iteration of it did not coincide with any health event, or any publicly reported one at least.


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  4. Based on your analysis and the current state of the country, I don’t think we will know who is President on election night. Trump is setting up the country for utter chaos surrounding the election. Given Coronavirus and governors signaling they want to move towards mail-in ballots for the election, Trump is refusing to fund the Postal Service. On election night, I think there will be millions of outstanding ballots waiting to be counted, therefore we won’t know who won on election night. However, the outstanding votes will be in heavy Democrat counties that the writing will be on the wall, therefore he will have no choice but to dropout. There won’t be a pathway to victory in the electoral college. Thoughts?

  5. Hudson Valley Astrologer

    Excellent article and research. I will need to investigate this Zodiacal Releasing technique. Your analysis fits my own observations using “past as prologue.” Love your presentation.

    All the best,


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    1. I think the only people who think this is “humiliating” for Trump are lefties. As for Tanya, well, her lefty bias is obvious. Whirney Webb was reporting back in March or so our overlords were already planning for election chaos. War game simulations being run. Has nothing to do with Trump or Biden. As always, it needs to be said: anyone who polarizes into left/right dynamics is a zombie, completely asleep at the wheel.

      Unless something dramatic happens–still a possibility, of course–I’d call this prediction an L.

      1. Trump’s bald-faced denials and epic sore-loseritis shows the degree to which he desperately wants to avoid the reality that he lost. Whether his political opponents think this is humiliating for Trump is irrelevant, it is clearly humiliating to Trump himself. Losing an election is one thing, behaving the way Trump is after having lost is a proper embarrassment, as are his supporters who also cannot accept the election outcome.

        My prediction that he would drop out was not correct, but my prediction that he would lose certainly was, and my “Humiliation” nicknaming of the sequence has turned out to be fairly appropriate.

        1. I would consider his dropping out as just after we went on lockdown, he simply stopped participating in any of the duties of President.

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