Nechepso Astrology Software Available to Pre-Order!

As you may know from my last post, I’ve been hard at work trying to bring the next gen AI-powered astrology software Nechepso to life alongside my collaborators Nick Dagan Best and John Streaker. We are getting closer everyday, and as of yesterday, Nechepso is now available to pre-order! The software will be out by the end of September 2024 at the latest. Here’s what you get when you pre-order Nechepso:

Nechepso Pre-Order

This option is only available until launch (approx. September 2024)

• Own the software outright and all future upgrades
• Get access to Nechepso beta testing program
• First access to Nechepso AI
• Verified Third House membership
• Avoid paying a monthly or annual subscription
$400 One Time Fee

If you have any trouble completing payment, reach out to me at

If the investment in owning Nechepso outright is a bit too steep for you right now, keep in mind you could use Paypal’s “Pay Later” option at checkout which allows you to make smaller payments over time. Also keep in mind that if you don’t pre-order Nechepso before the launch, you won’t have another chance to own it outright, it will be exclusively subscription only…

Nechepso Annual Subscription

This option is only available after launch

• Includes all future upgrades
• Verified Third House membership

Nechepso Monthly Subscription

This option is only available after launch

• Includes all future upgrades
• Verified Third House membership

Also keep in mind some of the awesome things Nechepso will have:

• Personal, Workspace, Research and Financial modules
• Clean, uncluttered, modern designs
• Incorporates powerful and ethically built astrological AI assistant for analysis and delineation
• Useful for many applications of astrology: natal, horary, electional, mundane, rectification
• Comprehensive collection of Hellenistic astrological techniques and time lord systems
• Options to use Modern or Traditional astrology exclusively, as well as a blended combination of Modern and Traditional methods
• Expansion to Vedic and other astrological traditions /techniques planned for future versions
• Integrates with your Third House Social account
• Available for Windows, Mac and Linux through digital download
• Privacy and Security features
• Desktop/Laptop-only for now
• Fully accessible for people with visual impairment

You can check out the demo of our AI here on YouTube as well as our followup Q&A here and our announcement of the pre-order here. If you’re still not sure if you want to pre-order yet, definitely join the Thema Mundi Technologies mailing list so you that you can stay in the loop about when we have a firm release date for Nechepso!

5 thoughts on “Nechepso Astrology Software Available to Pre-Order!”

  1. Whatdoesit Matter

    I’m trying to get back to the “demo” you did. I can’t understand why this page does not have a link to anything about the product you are selling. Why? Why!?

    Kind if kidding, but, man, if you’re going to sell something, give people a peek.

    1. Patrick Watson


      I did link to the demos at the end of the article but you make a completely reasonable point which is well taken. We’re still in active development and there isn’t a lot to look at yet aside from the AI component as we’re still working with UI/UX designers to finalize the design and we’d like to get that right before unveiling. We’ll have more screenshots and public demos of the software available soon, and the whole thing will be released by the end of September 2024, so you won’t have to wait long.


      1. Whatsitmatter

        Apologies if it seemed like a criticism. Sag with Mars Square Mercury, among other issues. It was really meant as a suggestion for improving the marketing to your benefit. If you are selling something, the purchase page might be helped by including more about the product.

    1. Patrick Watson

      Thank you so much for pre-ordering! The software will be available to download by the end of September 2024 at the latest. As a pre-ordering customer you’re eligible for beta testing the software which will be available before the official release of the software. We’ll contact you at the email address you provided when you completed the form when beta testing begins and you’ll receive a download link when the software launches officially this summer/September.

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