Join my new astrological social media site, Third House!

A new astrology-centered social media website now exists: Third House at

Like you, my enthusiasm for Twitter definitely fell off a cliff after the Great Muskening, and a suitable alternative had not yet emerged. Along with my collaborators Nick Dagan Best and John Streaker, we figured we might just have to make one ourselves. So, it exists now!

Here are some of its current and planned features:

  • Posts or “Threets”
  • Reposts or “Re-Threets”
  • Comments
  • Private messages
  • Rooms for specific topics
  • Astrology glyph keyboard built into posts for easy typing of glyphs
  • Transit ticker
  • Tarot Card of the Day
  • (Planned) Cast charts
  • (Planned) Insert charts and biwheels directly into posts
  • (Planned) Customized rooms based on your own natal chart to talk with others experiencing the same transits
  • (Planned) Astrologer directory/marketplace
  • (Planned) Ability to tip/subscribe to your favorite astrologer’s content
  • (Planned) Integration with Nechepso software‘s Personal module

Here’s what it looks like:

It still has a few issues that we’re still sorting out but it is up and functional for now. We’re rolling out tons of cool astrological features over the next few weeks and months. Check it out and follow me @pwatsonastro and over on Third House!

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