Nigel Farage, Milkshakes and Mars

Nigel Farage is one of the primary public advocates for the UK’s departure from the European Union, also known as Brexit. In other words, one of those wankers. He is the UK’s answer to insufferable terrapin-like creatures such as Mitch McConnell. He is highly disliked by everyone who can plainly see that Brexit was ill-conceived and thus far impossible to carry out, with its primary campaigners unwilling to lead or enact their own policy because of the economic damage it is virtually certain to inflict.

In any case, the reason I am writing about him today is that he was recently pelted with a  banana and salted caramel milkshake while he was spreading his diseased brand of politics in Newcastle.The story has since developed however in the past two days. Today, news has come out that he is literally trapped on a bus surrounded by people “armed” with milkshakes. So obviously we have to check out what your transits look like when you’re being threatened with frozen dairy beverages.

Luckily we have a birth time for Mr. Farage. He is 55 years old, which means that he is in an Aries 8th House annual profection. This prioritizes transits to and from Mars, as well as transits through Aries. So today, as he is surrounded by protesters armed with milkshakes, the planet Mars has recently entered Cancer, and is directly squaring his natal Mars, reflecting an acrimonious encounter:

This is especially hilarious when we consider the degree to which transits through the sign of Cancer are relevant for the history of breastfeeding, milk substitutes and nutrition, and the weapon is of all things, a milkshake! A milkshake is a pretty lame weapon and well, Mars is in its fallen sign. And that’s sort of the point, it’s something that’s just unpleasant rather than explicitly violent, but the milkshake thrower is being charged with assault. Assault! One could say that Farage’s ♫milkshake brought all the cops from Scotland Yard, you’re damn right, it wasn’t that bad, he could stop this, but he’d have to stop being an idiot.

Another way that we could probably tell that Mars transits would be especially significant for Farage at age 55 is by looking at the position of Mars at his last solar return:

His annually profected planet Mars was setting right on the Descendant of his last solar return and was just 3 degrees away from his natal Midheaven and square his natal Saturn! This simultaneously suggests that Mars in this year will make interactions with the public perilous, encountering aggression and frustration in his position of prominence, burning and scarring his reputation.

This has interesting implications for the rest of the year that he is age 55. The next big Mars event will likely be in early September 2019, when the Sun and Mars are conjunct on his Ascendant, especially because he himself was not born long after a Sun-Mars conjunction. In early October 2019, Mars completes an opposition to his natal Mars, suggesting another period of protest, but one that hits him in the wallet since Mars will be in his 2nd place. The next period would be the second half of February 2020 when Mars squares his natal Mars from Capricorn.

Luckily for Nigel Farage, he enters a Taurus 9th House annual profection before Mars reaches Aries and stays there for the next 6 and a half months! I’m not saying it won’t mean anything, but transits can only take effect if they are activated as a timelord, or rather, their significance or importance is in accord with how they are activated as timelords. In any case, while this milkshake incident will likely be a minor footnote in the history of Brexit and Farage, I think it’s not a bad example of annual profections in action and amusing enough to commemorate with this post.

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  1. Quite possibly the best example of how a fallen malefic can work in a Profected year. I wondered why milkshakes and not good old fashioned loogeys, but you have explained it excellently with a Mars in Cancer.

    I do enjoy the universe’s sense of humor.

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