Marc Penfield Is Kind Of Being A Jerk Right Now (UPDATE: Now He’s Less Of A Jerk)

UPDATE 9/27/16: Mr. Penfield has decided to release the birth time he discovered in the next ISAR online newsletter, most likely by October 3rd

Dear Mr. Penfield,

I don’t know you. You probably don’t know me. Here’s what I do know – you’re going to be making an announcement about a purported verified birth time for Hillary Clinton at ISAR. Here’s what I think of that – you’re kind of being a jerk right now. Here are the reasons why:

  • There is no reason to delay the release of this birth data. Period. Accurate birth data is a public good for astrologers over the world and an integral part of the study of astrology itself.

This can hardly be understated. Especially when the stakes are THIS. HIGH. We’re talking about the birth data of potentially the next President of the United States. We’re talking about an election just a few weeks away. We need this time yesterday. When I got the birth data for VP candidates Paul Ryan and Tim Kaine, I tried to get the information out as soon as possible. At no point did it occur to me to try to benefit myself by withholding the information an extended amount of time. That someone would try to do that, and that the someone is you…makes you kind of a jerk right now. Lois Rodden would shake her head.

  • There is even less reason for withholding this birth data from your fellow prediction panelists at ISAR.

Let’s just presume it’s reasonable for some reason to withhold it from the general public. There are going to be two panels of astrologers around the USA and the world who are making predictions about the election…so you are deliberately withholding the key piece of data that all of them would need to be able to base their predictions on accurate birth data for one of the presidential candidates? Kind of a jerk move, I gotta say. What are you trying to do? Embarrass them?

  • Releasing it in this way will cause suspicion about the legitimacy of your claim, warranted or not.

Your claims about the legitimacy of this birth time are going to be under heightened scrutiny, warranted or not. That’s what happens when you’re being kind of a jerk about it.

  • Consequently, withholding this data is an insult to your fellow astrologers, the global astrological community and actively compromises the integrity of the study of astrology itself.

You hurt astrology every day you withhold this data. What else do you call someone who does that? Kind of a jerk. Finally, Marc Penfield, you don’t have to be one. It’s quite easy in fact. You could just release it along with your sources today for public review. That’s all it would take. Don’t be a jerk.

Signed, every astrologer frustrated with the uncertainty of Hillary’s birth time since 1991.

12 thoughts on “Marc Penfield Is Kind Of Being A Jerk Right Now (UPDATE: Now He’s Less Of A Jerk)”

  1. I kind of agree: Because (a) the motives for withholding this info are very suspicious — and there may be multiple motives for more than one individual — and because (b) the purported birth time should be used — and tested — in the runup to this election. At the same time, I maintain that if we, as astrologers, want to claim astrology is a marvelous predictive tool, we should all have rectified Hillary’s chart by now so we could be working with a tool that can verify the past and look to the future. Really, since 1991 nobody has done this exercise?

  2. Well said, Patrick. It’s not quite the astrological equivalent of pharmaceutical giants withholding cures for cancer they’ve discovered, but if it quacks like a jerk, it’s a jerk.

  3. According to Mr. Penfield, the Clinton data and sources will be published in the next ISAR online newsletter (probably Monday, October 3rd).

  4. The guy is being a jerk, no question about that, I do question the legitimacy of his claim because he feels the need to pull this stunt in the first place.

  5. Nice to hear that on 3rd Oct data will be released. Watson has shown great restraint in reminding his duty to the astrological community. I equally respect Mark Penfield for advancing the release to 3rd. Whatever may be the reasons for the initial withholding plan, he did reconsider. It’s great if we can grow to be human, even if we have a few other streaks to start with. Thank you Penfield, you are doing astrology a good turn!

  6. I met Mark at a conference a handful of years ago, early aughts when Y and I were still talking … and spent a highly amusing hour or two gossiping about people we knew in common from our various perspectives … more fun than a celebrity hairdresser, he has a wicked sense of humor , and being a scorpio, he knows a lot of secrets … however, he can get a tad ‘creative’ around facts and numbers, keep your salt shaker handy.

    HRC was born within the confines of what is now Chicago’s 48th ward — exactly at 5722 North Winthrop, directly east of the noisy noisy el. I surmised from her birthdate 27OCT1947 that she was conceived 9 months prior on the Friday night in late January when Al Capone died … if Hillary had bought the then current 2008 alderwoman, Mary Ann Smith, and 9th CD Representative, Congresswoman Jan Shakowski a beer at the 48th Ward’s Green Mill Tavern she’d be finishing up her second term … clinton didn’t carry the ward in 2008, and the only reason she carried it in 2016 primary (on the ides of march no less) is because bill was in town a couple/few days, hanging chads, stealing it from bernie.

    I wrote “The Dianic Code” which was published late 90’s in American Astrology … a boutique biographical technique of rectification matching life events to progressed and conversed progressed lunations, i used the clintons’ charts, rectifying hillary’s … testing out the 8 am and pm charts and settled on 7:28 am — putting her moon conjunct her daughter’s piscean sun and fine tuning … the late leo mc of that chart progresses nicely to 0 virgo just about the time her family moved from edgewater to park ridge … her father had run for alderman of the ward (it was the 49th then) and lost, which I presume precipitated the move, and put bill’s sun close to her late leo mc and the taurus descendant ensconcing his moon … that chart looks like the clinton family foundation …

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