What Tim Kaine’s Natal Chart Says About the 2016 Election And Beyond

UPDATE: Yep, I failed to correctly predict the 2016 election outcome. Keep reading though.

Since releasing Tim Kaine’s chart, I haven’t seen anyone really dive into it yet. A lot of us are going to be seeing him in action for the first time in his vice presidential debate against Mike Pence on October 4th. I thought it would be a good time to try and understand his chart.

When I saw his chart for the first time – the first thing I was impressed by is that he has a very well placed ruler of the Ascendant. His Ascendant is in Aries, and the ruler is Mars in the Capricorn 10th, its exaltation. Pluto is currently conjunct his Mars, as it was in the weeks leading up to him getting picked as Clinton’s VP, and as it will be throughout the rest of the election. I have a few reactions to this transit alone:1bljid

  • If Hillary Clinton was born at 8 am like I suspect, then she too would have Mars ruling the Ascendant in the 10th, conjunct Pluto, a natal configuration that matches Kaine’s transit. I learned from Nick Dagan Best that you often encounter people who have natal configurations that match your personal transits. This would be a pretty good example of that.
  • This reminds me of Lyndon Johnson, who had Pluto conjoin his Mars when he was picked as Kennedy’s VP, although Mars ruled different houses in his chart.
  • Kaine will have a very interesting Mars return at the end of October before the election, and with Mars conjunct Pluto in the sky, it will also be a recurrence transit for Clinton since she was born with Mars conjunct Pluto.

Kaine is in the middle of an 11th house Aquarius profection, highlighting transits to and from Saturn, as well as transits through the sign of Aquarius. His Saturn is at 24 Sagittarius in his 9th. His Saturn Return will be exact in the week after Inauguration Day, which happens when the Sun ingresses into Aquarius. Hello VP Kaine!

Kaine’s Saturn in Sagittarius 9th is interesting for several reasons. One, he is devoutly Catholic, but heavily inspired by the Jesuit priesthood and liberation theology. Consequently, despite being Catholic, he supports many liberal positions on social and economic issues. In that sense, he has a strained relationship with his own religion.

Also, when Kaine was a young man, he volunteered to help Jesuit missionaries serve people in war-torn Honduras. He cites this period as a profound influence on his spiritual and political awakening. This is also where he learned how to speak fluent Spanish. If this isn’t all painting a perfect picture of Saturn in Sagittarius in the 9th, I don’t know what will.

There is another bit of intrigue here. Because of his affinity for South American Jesuits, he strongly identifies with Pope Francis. Pope Francis was born with the Sun at 25 Sagittarius, just a couple of degrees away from Kaine’s Saturn. Shortly after inauguration, I wonder if some issue related to Kaine’s faith comes up that involves the Pope.

But wait, there’s more.


His Lot of Fortune is in Cancer, and his Lot of Spirit is in Capricorn. Using Zodiacal Releasing from the Lot of Spirit,  that means Capricorn represented the first 27 years of his life, ruled by Saturn. Then came Aquarius representing the next 30 years, also ruled by Saturn. Back in 2014, Kaine finally entered a new major period, Pisces, ruled by Jupiter.

Oftentimes the beginning of a major period will give you a clue as to what the rest of the period will be about. On May 2nd 2014, the day before his 12 year Pisces period began, I shit you not, Kaine endorsed Hillary Clinton for President. This is remarkable because this occurred months before she had even made an official announcement that she would run, and over 2 years before the general election. Well, I’d consider that a pretty big clue!

However, without knowing that he had done that, it is not immediately clear just from the chart why this period would continue to raise his stature. After all, Pisces is cadent relative to Fortune, meaning that opportunities for acting on his own behalf are deflected away from him. It does contain his Sun and Mercury, but it doesn’t scream eminence. Unless… In the context of his whole life – the period where he served as Vice President may not ultimately end up being the thing he is most known for. Being Vice President is a prominent position, but for most of the people who have held it, it is not a position where you really have that much power. Compared to Kaine’s previous posts, this may feel like more of a vacation – a cadent period.

The Pisces period is 12 years long, so his is set to expire on March 1st 2026. On that day, he enters into a 15 year long Aries period, his Fortune 10th, and this is the biggest peak he could possibly have in his life. Many people who go into their Fortune 10th periods end up reaching great heights in their prominence in the world – including heads of state in the US, UK and Canada as far as I’ve looked into. Just from looking at this, we’d have to say that should he continue living a full lifespan, whatever happens in the next 10 years is not the biggest story of his life. There are only a few things bigger than being Vice President.

In 2026, he would be 68. The next general election would be in 2028, at the age of 70. This isn’t completely out of the question, since the current presidential candidates are around this age. It’s interesting to think about the different scenarios that would have to unfold for Tim Kaine to become President in 2028, but judging purely from these periods, that’s what this technique suggests.


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