Goes Live! is now live! The files transferred onto the new domain at 2:40 am on November 20th 2018 in Phoenix, AZ.

I went back and forth a lot over how or if I would continue with the Big Fat Astro moniker, and I’ve finally decided to reclaim my own name for the purposes of professionalizing my practice of astrology. However I just have too much fun with the idea of Big Fat Astro, so I’m keeping it at least for the name of my blog and vlog, BigFatAstroBlog and BigFatAstroVlog respectively. As for itself, once everything is ready it will start to redirect to my new home here on the web!

Originally I had planned on using this election just for my standalone wedding electional service over at But I had enough in place to make it happen for this one too. I was actually hoping to get Venus closer to the Ascendant, but I didn’t know how long it would take for the domain to switch, so I started when Libra started rising and hoped it would be finished within 2 hours. Turns out it took about 2 minutes. So, early Libra rising it is!

Luckily it’s still a pretty kickass chart, with Venus in its own sign ruling the Ascendant in a nocturnal chart, with the Moon ruling the 10th and applying from the 7th. I’m hoping the site gets plenty of buzz, traffic, fans AND CLIENTS. There are also some nifty financial considerations in this chart, and hey, an astrologer’s gotta eat. Some of those include the ruler of the 11th in the 2nd, the ruler of the 2nd getting a superior square from Jupiter, ruler of the 8th  in the 1st (usually only a good thing in the context of Venus, one hopes).

I got a lot of big things planned over the next few months, including courses and webinars. You know how I never quite got around to doing videos about the 12 Different Types of Ascendants? I came up with something way cooler to present all that information and research than just videos so don’t feel too let down!

Thanks for sticking with me guys, I’ll have some new #hotpieceofastro ready for you soon!


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