Tim Kaine’s Birth Time Discovered

I got Tim Kaine’s birth time! ‘Who dat be?’ you ask. Well, he be a US Senator from Virginia, former Virginia governor and former chairman of the DNC. So, y’know, a slouch. He’s the guy who looks like a jolly uncle version of Joe McCarthy if he had gotten the Ted Cruz botoxed out of his face. Or if two caterpillars did battle on Dilbert’s boss’s horn-haired face. My pop culture references are all over the place. Anyway, you may not have heard of him yet, but he may be just about to become pretty big in the news. Like, Clinton-Kaine 2016 big. Luckily for us, Tim Kaine was born in Minnesota, and Minnesota is a cool state for astrologers looking for birth times.

According to an uncertified copy of his birth certificate from the Minnesota Department of Health, Tim Kaine was born at 7:59 AM on February 26th, 1958 in St. Paul, Minnesota.


I know, I know, it’s an Astrodienst chart. I would have put up a Solar Fire chart with whole sign houses but I’m in between moves and I don’t have access to any of my programs and DEAL WITH IT.

The fact that the time was not rounded up to 8 am gives me some reassurance that the time is precise, and luckily the Ascendant and Midheaven are not terribly close to any sign boundaries. I just got this time so I have not yet applied Zodiacal Releasing from the Lot of Spirit to his chart as I have for Clinton and Trump. However, something that immediately impressed me is that Kaine’s Ascendant in Aries is ruled by Mars in Capricorn in the 10th. Powerful role in the chart, powerfully placed by house and sign. Someone like that would be dogged, driven, aggressive, ambitious, wily, scrappy, tenacious.

Even more eyebrow-raising is that Kaine is currently experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime transit to his Mars, a conjunction from Pluto. As the ruler of his Ascendant, one would expect this time to stand out for him, as a public period of unparalleled courage and boldness in his life. If he were selected as Clinton’s VP, one of his main roles would be as an attack dog against Trump, in which case he would likely provide good examples of this transit in action. Especially at the Mars-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn around October 19th 2016, the date of the final presidential debate.

Come to think of it, there is someone else who was born with Mars ruling their Ascendant in the 10th conjunct Pluto… Can you guess who?


Do you think Clinton will pick Kaine as her running mate? Feel free to comment below with a hateful diatribe full of fallacies and outright falsehoods while frothing at the mouth!*


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  1. Thank you — ran the chart myself. Could be a viable VP pick, or some other post. Saturn ruler of MC Returning – and rising — Pluto transiting Mars and Uranus transiting 1st House. Jupiter transiting into the 7th. He’s hot stuff right now.
    Jacqueline Lichtenberg
    Tim Kaine was born at 7:59 AM on February 26th, 1958 in St. Paul, Minnesota

    1. Patrick Watson

      That’s a great point about his Saturn – it’s 1 degree away from the exact return on January 20th 2017!

  2. Astrodienst does Whole Sign Houses now. Just look in the Extended Options. And, please pick Descending Node option. Now if we can just get them to put in the IC indicator.

    1. Patrick Watson

      Aw shucks. It’s a bit weird I got Paul Ryan’s birth time last time, and then I got Tim Kaine’s this time…

    1. Patrick
      Thanks for posting his BC !!
      Whole sign charts do
      Not reflect interceptions which are very important especially when doing progressions.
      PS who cares what Astrodienst does other than give good birth chart info?

      1. HOw about obtaining Hillary BC? She was actually born in Park a Ridge Illinois not Chicago
        That changed MC and Asc. Would be meaningful if she was 29 gemi rising as some charts indicate. pm chart indicates . I think the 8:02 pm chart
        zero cancer riding. Not near a computer at this time.

  3. I’m working from Astrodienst chart too.
    I was interested in the Quintiles….fits his profile.life work, esp. His work w Jesuites. He has deep spiritual aspirations, enthusiastic character & teamwork as talents & strengths.
    He’s water-mutable which matches profile. Chart looks plausible. Current transits appear to support his political opportunity, tho’ the mutability profile indicates he’s malleable & would be committed easily in a number of endeavours, not necessarily politics.
    I still have Sec. Prog. & Solar Arc charts to fill in any predictions for success in this role he’s decided to pursue. I want to check out your assessments of “honesty” etc. a water-mutable person might well capitalize on an opportunity, but not be as sinister as you commented. I’ll work on Kaine’s chart some more & study his history timelines.
    Thanks for your post.

    1. Seems the spirituality comes from his n. Sun/Mercury in the 12th house in Pisces…? Trine Jupiter, NN, Neptune in Scorpio in the 7th, he thinks he’s honest, and can spin a tale, all while masking his sting. And Venus in Aquarius in the 11th opposite Uranus in Leo, hmmm, some surprises in store.

  4. Sorry, prob the wrong area, but what is the big deal about whole sign houses? And Astrodienst has offered the option of whole sign houses for YEARS now.

    1. Patrick Watson

      It’s been a long time since I’ve had to use astro.com charts and I was in a rush to post the chart. WSH are bomb.

  5. His n. Mars is septile, 51*, n. Sun. If the septile is a fated aspect, then we would look to the 51st Year for some emphatic experience. Caine became DNC head in 2009, appointed by Obama. This put him in line for veep nominee.

  6. Andries H. Cats

    Tim Kaine running mate Hillary D. Clinton.

    Birthtime 7h59m am rectified as 7h58m38s am.

    Progressive aspects according the Gieles minus 1 system and transits.

    1-Jul-2016 009°,57’11 Cancer Moon 90 Black Moon
    7-Jul-2016 028°,43’59 Pisces C-11 120 AR08
    23-Jul-2016 028°,47’23 Pisces C-11 * SCHEAT (MARS – MERC )
    26-Jul-2016 012°,13’05 Taurus C-12 60 Black Sun

    25-Aug-2016 014°,20’19 Cancer C–2 * CANOPUS (SAT – JUP )
    26-Aug-2016 011°,55’26 Cancer Moon 135 mutual MC
    28-Aug-2016 011°,59’52 Cancer Moon 30 C–3

    1-Sep-2016 004°,23’20 Taurus Sun 180 Drac
    2-Sep-2016 +12°,59’07 Sun # Drac
    3-Sep-2016 012°,13’05 Cancer Moon 0 Black Sun
    7-Sep-2016 012°,22’19 Cancer Moon 60 mutual C-12
    7-Sep-2016 025°,08’30 Gemini Asc 120 AR09
    15-Sep-2016 026°,58’48 Leo IC * ADHAFERA (SAT – MERC )
    20-Sep-2016 025°,10’26 Sagittarius Desc * ACULEUS (MARS – MOON )
    23-Sep-2016 012°,56’01 Cancer Moon 120 AR11
    23-Sep-2016 014°,24’19 Capricorn C–8 * MANUBRIUM (SUN – MARS )

    9-Oct-2016 013°,30’16 Cancer Moon * SIRIUS (JUP – MARS )
    12-Oct-2016 013°,36’37 Cancer Moon 135 mutual Mars
    15-Oct-2016 013°,43’59 Cancer Moon 135 AR08

    1-Nov-2016 018°,57’22 Pisces Ven 30 Chiron
    1-Nov-2016 014°,20’19 Cancer Moon * CANOPUS (SAT – JUP )
    6-Nov-2016 014°,30’25 Cancer Moon 0 mutual C–2
    16-Nov-2016 014°,50’51 Cancer Moon 45 mutual Plu

    3-Dec-2016 025°,21’55 Sagittarius Sat 180 mutual Asc
    8-Dec-2016 004°,39’01 Taurus Sun 180 Nep
    9-Dec-2016 027°,13’05 Aquarius MC 135 Black Sun
    12-Dec-2016 028°,43’59 Aquarius Mars 90 AR08
    15-Dec-2016 015°,54’46 Cancer Moon 45 Plu
    29-Dec-2016 016°,23’25 Cancer Moon 180 Mars

    5-Jan-2017 016°,38’24 Cancer Moon 60 C–2
    11-Jan-2017 004°,44’23 Taurus Sun 30 Asc
    14-Jan-2017 027°,19’10 Leo IC * AL JABHAH (SAT – MERC )

    Inauguration Hillary D. Rodham Clinton?:

    20-Jan-2017 023°,28’36 Sagittarius Sat 135 Ura transit

    20-Jan-2017 024°,35’03 Pisces Mars 90 Sat transit

    Astrologische voorspelling: Hillary wint de verkiezing op 8 november 2016 en wordt op 20

    januari 2017 ingehuldigd als eerste vrouwelijke president van de USA.

    Horoscope Hillary D. Clinton.

    8h 02m am rectified as 8h 01m 53s.

    Mercurius is ruler MC.

    Progressive aspect announcing candidacy:

    12-Apr-2015 008°,04’08 Virgo Moon 120 mutual Merc

    Transit Democratic convention:

    28-Jul-2016 021°,23’49 Virgo Jup 60 Merc transit

    Progressieve aspect Inauguration:

    20-Jan-2017 021°,23’49 Capricorn Asc 60 Merc

  7. This man with Sun in Pisces 12th is never going to the White House. Pluto conjunct Mars in the 10th is political murder.
    I have Mars Cap and when it was exact someone pointed a gun at me in an alley in the dark on my way to work. The week before the police shot a man in this alley behind my house and let him bleed out for hours.
    Mars/Pluto=Murder, danger, loss.

    1. Hi Kim,

      GW Bush had Sun in Cancer 12th and he was President. And yes, the Mars-Pluto conjunction certainly has a dangerous element surrounding it, although LBJ experienced the transit when he was selected as JFK’s VP, and he wasn’t the one who died. We will get a good look at this aspect when Mars is in Capricorn conjunct Pluto in late October.

      1. No, Mars-Pluto alone would not worry me– but Mars-Pluto with Saturn…in Leo? Square Venus in Scorpio Conj South Node, and Square North Node Conj Algol? Um, yeah, that’s a different story. That worries me.

    2. Sun in the 12th doesn’t mean you won’t make it to the POTUS, but it may mean your soul purpose would be better served elsewhere than right out in front of the entire nation on a regular basis! It’s hardly a natural fit. As it was, GWB was mercilessly picked on for his public image, and he left office with a very low ratings. I always thought “be careful what you wish for” applied to GWB– he wanted the POTUS so bad, he stole it, and then look what he got, one of the hardest presidencies you could ever wish for– who would want 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina on their watch? Gore might have been thanking him, in the end.

    1. Yes, let’s talk about HRC’s Scorpio-Leo cluster-you-know-what (which I happen to find *terrifying*)!! Also, in the mix, is HRC’s Saturn square her North Node–Algol Conj (opposite Venus, Mercury Jupiter). Not only a cluster-you-know-what but also a T-Square– and the USA’s Moon in Aquarius falls into a grand square in synastry with this T-Square. I can’t imagine that’s good.

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  9. Relocate Kaine’s chart to the White House and you get Mars within a degree of the MC.

    Eclipses of civil unrest? War?

    I make my measurements in right ascension.

    Feb 10 2017, Appulse Lunar Eclipse
    Eclipse Mars conjunct prog Sibly Asc
    Eclipse Saturn square prog Sibly Neptune
    Eclipse Neptune conjunct prog Sibly Sun
    Eclipse Pluto square prog Sibly Mars

    Feb 26 2017, Solar Annular Eclipse – Mars conjunct Uranus

    Aug 7 2017, Partial Lunar Eclipse – Saturn opposite Sibly Mars, square Sibly Neptune

    Aug 21 2017, Solar Total Eclipse – Saturn stations opposite Sibly Mars, square Sibly Neptune; in the geographic center of the 50 states Mars is conjunct the MC, in the geographic center of the 48 contiguous states the eclipse is on the MC of the eclipse chart opposite the Sibly Moon (the people?) on the IC.

    Tim Kaine MC at the White House 288°37′ – Transit Pluto conjunct Jan 11, 2017, Aug 17, 2017 – 4 days before eclipse spans the U.S., (transit Saturn opposite Sibly Mars 2 minute orb), Oct 31, 2017, Saturn return, transit Pluto conjunct MC. When Pluto is on Kaine’s MC on Aug 17 Uranus is on his Asc. Right ascension of natal MC at the White House 288°37′. Transit Pluto at noon 288°37′. Transit Uranus rises at 288°09′. Fireworks!

    Also from the Aug 21 eclipse chart:

    Transit Mars conjunct Hillary’s natal Saturn.

    Transit Pluto will be square the White House chart’s MC.

    Transit Mars will be conjunct the Capitol Building charts Mars.

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