Overcombing and Hilling Rays: 2016 US Election Prediction

UPDATE: Yep, I failed to correctly predict the 2016 election outcome. Keep reading though.

Welp. We’re finally here. The lights are dimming, letting everyone know to come to their seats because the show is about to start. Obama is outtie, and the job is now up to Hillary “Whoop-De-Doo” Clinton or Donald “You Gotta Be Fucking Kidding Me” Trump. Let the unmanageable dumpster fire commence.

I have mixed feelings about predicting elections. On the one hand, I believe in the principle of democratic elections, and while money, media manipulation and party structures in politics serve to subvert the popular will, astrology suggests we are even less free than we think we are on a more fundamental level. If elections are already sewn up in the stars, what’s the point in voting? Although predictions from other disciplines like political science, economics and statistics are essentially using the same presumption; elections can be predicted from various phenomena. Maybe then, elections are not fated as much as we’re fated to vote. So I’mma do it anyway.

For this prediction I am using the same technique that I used for my prediction about the 2012 election, the Hellenistic-era procedure of Zodiacal Releasing from the Lot of Spirit. It’s complicated to explain in all of its nuances, but it essentially organizes a life into periods governed by particular planets. The candidate with the best/most prominent/least worst periods at the time of the election wins, presumably. I explained the procedure in greater detail with a few examples here.

The quality of these periods can be judged by a sign’s angularity to the Lot of Fortune, the planet ruling the sign and its aspects, planets present within the sign, and planets that make aspects into the sign, especially oppositions and squares. And it’s that last point that I’m finding to be crucial to making a prediction for this year. Aspects can either be superior or inferior. A planet is in superior position if it is in a 9th, 10th or 11th house-relationship to another planet. A planet is in inferior position if it is in a 3rd, 4th or 5th house-relationship to another planet. For example, Jupiter in Virgo is in superior position to Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn in Sagittarius is in inferior position to Jupiter in Virgo.

Hellenistic astrologers say a planet in a superior square “overcomes” or, erm, “trumps” the planet in inferior position. The planet making an inferior square is said to be “hurling rays” at the planet in superior position. I think the modern equivalent of this would be “throwing shade”. Essentially, the planet in inferior position makes life difficult for the planet in superior position, but the planet in superior position overcomes it. Let’s all take a moment to appreciate the title of this article now. AAAAAHH.

Hillary Clinton

I have outlined the reasons why I suspect Hillary Rodham was born at 8 am rather than 8 pm here. Everything I’m about to say about her chart relies on this deduction, which at this time is unfortunately circumspect. Take a moment to cleanse your palate for this abnormally large grain of salt you’ll have to take this with. Okay. Here we go.

At 8 am, Hillary’s chart is striking, featuring a mutual reception between angular Sun and Mars in the 1st and 10th with angular trigon lords, all classic indicators of an eminent individual, all strongly suggesting character traits of toughness and boldness. With Mercury retrograde in Scorpio conjunct the Ascendant square Saturn, this suggests her reputation of having a stilted delivery and presentation, and the accusations of dishonesty and corruption.  Also not hard to miss is the presence of Mars, Saturn and Pluto in her Leo 10th house of ambition and career. This chart is her.

Hillary was born with the Lot of Fortune in Aries and her Lot of Spirit in Cancer. The ruler of her Spirit is her Moon in Pisces, which describes the guiding principle of action in her life: gathering people around herself to get her where she needs to go. This could be applied cynically to her husband, but it also applies to her “listening tours”, her close knit circle of friends and advisers in ‘Hillaryland’, her quiet and earnest time in the Senate spent building relationships with Republicans, and her corralling of virtually the entire Democratic establishment behind her.

  • The mutable periods will be less prominent due to their cadency to Fortune, but they will also describe the interims of many ventures in her life. They will also be fairly positive, due to the Moon, Jupiter and Uranus in mutable signs.
  • The cardinal signs will be the most prominent due to their angularity to Fortune, and they will describe climaxes to different narratives in her life.
  • The fixed signs will be somewhat prominent due to their succedency to Fortune, and they’ll present consequences to the climaxes in her life. These promise to be varied and difficult, due to the presence of the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn and Pluto in fixed signs. Leo and Scorpio should be the most difficult signs because the malefics are in Leo and in superior position to Scorpio, ruled by Mars. Taurus and Aquarius should be easier because the malefics are in inferior position to Taurus, and Venus and Jupiter are in superior position to Aquarius.

Cancer, October 26th 1947 – June 16th 1972

She started life off with a 25-year Cancer period. It’s ruled by her Moon in Pisces, signifying that she was motivated to act by bringing others to herself. Only Neptune in Libra is making an inferior square to Cancer. It is angular to Fortune, which indicates that her actions are well-supported. Even from the earliest age, young Hillary stood out in school as smart, curious, ambitious, political, philosophical and spiritual. Cancer is her Fortune 4th, which concerns one’s home,  parents, foundations and private life. After the Loosing of the Bond to Capricorn, her Fortune 10th, she found success at Wellesley College, and her politics switched from that of her father’s to the revolutionary and activist currents of her generation.

Leo, June 16th 1972 – March 9th 1991

Next she entered her 19-year Leo period. It’s ruled by her Sun in Scorpio, but overcome by the malefics in superior position. Similarly, she desperately wanted to shine in her own political career, but in her marriage to Bill and moving to Arkansas, she was constrained by the expectations and limitations of being the Governor’s wife. Her Sun, her identity, was sublimated in service of someone else’s ambitions. Guess what sign Bill has his Sun in?

Virgo, March 9th 1991 -November 24th 2010

Next she entered her 20-year Virgo period. Freed from the bonds of Leo, she had a lot more wiggle room and potential for ups and downs with Mercury as the ruler. The Virgo period began just a few short months before Bill announced his run for President, and Hillary became known as an unconventional and controversial First Lady. She was elected Senator under Virgo-Pisces in 2000, and then became Secretary of State under Virgo-(Pisces) in 2008. While Virgo as a mutable sign would normally be less prominent due to its cadency to Fortune, she was born with the MC in Virgo, lending prominence to what is otherwise just a ramp to the events at the angle, Libra.

Libra, November 24th 2010 – October 13th 2018

She entered her 8-year Libra period in the second year of her tenure as Secretary of State. Shortly after it began, she announced that she would not continue the job after the 2012 election, regardless of the outcome. This shows that her mind was already elsewhere: The White House. Libra is angular to Fortune, meaning that the actions she is taking at this time will be considered the most significant and consequential in the context of her life. Libra is her Fortune 7th, concerning partnerships. Under Leo-Libra, she married Bill Clinton. Under Virgo-Libra, she officially became First Lady when Bill was inaugurated President. Now with Libra on the major level, it’s hard not to be tempted to see this as the next step in this evolution, becoming Madam President herself. Provided that Bill Clinton’s Lot of Fortune is actually in Cancer, he would also be in a peak period at the time that he would become First Gentleman.

Election Night

On November 8th 2016, Clinton’s periods read out Libra-Aquarius-Leo-Cancer, just 3 days from a Loosing of the Bond to Aquarius on the 4th level. Part of my prediction regarding her 2016 run centered around the recurrence of Aquarius/Leo periods at important junctures of her political life. Leo as we know, is one of her most difficult periods, because the malefics are present in Leo, and the ruler is the Sun, being overcome by the malefics. Aquarius is also difficult because it’s in opposition to the malefics, but the dynamics are different because Saturn rules the period, and Venus and Jupiter are in superior position. In Leo periods loosing to Aquarius on sub-levels, she is the Sun overcome by Saturn. In Aquarius periods loosing to Leo on sub-levels, she is Saturn overcoming the Sun. In the Leo periods, she starts off strong, but ends up losing. In Aquarius periods, she starts off weakened, but somehow manages to pull it off. To demonstrate this principle in action through her life, here are all the Leo and Aquarius sub-periods from Clinton’s life so far.

Cancer-Aquarius, March 2nd 1958-August 18th 1960

Clinton wrote in Living History that she was elected co-captain of the safety patrol in 6th grade (’59-’60), a kind of glorified hall monitor position. As absurd as it would seem to include this as a clue toward her future ambitions, it was apparently significant enough for Hillary to include in her memoir at all. She mentions that it was considered a “big deal” at her school, and that it provided her “first lesson in the strange ways some people respond to electoral politics”. The pattern starts.

Cancer-(Aquarius), May 14th 1967-October 30th 1969

As a Loosed repetition of the previous Cancer-Aquarius period, it should be like a magnified version of the events of 1958-1960. In February of 1968, Hillary was elected president of the student government at Wellesley College, under Cancer-(Aquarius)-Leo. On May 31st 1969, Hillary was selected to be the first student commencement speaker, in which she veered off her prepared remarks to rebuke the Senator who had just spoken before her and delivered an eloquent and stirring speech which attracted national attention. It was in this time that the possibility of her being the first female President was first uttered by her peers.

Leo-Leo, June 16th 1972-January 7th 1974

At the outset of this period, Hillary already had a bright political future ahead of her, with political operatives begging her to come to Washington DC. On November 3rd 1973, Hillary found out she failed the DC bar exam. Carl Bernstein writes in Woman in Charge: “For the first time in her life she had flamed out – spectacularly, given the expectation of others for her, and even more so her own.” Meanwhile she kept getting nagged about moving to Arkansas by a certain William Jefferson Clinton. On a lark, she took the Arkansas bar exam, and passed. She took this as a sign that she should go to Arkansas with him, deferring her own dreams and talents in the service of his. This was not just a characteristic of the 19-month Leo sub-period, but also of the entire 19-year Leo major period.

Leo-Aquarius, October 2nd 1980-March 21st 1983

In November 1980, Bill was beaten in his re-election bid for Arkansas Governor. He was a mess. In this period, Hillary took control and single-handedly directed his comeback campaign, and he was successfully re-elected in November 1982. Note that this happened under a Leo major period, so while it was still a success for Hillary, it was in the context of the Leo major period where she had to sublimate her own ambitions in the service of her husband.

Leo-(Aquarius), October 15th 1989-March 9th 1991

Bill was struggling with the decision of whether to run again for Governor of Arkansas in 1990, weighing a potential bid for President in 1992. Hillary floated the idea of running for Governor herself. Due to poor polling, she decided not to run. The magnified version of leading Bill’s comeback campaign for Governor was laying the groundwork for leading an even bigger campaign for Bill – for President.

Virgo-Aquarius, December 2nd 1997-May 20th 2000

Now out of the Leo major period, the Aquarius sub-periods could again serve Hillary’s interests directly instead of her husband’s. This period encapsulated arguably one of the worst periods in Hillary’s life – the Lewinsky scandal. But just as in all of her Aquarius periods so far, it started off hard, and ended up well. By the end of this period, Hillary formally announced her campaign for Senator of New York on February 7th 2000, under Virgo-Aquarius-(Aquarius).

Virgo-Leo, December 15th 2006-July 7th 2008

On January 20th 2007, Hillary announced her run for President. She was the prohibitive frontrunner. Unlike the Aquarius periods, her Leo periods start off really well and end up turning out badly. That is exactly what happened, as her lead was gradually overcome by Barack Obama’s insurgent campaign. She conceded on June 7th 2008 under Virgo-Leo-Aquarius. She was the Sun in Scorpio, overcome by Saturn in Leo. Guess who has his Sun in Leo?

This guy.

Libra-Aquarius, December 28th 2015-June 15th 2018

At the beginning of this period, Hillary was still the frontrunner, but she was locked in a tightening contest with Bernie Sanders. Unlike the Leo periods, her Aquarius periods start off seeming impossible, but somehow she manages to eke out a victory. This time, she’s Saturn overcoming the Sun. On the night of the election, she’s heading toward this same sequence which has heralded her success in other hard-fought campaigns, Libra-Aquarius-Leo. In fact,this is probably most comparable to her Cancer-Aquarius periods where she was elected president of the Wellesley student government, because the major period is angular to Fortune. On inauguration day, she experiences Libra-Aquarius-Libra-Aquarius, an amazing doubling of the top two levels on the bottom two levels. And that’s how you get a female prez.

Even if it’s looking good for Clinton so far, we have to rule out the elephant in the room to confirm that there’s a winner and a loser…

Donald Trump

One of the most striking features of Donald Trump‘s chart is that he was born at the hour of a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius. The Sun in Gemini rules his Leo 1st, and the Moon in Sagittarius rules his Cancer 12th, so while he encounters considerable opposition from his enemies, they are “eclipsed”, weakened, shut out. This is a testament to Donald Trump’s continued success and seeming imperviousness despite having (and making) many enemies. As a result of his Sun-Moon opposition, his Lots of Fortune and Spirit are found near the Descendant, in Aquarius and Pisces respectively. The ruler of his Lot of Spirit is Jupiter in Libra, which describes the guiding principles of action in his life: being the best, most successful, ever-expansive and ultimately when faced with calamity, to strike a fair bargain.

  • The cardinal signs will be less prominent due to their cadency to Fortune, and they’ll be more of a mixture of good and bad, due to Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn being present in cardinal signs. They’ll present the interims of many ventures in his life.
  • The fixed signs will be most prominent due to angularity to Fortune but also the most perilous due to Mars in Leo. They’ll present the climaxes to different narratives in his life.
  • The mutable signs will be somewhat prominent due to their succedency to Fortune, and they’ll present the consequences to the climaxes in his life. However, they should still be extremely important due to his Sun-Moon opposition/lunar eclipse in mutable signs. Interestingly, neither the malefics or benefics are in angular positions to the mutable signs.

Pisces, June 14th 1946-April 12th 1958

He started life out with a 12-year period in Pisces. It’s ruled by his Jupiter in Libra, signifying that his motivations for action centered around being the best, biggest and most successful. His eclipsed Moon is in superior position to Pisces, and his Sun is in inferior position to Pisces. Pisces is his Fortune 2nd, which concerns matters of wealth and possessions. In this time, Trump was more or less a nuisance and a menace in elementary school to students and teachers alike, behaviors enabled by the privilege of his parents’ wealth. He was sent to detention so often, that his classmates began to call it “getting a DT”. He was nearly expelled for punching a teacher sometime between September 1953 and May 1954 (under a Leo subperiod, containing his Mars of course). The punishments by his teachers were always tempered by the fact that his wealthy and powerful father sat on the school’s governing board. Essentially, he was always at odds with the standards expected of him by his immediate community of teachers and classmates, just as the eclipsed Moon is in superior position to Pisces. On the other hand, his father’s intercession resembled the Sun’s inferior square to the sign of Pisces, but it would not always hold up.

Aries, April 12th 1958 – January 23rd 1973

Next he entered a 15 year Aries period. It’s ruled by his Mars in Leo, signifying that he was motivated to act boldly, through struggle, competition and risk. Mercury, Venus and Saturn are in inferior position to Aries, while Jupiter in Libra opposes. Aries is his Fortune 3rd which concerns siblings, early education, and being away from home. In this time, Trump’s continued bad behavior in school and his father’s discovery of his switchblade led to his removal from school and was sent to a military academy in the fall of 1959. While he struggled at first, he was whipped into shape, and thrived in the competitive environment. After military school, he apprenticed with his father and got an up-close-and-personal education of the rough-and-tumble business of real estate. Aries is cadent to Fortune, which indicates that this was not necessarily a prominent time, but a preparatory phase for the events of the coming angle, Taurus.

Taurus, January 23rd 1973-December 12th 1980

Next he entered an 8 year Taurus period. It’s ruled by his Venus in Cancer, which signified that he was motivated by the desire to beautify. Taurus is his Fortune 4th which concerns homes and foundations, and it was real estate properties that Trump wanted to buy up, rebuild, renovate and beautify. And of course, because Venus is conjunct Saturn, he rented them out for ever-escalating prices. Taurus is angular to Fortune, and so this time represented a very big peak in Trump’s life, although Mars was hurling an inferior square to the period. It was in 1973 that Trump set his sights on the Manhattan real estate market which truly launched him into a prominent place in society. His acquisition of properties and his plans for them rankled the city and competing developers, but he was able to overcome bureaucratic obstacles through his father’s connections and savvy use of the media. He and his father were also sued by the DOJ for violating the Fair Housing Act by discriminating against prospective black tenants. They ended up settling without admitting wrongdoing.

Gemini, December 12th 1980 – August 29th 2000

Next he entered a 20 year Gemini period. It’s ruled by his Mercury in Cancer, which signified that he was motivated to act by being well, Mercurial. Along with the Sun and Uranus in Gemini, he became a kind of celebrity, a business wunderkind, but with the eclipsed Moon in Sagittarius opposing the period, he wasn’t liked by everyone, especially his tenants. He gave many interviews on television, did cameos in movies and eventually became tabloid fodder. He heavily promoted his book The Art of the Deal, a guide to negotiating and bargaining in business, which might as well be called How to Mercury. Gemini is his Fortune 5th which concerns expenditures and investments, and in the latter half of this period he got into debt and experienced several failed business ventures. Gemini is succedent to Fortune, and refers back to the events of the angle, Taurus. In this case, the success of the Gemini period was largely built on the foundation established at the Taurus period, when Trump set his sights on Manhattan real estate.

Cancer, August 29th 2000-April 20th 2025

He is currently in the middle of a 25 year Cancer period. It’s ruled by his eclipsed Moon in Sagittarius, which signifies that he’s motivated to act by bringing others to himself, to create his own communities, “eclipsed” as they may be. It is in this time period that he sought the public as viewers and voters, reinventing himself as a reality TV star and in waging his current run for President. Cancer is his Fortune 6th which concerns service and employment, and that was pretty much the topic of his TV show The Apprentice: a competition where contestants competed against each other to get hired for a job.  The 6th is also associated with public enemies, which is interesting because Trump’s campaign under this major period has had such a sharp focus on perceived enemies of the US, such as Muslim and Hispanic Americans, immigrants and refugees.

At first glance, it’s hard to appreciate why Cancer would be such a prominent period for him since it is cadent to Fortune. It’s worth considering that in Cancer he has Mercury and Saturn, the primary and secondary trigon lords of his sect light. When the trigon lords are contacted on a major level, that could raise one’s esteem, since they are the planets that support the sect light, his Sun. It’s additionally helped by Venus being present in the sign, and Jupiter casting an inferior square to Libra. And importantly, Cancer is in aversion to Leo, where he has his more problematic Mars. The cadency to Fortune suggests that this time is a preparatory phase rather than a time for action, an interim period in the context of his whole life rather than the main point. This 25-year period is not the main event, but a windup toward something else, his Leo major period, containing his Mars.

Election Night

On November 8th 2016, Trump’s periods read out: Cancer-Gemini-Virgo-Pisces. Notice the 3 lower levels are the mutable signs. We know this has something to do with his Sun and Moon. We’ll have to look back earlier in his life to see what happened when he has experienced this sequence of mutable signs before. The closest we can get to a pure example is to see what happened under the sequence Gemini-Virgo-Pisces within the different contexts of each major period.

Pisces-Gemini-Virgo-Pisces, October 28th-October 31st 1949

We would have to ask Trump what Halloween was like at 3 years old. This would be impossible to figure out.

Aries-Gemini-Virgo-Pisces, September 1st 1960-September 4th 1960

This would have been at the very beginning of his freshman year of high school at New York military academy. There are some stories out there about his time in high school, but nothing for this particular time has been published.

Taurus-Gemini-Virgo-Pisces, March 21st-24th 1974

In March 1974, Trump was forced to give a deposition in court in response to the Department of Justice’s charges against him for systematic discrimination against  prospective black tenants. We do not have the precise date of this deposition, but I think it is interesting in itself that this target date is so close to such a narrow window of time when Donald Trump was so conspicuously vulnerable. He ended up settling the case by consent decree without formally admitting wrongdoing. He called it a win, but the end result was that the government forced him to change his practices so that he was in compliance with the Federal Housing Act.

Gemini-Virgo-Pisces-Pisces, December 21st 1986-January 20th 1987

This is probably the best example, since Gemini is the major period in this case. On December 21st 1986, the New York Times reported that a 5 year long legal struggle had finally ended when Trump reached a settlement with the tenants of 100 Central Park South whom had refused to be evicted from their apartments. It was one of the few times in Trump’s life that the people took on Trump and won.

“As far as the tenants are concerned, Mr. Trump lost that contest.

“Oh, absolutely, we won,” said Ms. Rubinstein, sitting in the one-bedroom apartment where she still lives. “He wanted this whole corner to be one big Trump building.”

But Mr. Trump refuses to admit defeat…Mr. Trump would never realize his vision for the project. But in a sense, his defeat had been a victory, as he claimed. Even as the tenants were refusing to budge, preventing any demolition or construction, the value of the property was soaring along with the rest of New York City’s real estate market in the 1980s.”

Tenants Thwarted Donald Trump’s Central Park Real Estate Ambitions, New York Times

He purchased 100 Central Park South in July 1980, and for at least part of July, his periods read out Gemini-Gemini-Virgo-Virgo, a fairly close repetition of Cancer-Gemini-Gemini-Virgo, when Trump unofficially clinched the nomination. In other words, his ZR periods at the time he bought 100 Central Park South are very similar to the time that he clinched the GOP nomination, and his ZR periods for settling with the tenants are very similar to election night. He will attempt to claim victory, even if it is anything but.

The features of Trump’s chart that you’d expect to be vulnerabilities aren’t really fatal flaws. He does and says things that would ruin most people, but for some reason it just doesn’t affect him the same way. What seems to be happening in each of these instances is that this sequence affords Trump’s eclipsed Moon a backdoor to overcome the Sun, via Pisces. Pisces is after all the only sign to which his Sun is in inferior position, and the Moon in superior position. Jupiter might be giving his Sun a nice trine, but it’s in a superior sextile to his Moon in Sagittarius, and Jupiter serves his Moon in Sagittarius. With the Moon ruling his current major period Cancer, the Moon itself provides the context of this stressful sequence for his Sun. In other words, “the people” (the Moon) overcome his ambitions (his Sun). And whose Moon is at 22 Pisces in an exact superior square to Trump’s Sun?


Presuming my conjecture about her birth time is correct, and that is still a conjecture, Hillary Rodham Clinton will smash the highest and hardest glass ceiling, becoming the nation’s 45th and first female President as a result of the outcome of the 2016 election. Her Zodiacal Releasing periods at the time of the election are very similar to previous hard-fought victories in her life. Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s Zodiacal Releasing periods at the time of the election are similar to times when he has been vulnerable and forced to reach agreements with his opponents. In general, Hillary’s Libra major period is angular to her Fortune in Aries, while Trump’s Cancer major period is cadent to his Fortune in Aquarius. This indicates that Hillary is in a major peak period in her life as opposed to Trump who is in a more transitional phase. Hillary’s major period ruler is Venus in Scorpio in the 1st, while Trump’s is an eclipsed Moon in Sagittarius in the 5th. Hillary just has much stronger periods than Trump. If you laughed at that sentence, punch your own face.

Post-Election Oddities

There are a couple of strange things going on in the aftermath of the election. For example with Hillary, she will likely win the Presidency under Libra-Aquarius-Leo. However, there will be a Loosing of the Bond to Leo, June 7th-July 24th 2017. The Loosing of the Bond to Leo would be an even greater version of the events of the election, but what could be bigger than her being elected President? Then there is the completion period from February 15th-May 1st 2018, which should wrap up the events that started December 28th-March 12th 2016, the first primaries. But again, what could be bigger than becoming President?

After the Aquarius sub-period is over, she has a Pisces sub-period, which have been awesome for her because they contain the lord of her Lot of Spirit, and it has Jupiter in superior position. She’ll be doing things she really cares about, and with some amount of popularity and success. It’s the new Scorpio major period coming in October 13th 2018 that worries me. Under Virgo-Scorpio, she got embroiled in the failed Clinton health care reform plan, and under Libra-Scorpio is when the Benghazi controversy blew up. With Scorpio on the major level, it doesn’t look fun, and I’d be surprised if she won in 2020. I’d have to see the chart of her opponent in 2020 to be sure.

Hillary, if you ever read this, here is my advice to you: Choose your VP carefully. Don’t worry about getting re-elected, just take advantage of the favorable periods up to the 2018 midterm election, do as much as good as you can fit in, quickly. And, derp, use your actual work email, and try to be as transparent as possible. Make Bill werq it. Aaaand please be a sport and release your birth certificate, not because we think you’re from Kenya or something, just so we can actually see your recorded birth time.

There’s actually a similar issue for Trump, in so far as the event of the election does not seem to be as important as what comes just a few weeks afterward. Theoretically, the Loosing of the Bond to Pisces November 28th-December 1st 2016 should be more dramatic for Trump, and reflects back on the event of the foreshadowing, the election. He has experienced a major level Loosing of the Bond to Pisces before.

Under Gemini-Virgo-(Pisces) from August 25th-September 24th 1987,  he was being actively courted to run in the 1988 election. He bought an ad in the New York Times on September 2nd 1987 to publish an open letter criticizing Reagan’s foreign policy. Less then a month later on October 22nd 1987 under Gemini-Virgo-(Aries), he came down by helicopter in New Hampshire and gave his first political speech, but nothing else came of it and he never ran in the 1988 election. He later said it was just a ploy to sell more copies of Art of the Deal but no one is really sure about that. My guess is that about three weeks after the election, Trump will make some grandstanding speech about running again or something, but that nothing will really come of it.

What’s really weird about this is that Romney had the exact same periods in 2012, Capricorn-Leo-Virgo-Pisces on the day of the election, and Capricorn-Leo-Virgo-(Pisces) about three weeks after. We wondered how that time would reflect back on the election, and at that time, Romney visited Obama at the White House.

On December 28th 2017, Trump has a major level Loosing of the Bond to Capricorn. Astrologer Curtis Manwaring seems to think this will result in another bankruptcy for Trump. So Donald, if you ever read this, here is my advice to you: So you may not get to be President, but you’ll have other things to worry about. Business probably won’t be good after Christmas in 2017. I’d take a look at what you can sell off before then to minimize the blow. Good luck! And ooh, ooh, can you make my wish come true and start a birther campaign against Hillary so she’ll release her birth certificate? Plzkthxbai.

If I am wrong about this, I promise to eat bitter humble pie. Or a fruitcake. No one likes fruitcake. Happy voting!

11 thoughts on “Overcombing and Hilling Rays: 2016 US Election Prediction”

  1. Nice article Patrick! I left out the overcoming/hurling of rays in my article because it was getting way too long. It would be interesting if the planets involved in the overcoming position are actually time lords while the opponent has the same lord in an inferior position. However, I haven’t settled in on how to judge which level to pay attention to.

    Hillary also just days before the election enters a 10th house profection year. I agree with your conclusion, but my uncertainty is magnified by the lack of a certain birth time. My confidence is increasing the more I look at Hillary’s chart that the 8 am chart is more accurate. I just started looking at the election a few days before the start of spring and never really looked at Hillary’s chart before that date.

    As for Trump, if he somehow becomes president, what I said is that he might put the US government into a chapter because that fits the pattern of his previous Capricorn periods, but in Dec 2017, it’s the “big one” which he’s never seen before.

    The fact that so many of the candidates who have run seem to have charts that indicate trouble around 2018 suggests a “fate bottleneck” as if some higher chart is filtering the possible heimarmene.

    At the time I wrote the article you reference above, I didn’t see that Hillary also has a 10th from fortune period in late 2020 right after the election. Few pass the zero year (FDR was the last) of a generational cycle.

    Hillary has major trouble because of that Scorpio major period in 2018 which under previous sub periods has corresponded to scandal (the 90’s health care initiative and Benghazi to name a couple). I also think she might have to watch her health starting about a month before the start of that 15 year Scorpio ZR spirit period.

    1. Patrick Watson

      Thanks Curtis! Yeah, there’s no short way to present Zodiacal Releasing, that’s for sure! I was wondering too if there is a kind of “ZR synastry” type thing going on. Haven’t figured it out.

      I didn’t even get into transits or profections in this one!

      I agree with you about 2018 – although there are plenty of worrying transits to look at as well. There will be a Mars-Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn 2018, a recurrence of Hillary’s own Mars-Saturn-Pluto in her 10th. The US setup a lot of our national security apparatus such as the DoD, CIA, USAF just before Hillary’s birth. Also surrounding her birth is the formation of the state of Israel, and a war between India and Pakistan. It’s also the closing conjunction from the 9/11 Saturn-Pluto opposition. And the NRA was started at a Mars-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn. And WWI centered around a Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Cancer, so this one in Capricorn will more or less be opposite the Declaration of Independence Sun. It’s hard not to see a bit of a bleak picture in 2018.

    1. Patrick Watson

      Hi Karen, I wish so, I’ve been reluctant to without birth times. I’ve already gone out on a bit of a limb with Hillary’s time.

  2. Reading a dialogue between two astrologers adds depth to the subject. It’s like eavesdropping on a conversation. Very thought-provoking.

  3. Hello, Patrick,
    Nice piece of work! I would like to download the pdf, but apparently your pdf link does not work.

    1. Patrick Watson

      Last time I tested it it looked like it didn’t work, but it just took a long time and showed up in my downloads folder eventually. I’ll take another look at it. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

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  6. Since Trump was born at a lunar eclipse in 21 Sagittarius, I thought it would be interesting to see what Lilly has to say about a lunar eclipse in the 3rd Decan of Sagittarius, which is ruled by Saturn.
    He says: “A Plague followes, and great evils afflict all mankind, Consumptions, more than ordinarie”


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