To the Moon: Lunar Transits to the Natal Chart of Dogecoin

I should probably preface everything I’m about to say with the emphatic statement that I am not giving financial advice here, I am merely noting correlations. I started dipping my toes into financial astrology a couple of years ago, and it’s been a pretty steep learning curve, both for learning more about how markets work as well as applying astrology to it. It is absolutely not as straightforward as one would hope, and it forces you to re-conceptualize how you see the astrological phenomenon to some degree. However, every so often you can see it at work so literally, it’s incredible, and if you’re able to catch it ahead of time – potentially profitable.

One thing that makes Dogecoin exceptionally useful for astrological analysis compared to other cryptocurrencies is that unlike Bitcoin, we know both the date, time and place it was established from. It all started when Sydney-based marketer Jackson Palmer tweeted the following with his tongue firmly in cheek: “Investing in Dogecoin, pretty sure it’s the next big thing”. He was making the observation that the absurd hype surrounding cryptocurrencies was approaching the point of parody, and as proof of concept, he was urged to make it a real currency.

Palmer bought, and within a couple of days, Portland-based programmer Billy Markus reached out to him to make it a reality. The genesis block of Dogecoin was established on December 6th 2013, at 2:25:40 am in Portland, Oregon. Source for the date and time. The time on the genesis block was provided in GMT, and had to be adjusted for Portland, Oregon. My source for the location is inferred from numerous articles like this which mention that they never actually met in person, and that Palmer was in Sydney at the time, Markus was the programmer and he was in Portland.

With Libra rising, Dogecoin is represented by Venus at 24° Capricorn in a night chart. This makes it the benefic of the sect in favor, the most fortunate planet in the sky at that time. Venus was also extremely slow at this time – just 15 days before stationing retrograde. Interestingly, Venus is ruled by the malefic contrary to sect Saturn in Scorpio in the 2nd – not a great financial indicator for a currency.

There are a number of observations we could make about this chart, but the thing I want to focus on in this article is how clearly the Moon’s transits to the natal positions of this chart can be seen in the annotated composite graph below of Dogecoin’s price action. Click to enlarge.

This was calculated using Alphee Lavoie’s software Alphee’s Trading System 1+2. The graph above shows the average price action of Dogecoin according to the transits of the Moon based on 95.24 lunar cycles between September 9th 2014-October 31st 2021. It was the most complete series I could find. It only has a correlation of 0.0981, meaning that lunar cycles have only followed this exact pattern 9.81% of the time.  Still, when you look at the lows and highs of this graph, they correspond eerily closely to the planetary placements of the Dogecoin natal chart and hard aspects to them.

Moon Degree Aspect to Dogecoin Natal Chart
Low 1 24° Aries Inferior Square to Natal Venus at 24° Capricorn (Exact)
Inferior Square to Natal Jupiter at 19° Cancer (5° orb)
High 1 18° Taurus Opposition to Natal Saturn at 17° Scorpio (1° orb)
Low 2 0° Gemini Opposition to Natal Mercury at 2° Sagittarius (2° orb)
Inferior Square to Natal Neptune at 2° Pisces (2° orb)
High 2 16° Gemini Opposition to Natal Sun at 14° Sagittarius (2° orb)
Low 3 10° Cancer Inferior Square to Natal Uranus at 8° Aries (2° orb)
Opposition to Natal Pluto at 10° Capricorn (Exact)
High 3 19° Leo Inferior Square to Natal Saturn at 17° Scorpio (2° orb)
Low 4 4° Virgo Superior Square to Natal Mercury at 2° Sagittarius (2° orb)
Opposition to Natal Neptune at 2° Pisces (2° orb)
High 4 22° Virgo Conjunction to Natal Mars at 29° Virgo (7° orb)
Low 5 21° Scorpio Conjunction to Natal Saturn at 17° Scorpio (4° orb)
High 5A 13° Sagittarius Conjunction to Natal Sun at 14° Sagittarius (1° orb)
High 5B 23° Sagittarius Inferior Square to Natal Mars at 29° Virgo (6° orb)
Low 6 25° Capricorn Conjunction to Natal Venus at 24° Capricorn (1° orb)
High 6 9° Pisces Inferior Square to Natal Sun at 14° Sagittarius (5° orb)
Inferior Square to Natal Mercury at 2° Sagittarius (7° orb)
Conjunction to Natal Neptune at 2° Pisces (7° orb)

To make it easier to visualize, I took the image of the composite graph, ran it through a program which extracts the data from the image, exported it to a spreadsheet, used that to create a radial graph and overlaid it onto the natal chart of Dogecoin so you can get a visual sense of what the Moon’s transits tend to coincide with. Where the line is red is where dips in its price happen more consistently. Click to enlarge.

The Mutable Signs

Note how the price of Dogecoin tends to peak when the Moon is transiting through the mutable signs, specifically 16° Gemini, 22° Virgo, 13° Sagittarius and 9° Pisces. The most reasonable astrological explanation for this is that the specific degrees of these peaks are in closer alignment with hard aspects to the natal Sun of Dogecoin at 13° Sagittarius than any other of the other natal placements.

Also note how precipitously Dogecoin’s price declines when transiting through the ends of the mutable signs. This can be best accounted for the fact that the Moon at the end of mutable signs is either making a conjunction, square or opposition to Dogecoin’s natal Mars at 29° Virgo. It appears a hard aspect to Mars cuts off a good run.


It’s very appropriate to see Dogecoin’s price tends to reach its lowest point when the Moon transits over the degree of Saturn in Scorpio in the 2nd House in a night chart. However there are also peaks when the Moon in Taurus opposes Dogecoin’s Saturn, as well as when the Moon in Leo makes a superior square to Dogecoin’s Saturn. Notably, there does not appear to be a distinct peak or valley when the Moon in Aquarius is in an inferior square to Dogecoin’s Saturn.


Contrary to what we might expect, the Moon’s passage over Dogecoin’s benefics are very close to Dogecoin’s lows! Without completely changing our understanding of the benefics, it appears that when the Moon transits over a benefic, it goes down to facilitate a new long rise in its price. For example, we can see that the Moon’s conjunction to Dogecoin’s Jupiter in Cancer tends to launch a long increase in its price which is appropriately halted in mid-Leo, when the Moon is square Dogecoin’s Saturn in Scorpio.

There is a lot more work has to be done here, but in this limited case I think it’s an interestingly empirical validation of lunar transits in action.  So transit. Such interesting. Much astrology. Very profit. Wow.






3 thoughts on “To the Moon: Lunar Transits to the Natal Chart of Dogecoin”

  1. i feel you need to think about how much “buying” upswings and “selling” down swings are related to the ongoing purchasing by the founders/investors and posibly their natal charts, and when the primary investors/founders buy and sell. like i.e. elon unloading tons of tesla made the stock swoon just in time for his taxes. toyota buying back its own outstanding stock making the price lift “artificially” or “strategicly” depending whose side you look at. GE spliting into 3 companies to shed less profitable assets and manipulate the stock higher, my husband was an arbitrage(mergers aquisions spinoffs and split ups) expert and he was very clever at figuring out the “why” in a move up or down, the prices are very manipulated. i.e. make the stock “soft” when dividends are paid and increase stock price when there are “take offers” or when looking for financing. i feel like you are not completely naive but somewhat naive how artificial the prices are of most stocks and certainly all comodities oil, gold, bitcoin, tesla, also diamonds, artwork, et cetera

    1. Hi Sherri,
      Thanks for your comment. I am no financial expert so I am open to being corrected/educated on this topic where applicable. I am aware that there are numerous factors that contribute to price action, which is why I’m wary of the limits of a natal approach to stocks, currencies and commodities. I think cryptocurrencies are a little different, because the genesis blocks of cryptos are timestamped. While we don’t have the benefit of knowing where Bitcoin was started from, we do have the benefit of knowing when and where Dogecoin was started from. Dogecoin is a rare example where a natal approach to a currency’s performance could make sense, irrespective of the natal charts of the movers and shakers/founders and investors. The founders of Dogecoin no longer have anything to do with it and have publicly disavowed it, so I doubt it would be terribly informative to look at their charts for clues of Dogecoin’s price. Dogecoin has a definitive natal chart, we can’t say the same for stocks (date of incorporation vs date of IPO?), commodities (what’s the natal chart of oil?) or fiat currencies (date of legal authorization, minting or launching into circulation?).

  2. Thank you so much for this Patrick! Great reserach.

    Would LOVE to read a second part to this exploring Doge’s zodiacal releasing peak periods, specially considering fortune is in a fixed sign and not a mutable.

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