Using Annual Profections to Predict the 2022 French Presidential Election

[UPDATE April 25th 2022 – Emmanuel Macron won re-election. I got it right! Maybe you could say it’s not very impressive because there was a 50/50 chance of being correct, or that Macron was always favored to win, but my prediction was only based on astrological considerations.]

In this article I’m going to try to use annual profections and transits to predict the outcome of the 2022 French presidential elections. Annual profections is a Hellenistic-era timing procedure which highlights certain topics, a certain sign and ruling planet for a given year of someone’s life. In theory, the candidate with the more favorable profections and transits around the time of the election should win. Here is the timetable of the 2022 French Presidential Election:

  • April 10th 2022 – Voting Round 1: If no candidate clears a majority, the top two candidates qualify for a runoff election.
  • April 24th 2022 – Voting Round 2: The winner of the most votes wins.
  • May 13th 2022 – Investiture: The winner is inaugurated as the French President for a 5-year term, two terms total.

As of March 18th 2022, the current French President Emmanuel Macron is the favorite to win the presidency. His most likely challenger will be Marine Le Pen, who he defeated in the 2017 French presidential election. There are 10 other candidates, but in the interests of brevity, I’ll only focus on these two people.

Marine Le Pen’s 6th House Annual Profection

Marine Le Pen is 53 years old, so as of her last solar return on August 5th 2021 until her next solar return on August 5th 2022, she is in a 6th house profection year. By itself this should highlight topics of the 6th house in this year such as illness, injury, work, employment, labor, subordinates and other struggles. Her 6th house is in Pisces, so Jupiter is her profected planet for the year. Jupiter is in her 12th house, indicating a secondary focus on topics relating to enemies, imprisonment, solitude, catastrophes, marginalized peoples, weaknesses and suffering. Jupiter is ideally her most fortunate planet since she was born in the daytime, but curiously, the topics being highlighted by it seem extraordinarily negative.

An interpretation one could generate from these factors is that Marine Le Pen would benefit from her enemies in this year (Jupiter in the 12th house). So far this has been true in one specific way in the form of fellow presidential candidate Éric Zemmour. Le Pen’s mission in public life so far has been to “de-demonize” her extreme right wing views and present herself as a more moderate politician, so Zemmour’s even more extreme right wing views, overt bigotry and multiple hate speech convictions have made it easier to present herself and her policies as being more reasonable by comparison. So, she kind of has benefited in a way from her opponents. (Side-note: Zemmour’s AA-rated chart is hilariously awful and on point: his Ascendant ruler is Mercury retrograde in the 12th house square a contrary to sect Mars in the 9th house, succinctly capturing his polemical style, general nastiness and run-ins with the law.)

With Jupiter ruling Le Pen’s 3rd and 6th houses while it is placed in her 12th house, one might interpret this to mean that her relatives, friends and subordinates could become enemies in this year. Interestingly, Zemmour’s campaign has plucked away some of Le Pen’s prominent supporters, including members of her own family, and Le Pen even publicly accused her own campaign spokesperson of spying for Zemmour. Zemmour only entered the presidential race on November 30th 2021, so the emergence of this feud between Zemmour and Le Pen only started after she entered her 6th house profection year which secondarily highlighted 12th house topics.

A look back at Le Pen’s previous 6th house annual profection from August 5th 2009-August 5th 2010 provides some similar themes of internal disputes. In that time, Le Pen was running for President of the National Front party and was competing against fellow party member Bruno Gollnisch for that position. It should be noted that while Le Pen was ultimately successful in being elected as the new party head, it officially occurred in December 2010 after she had left the 6th house annual profection. More information on that internal dispute can be found here.

During Le Pen’s 6th house annual profection from August 5th 1997-August 5th 1998, she experienced her first successful election. On March 15th 1998, she was elected regional councillor of Nord-Pas-de-Calais. This occurred less than 24 hours after Jupiter in Pisces perfected an opposition to her natal Jupiter in Virgo, and Jupiter/Pisces was her annually profected planet/sign. So it’s clear from this past example that transits to/from Jupiter and transits in Pisces during Pisces profection years do seem to matter, and could be instructive for understanding her transits for the 2022 French presidential election.

Marine Le Pen’s Profected Transits for Round 1: April 10th 2022

The aspects that transiting planets make to Le Pen’s Jupiter in this timeframe should be the most important for the year. I’d think participating in a presidential election would have to stand out. In Round 1, the closest aspect she receives to her natal Jupiter is an applying opposition from Venus in Pisces. It starts on April 5th 2022 and perfects on April 14th 2022. This is expected to be generally fortunate, as both Venus and Jupiter are benefic planets, despite the unfortunate houses this opposition occurs in and the hostile nature of the opposition itself. If Jupiter opposed to her Jupiter back in 1998 coincided with an election victory, it stands to reason that Venus opposing her Jupiter in 2022 would coincide with being able to perform well enough in Round 1 to qualify for Round 2.

Marine Le Pen’s Profected Transits for Round 2: April 24th 2022

The closest aspect Le Pen’s natal Jupiter will receive in the timeframe of Round 2 is an opposition from Mars which starts on April 15th 2022 and becomes exact on April 27th 2022. This is expected to be generally unfortunate because Mars is a malefic, and especially unfortunate because Le Pen was born during the daytime. The nature of the opposition is hostile, and it’s happening across unfortunate houses. It seems that whatever support was granted for Le Pen at Venus’s opposition to her natal Jupiter would be endangered or cut down by Mars’ opposition to her natal Jupiter. While Jupiter itself is in the sign of the annual profection, it is long past the opposition to her natal Jupiter, where it was when she won her first election in 1998. Taken altogether, this is most consistent with Marine Le Pen losing the 2022 French presidential election after the second round of voting.

For what it’s worth, in the last two presidential elections Le Pen competed in, Mars was making a hard aspect to her natal Jupiter. Although her annual profections would have been different in these instances, it’s an intriguing pattern nonetheless. On April 22nd 2012, she lost in the first round of voting, and Mars was at 4° Virgo, making an applying conjunction to her Jupiter at 9° Virgo. On May 7th 2017, she lost in the second round of voting, and Mars was at 11° Gemini, making a separating superior square to her Jupiter at 9° Virgo. Very similarly then, on April 24th 2022, Mars will be at 7° Pisces in an applying opposition to her natal Jupiter at 9° Virgo. This potentially suggests a similar outcome for the 2022 election. While an electoral loss to Macron would seem to contradict the idea that her annual profections would highlight Jupiter’s role in providing “benefits from enemies”, it’s worth considering the following:

  1. She’s gotten what she’s wanted. Because the French electorate have shifted to the right, Macron has attempted to cater to that by shifting his own positions to the right, and appointing ministers who are even more right wing than Le Pen herself. In some small ways, she is getting her way, but it’s through her enemy Macron.
  2. She doesn’t have to deal with it. Depending on how rough of a situation Macron will be dealing with in a potential second term, she may come to appreciate being spared the burden of leading France in such a tumultuous time. Jupiter in the 12th house can also suggest “joys in isolation”. Perhaps after the election she may take some time off to rejuvenate in solitude.

Emmanuel Macron’s 9th House Annual Profection

Emmanuel Macron is 44 years old, so as of his last solar return on December 21st 2021 until his next solar return on December 21st 2022, he is in a 9th house profection year. This year should highlight topics of the 9th house such as legal matters, religion and foreign travel. His 9th house is in Virgo, so Mercury is his profected planet for the year. Mercury is in his 12th house, indicating a secondary focus on topics relating to enemies, imprisonment, solitude, catastrophes, marginalized peoples, weaknesses and suffering. Saturn is in his 9th house, importing the topics of the 1st in Capricorn and the 2nd in Aquarius, highlighting this year’s significance to his own identity and persona, as well as financial matters.

Initially this doesn’t seem terribly promising for an electoral victory. However, the themes of the 9th house annual profection and its secondary focus on 12th house matters have already made themselves present. Macron has taken it upon himself to lead the European response to the February 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, by becoming a mediator of sorts in his talks with Vladimir Putin. This role certainly matches the condition of his ruler of the year, since Mercury, the communicator and mediator, is in the 12th house of enemies. Macron’s natal Mercury is opposite its own sign, retrograde and combust, so his actions don’t necessarily make sense to all observers. A Politico headline about Macron reads “What the hell does Emmanuel Macron think he’s playing at with Vladimir Putin?” Naturally this also concerns the 9th house of international matters.

Closer to home, other 9th and 12th house matters persist. On the French-colonized island of Corsica, an attack on an imprisoned Corsican folk hero incited new violent protests by native Corsicans against French authorities in March 2022. Macron floated the prospect of granting independence to Corsica as a solution which caused his right wing opponents in the presidential race to pounce, accusing him of appeasing “jihad in prisons” and threatening the “territorial integrity” of France. A Financial Times headline on this story reads “Corsica riots cause a headache for Macron’s election campaign”.

Emmanuel Macron’s Transits for Round 1

Because Mercury is his annually profected planet, the aspects that transiting planets make to Macron’s natal Mercury in this timeframe should be the most important for the year. I’d think participating in a presidential election would have to stand out. The closest transiting aspect Macron’s natal Mercury would receive is an applying trine from Mercury itself. The trine is a harmonious aspect and Mercury will be transiting in Macron’s 4th house of origins, home and country. This could be understood as the voices and votes of France looking favorably upon his candidacy.

Another element that can’t be ignored here is that Mercury will be in an exact square with Pluto, which just happens to be on the same degree as Macron’s Ascendant. Politically and otherwise, Pluto tends to be associated with extreme powers, tyrants and despots, which may be another reason he continues to reach out to the Plutonian figure Putin, who like Macron, may also have been born with Pluto in the 10th House of career and reputation. As it happens, transiting Pluto’s conjunction to Macron’s Ascendant over the past couple of years has been coincident with his own notable turn toward an authoritarian leadership style.

Saying that his policies have been misunderstood, Mr. Macron has lashed out at his critics. In a recent interview with Brut, a youth-oriented online news site, Mr. Macron was asked whether he was concerned that his international image had changed from that of a “modern, liberal president” to “an authoritarian president.”

“When you’ve read all that I’ve read about me, in France or abroad, you don’t feel anything anymore,” Mr. Macron answered. “I don’t care.”

-New York Times: Once a Darling of Liberals, Shows a New Face as Elections Near

Yikes. But it also stands to reason that at this tense moment in modern history, that the leaders who step up to this moment would probably have a transit like Pluto to the Ascendant rather than Jupiter to the Midheaven, y’know what I mean? So Mercury’s square to Pluto on Macron’s Ascendant on the day of the first round of voting may also indicate the voices and votes of France indicate a begrudging acceptance of his presence. While he’s not the President they may prefer, he’s acceptable because there are no viable alternatives. Mercury’s square to Pluto also indicates a time when many will be crossing partisan lines and voting more strategically or abstaining from voting.

Emmanuel Macron’s Profected Transits for Round 2

The most noteworthy aspect Macron will receive to his natal Mercury in the timeframe of Round 2 is an inferior square from Jupiter which goes exact on April 30th 2022. This is expected to be generally fortunate because Jupiter is a benefic, and especially fortunate because Macron was born during the daytime. Jupiter is currently transiting through Macron’s 3rd house of communications, siblings, close associates and neighbors. For a president campaigning to be re-elected, I think this would show benefits from positive media coverage, beneficial messaging and advertising, helpful endorsements or other speeches or displays of support.

From a more modern perspective, since Jupiter’s square will be forming with Macron’s natal Mercury, it might also be assumed his own powers of speech in campaigning and debate which will be another asset to him in this time. While Jupiter is benefic, the nature of the square is still hostile, so there could be the possibility in which he comes off too hoity-toity or a know-it-all. In general though, the archetypal combination of Mercury and Jupiter points to positive messages, good news, changing developments and announcements that bring relief.

Transiting Mercury will be approaching Macron’s IC in Taurus, which bears many similarities to Mercury transiting through Macron’s whole sign 4th house in Aries. This would again reflect him hearing the voices and votes of his compatriots, especially younger voters since Taurus is his 5th whole sign house. On the day of the election, Mercury perfects its square with Saturn and begins its applying sextiles with Neptune and Jupiter in the evening. This likely reflects Macron’s own mental state in being tense throughout the day as people are voting when Mercury is square Saturn, and then experiencing relief in the evening as Mercury sextiles Neptune and Jupiter. This is most consistent with Macron winning the 2022 French presidential election after the second round of voting.

Emmanuel Macron’s Profected Transits for Investiture: May 13th 2022

When you profect from Macron’s 10th house, it comes out to Gemini in the 6th house. This shows that Mercury’s transits and stations would not only give signs for Macron’s own condition in this year, but would additionally signify developments in his professional activities. Interestingly then, on May 13th 2022, assuming he is re-elected, Macron would go through the rituals of inauguration a 2nd time when Mercury will have just stationed retrograde in Gemini, the profected 10th house. Additionally, we can see the Moon on that day will be transiting through his whole sign 10th house in Libra, appropriate for a day where he will very much be in the public eye.

Lunar Latitude and Leadership

From the perspective of natal astrology, it might seem strange that there do not appear to be any transits of note in these candidates’ 10th houses or MC placements at the time of the election, since these have to do with profession, reputation, career, etc. However, there are if you know what to look for. Ever since ancient Babylonians kept track of the sky’s happenings, solar and lunar eclipses have been associated with the fates of leaders and the people. Since the Sun and Moon are the primary lights of the sky, their periodic darkening and emergence from shadows suggested developments relevant for leaders and the collective, including their rise and demise.

In US presidential elections, I and many others have observed that candidates who come to prominence are often experiencing transits of the lunar nodes to the signs and degrees of the angles (Asc/MC) or their luminaries (Sun/Moon) suggesting that the eclipses of that time are bringing these figures into these roles of individual and collective importance. For example, US President Joe Biden and US Vice President Kamala Harris were born with their Ascendants in Sagittarius and Gemini respectively, and they were both elected when the lunar Nodes straddled these signs, and just over a month before solar eclipses occurred in these signs. The 45th US President was elected in November 2016 as the North Node was approaching his Ascendant in late Leo, and was officially defeated in the Electoral College on December 14th 2020, the very day of a solar eclipse in Sagittarius, in alignment with his natal lunar eclipse in Sagittarius.

A similar phenomenon appears to be at work in French politics. On May 10th 2017, there was a Full Moon at 20° Scorpio, which was just 9 degrees away from Macron’s MC at 29° Scorpio. This was just 3 days after the second round of voting and just 4 days before being inaugurated as France’s new President. Of course, there is at least one Full Moon in Scorpio every spring. What made this particular Full Moon so notable is that it was the northernmost Full Moon of 2017. The max north Full Moon can be determined by its proximity to the northern Bending of the lunar Nodes. In 2017, the max north Full Moon was just 9° away from the Moon’s max northern latitude. So the northernmost Full Moon happened to fall in proximity to Macron’s MC within days of his 2017 election and inauguration as France’s President.

In 2022, the lunar Nodes have since shifted to Taurus/Scorpio. On May 16th 2022, there will be a lunar eclipse at 25° Scorpio on the South Node, just 4 degrees away from Macron’s natal MC at 29° Scorpio. This will occur just 3 days after the next French presidential term begins. 5 years from now in 2027, the lunar nodes will have again shifted to Aquarius/Leo. On May 20th 2027, there will be a Full Moon at 29° Scorpio, exactly on Macron’s MC at 29° Scorpio. This Full Moon would be special because it would be the southernmost Full Moon of that year. Presuming Macron wins the 2022 election, he would not be able to run again in 2027, and will have reached the end of his career as the President of France.

To summarize:

Macron’s MC at 29° Scorpio Associated Event
Max North Full Moon
May 10th 2017
20° Scorpio
Macron Begins 1st Term
May 14th 2017
South Node Lunar Eclipse
May 16th 2022
25° Scorpio
Macron Begins 2nd Term?
May 13th 2022
Max South Full Moon
May 20th 2027
29° Scorpio
Macron Ends 2nd Term?
May 12th 2027

Meanwhile, nothing similar can be said for how these eclipses interface with Marine Le Pen’s chart, because Taurus and Scorpio occupy the 8th and 2nd houses in her chart. I would expect eclipses in Cancer to be more important for Le Pen because that’s where her 10th house is. Interestingly, she made her first official announcement that she would run in 2022 on January 16th 2020. This was regarded as somewhat unusual at the time for being such an early announcement, 2 and half years ahead of the election. It just so happens that only 6 days earlier, there was a north node lunar eclipse at 20° Cancer, just 1° from her natal MC at 19° Cancer.

Some might say that the 2022 South Node lunar eclipse on Macron’s MC does not look particularly good, since it’s on the South Node, in the sign of the Moon’s fall and even square Saturn to boot, potentially indicating a loss in Macron’s status. That could still be true even if he’s re-elected, based on polls of his favorability, and based on what I wrote 2 years ago regarding Macron’s Zodiacal Releasing:

Unfortunately for Emmanuel Macron, if my analysis is correct that his Lot of Spirit should more properly be considered to release from Gemini, then the new 19-year Leo L1 period he will enter in April 2022 does not look good for the 2022 elections, should he run. Even if he somehow won, he would theoretically encounter resistance on a larger level than even the Yellow Vest protests, which seems hard to envision. …Any way you slice it, Mars is likely to be significantly active in that time.

But it makes more sense in context of these max north and max south Full Moons in proximity to his MC that they would bookend two presidential terms rather than one. So this is an additional corroborating factor that leads me to assume that Emmanuel Macron will win the 2022 French presidential election.

I might be getting ahead of myself, but if the May 20th 2027 max south Full Moon at 29° Scorpio is about Macron’s departure after 2 terms, then I’d assume the May 6th 2027 max north New Moon at 15° Taurus is about the new French President. Based on the pattern potentially shown here by Macron, I’d assume the next French President would have their Ascendant or MC close to the degree of the 2027 max north New Moon at 15° Taurus.

4 thoughts on “Using Annual Profections to Predict the 2022 French Presidential Election”

    1. Pluto currently on Macron ASC is not usually seen as a positive influence; although it is powerful undeniably. Pluto is also close to opposing Le Pen natal Mars but not quite as closely. Perhaps this, viewed objectively or for say France and world affairs – something explosive could happen, will the President be “blown out of the water” tomorrow?

  1. President Macron rules almost all today, with the deputies election, and Melanchon (left) and Le Pen (extreme right)are, somehow winning today. So you first predictions two years ago was accurate.

  2. Fascinating analysis! ‘Using Annual Profections to Predict the 2022 French Presidential Election’ provides an intriguing astrological perspective on electoral predictions. Patrick Watson’s insightful interpretation of annual profections offers a unique lens through which to understand political outcomes. The detailed analysis and thoughtful commentary make this article a captivating read for astrology enthusiasts and political observers alike. A thought-provoking exploration of astrology’s potential applications in predicting real-world events. Thank you for sharing this insightful analysis!

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