Top 5 Things To Expect from Uranus in Taurus 2018-2026

When Uranus enters Taurus on May 16th 2018, the bull will be struck by lightning. Taurus is a fixed earth sign ruled by Venus. Earth signs are about what you can see, taste and touch, and since Taurus is ruled by Venus, it’s about the finer, nicer things we can see, taste or touch. Transits through Taurus seem to be pretty relevant for manufacturing, textiles, fashion, money, comforts, luxuries, food, etc. Whether these are good or bad experiences depends upon the planet transiting through Taurus, so now it’s time to talk about Uranus.

Uranus transits around the zodiac every 84 years, spending about 7 years in each sign.

  • Uranus ingresses into Taurus on May 16th 2018
  • Uranus regresses back into Aries on November 7th 2018
  • Uranus re-ingresses into Taurus on March 7th 2019
  • Uranus leaves Taurus on July 8th 2025
  • Uranus regresses back into Taurus on November 9th 2025
  • Uranus leaves Taurus for good on April 27th 2026

Just as Uranus stands out from the planets with an axial tilt so extreme that it practically rolls around the Sun, so does Uranus signify similar extremes in our world. Uranus is the planet of disruption and innovation, especially in a technological sense. It flips things on their head, makes them new again, revolutionizes them, radicalizes them. The inventions and breakthroughs of Uranus are often related to the sign Uranus is in. So in the abstract we can say that Uranus will signify revolutions and disruptions in the realm of material goods: manufacturing, textiles, fashion, money, comforts, luxuries, etc. Whatever is settled or taken for granted in these areas is unsettled.

What are some practical real world examples of this? Well, I detailed in this article about how previous Uranus in Taurus periods coincided with revolutions in the manufacturing of textiles. Sometimes the relevant technology had already been invented, but it wasn’t until Uranus arrived in Taurus that it truly reached the mainstream or started having a revolutionizing impact. So this leads me to the first item on my list…


Now, 3D-printing is already in use in many fields, but it’s the clear next step in the evolution of our ability to make stuff.  A 3D-printer is still not exactly a common appliance to have in your home, but I think that will begin to change over 2018-2026. The inventor of 3D-printing is Chuck Hull, and he was born with the Sun conjunct Uranus in Taurus back in 1939, so it’s appropriate that at the inventor’s Uranus return, his invention would moon.

What’s quicker than Amazon’s 1-day shipping? What if you could 3D-print your purchase in your own living room and have it right then and there? Less work for delivery drivers. What if there were open source templates for common products to 3D-print? You could save money on everyday items. What if you could get yourself scanned and 3D-print perfectly fitting versions of your favorite clothes? There would be no more standard sizes, just perfectly printed clothes, tailored by your computer. What if companies could monetize plastic waste by melting it down to be used in 3D-printing? What if you could recycle your own plastic waste from your home in the same way, by using it in your 3D-printer? We could have a cleaner world.

As you can see, the possibilities are mind-boggling, but I imagine that it will be pretty much standard past 2026 and we’ll wonder how we ever lived before. Speaking of clothes…


Wearable technology is already a thing, but I think that fashion itself is due for a technological upgrade. Aside from 3D-printed clothes with plastic recycled from your own trash, what if we had sensors in our clothes, Marty McFly style?

Self-tying shoes? Self-drying clothes? Self-cleaning clothes? Shirts which can change colors or display different logos or light up? Big fashion manufacturers may have to start including clothes with tech features to stay competitive over being able to 3D-print your own clothes at home.

Speaking of unnecessarily imbuing tech features into items that never needed it…

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things already exists, but we are just on the cusp of how this could really change things. It basically refers to how almost any device can be hooked up to the internet and exchange data. Basically, imagine a fridge which can tell you your milk has expired, or produce a shopping list based on what you put in there, which it knows from what you bought at the groceries, if you didn’t have it delivered through Amazon Prime Pantry. Imagine being at work, getting an alert on your phone from your home computer that you left the oven on by accident, and being able to turn it off remotely. What normally just sits there being a material object (Taurus is a fixed earth sign) now can do stuff it could never do before (Uranus). When even regular household items can “talk” to each other, what do they talk about?


Probably one of the most basic Taurean significations is money, or more properly, material value. Currency has always had some Mercurial connotations, since it can fluctuate and is used in exchanges, trades, business transactions. However, Venus is value itself, both in the abstract and ideal, represented by its diurnal home in Libra, the image of the scales, as well as the practical and the real, represented by it’s nocturnal home in Taurus, the image of the bull. After all, what animal is most closely associated with Wall Street, the nation’s financial center?

Look familiar? No?
How about now? There we go.

The stage is already set for massive disruptions of financial markets, but the one with the most interesting possibilities is cryptocurrency, or digital currency. While the cryptocurrency craze predates Uranus’s entrance into Taurus, it makes one wonder what will come about with it during a time when we would actually expect material values to be disrupted. And what is digital currency if not the very Uranian concept of divorcing material value from anything material? Right now through apps and websites connected with the cryptocurrency STEEM, people are earning more money than you would think through blogging, vlogging, commenting and posting pictures, much as people already do on Facebook and Twitter for free! Imagine if Facebook had actually been paying you all these years for every status update you’ve written, every picture you’ve posted, every comment you’ve given, every like you’ve received. That could be thousands upon thousands of dollars for people who’ve been on  the site for over a decade now.

Combine that with the knowledge that Mark Zuckerberg has his Sun in Taurus and will experience a Uranus conjunction to his Sun, and you get the idea that what appears settled for Mark Zuckerberg may suddenly not be. Most employers are trying to keep their employees off social media when they’re at work – but what happens when people can make more money being on social media than going to work?  What if the status of the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency is suddenly in doubt? This could happen if more of the world switches to some cryptocurrency as a reserve currency. There may be a lot of drama at the United States Treasury – will the United States take the lead with digital currency or will it clutch onto its dollars and nukes as the rest of the world moves on mining crypto?

Cloned Meat

The most literal manifestation of Uranus in Taurus I believe will be the beginning of mass production of cloned meat. The bull will be struck by lightning. To clone a cell, cell division is stimulated by a small electric charge which begins a new cycle of growth and life, except that only muscle tissue would be grown, instead of a whole cow. It would no longer be necessary to kill cows for beef. It could make the meat industry far more humane and efficient, and seemingly resolve the debate over the ethics of eating meat. Astrologer Jenn Zahrt pointed me towards the work of Ben Wurgaft who has some interesting ideas on this topic. We’re not there yet, but we’re real close…

Speaking of cows being struck by lightning, the largest number of cows killed by a single lightning strike is 68, which happened on October 31st 2005 in Dorrigo, Australia. It just so happens that on that date, Mars was retrograde in Taurus, which only happens every 15-17 years. So… yeah. Sometimes these transits can be extremely literal. Maybe, a little moo much.

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  1. I’m worried/anticipating the Uranus transit to my Sun which is exact next April right around my bday. Since my sun is at 2 Taurus 50 I’m obviously going through it right now with Uranus being at 1 degree of Taurus (as of June 2018 that is).

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