Your Astrology Guide to the 2016 Presidential Debates: Round 2

UPDATE: Yep, I failed to correctly predict the 2016 election outcome. Keep reading though.

The second presidential debate takes place from 8-9:30 pm (CDT) on Sunday October 9th 2016 in St. Louis Missouri. The Ascendant at 8 pm is 8 Gemini. At 9:23:13 pm, the Ascendant switches to Cancer and at the end of the debate, 1 Cancer is rising.


Mercury in Libra vs Jupiter in Libra

At the first presidential debate, Hillary seemed to be described by the ruler of the Ascendant, Mercury in Virgo, whereas Trump seemed to be described by the ruler of the 7th, a combust Jupiter in Libra. Presumably, Hillary will continue to be represented by the 1st. and Trump the 7th. With Saturn in the Sagittarius 7th, that doesn’t seem good for Trump.

At this next debate, Mercury again rules the Ascendant, but this time it has moved on from Virgo to Libra. With Mercury in Libra, Hillary may try being more personable and approachable, which would make sense because the second debate is in a “town hall” style format, featuring direct interaction with voters and their concerns. At the same time, Mars is square Mercury which should raise her combativeness.

Jupiter again rules the 7th and is still in Libra. Its condition has improved somewhat since it is moving toward its heliacal rising. However, this Jupiter is similarly maltreated like the Jupiter in the VP debate chart, receiving an inferior square from Mars within 3 degrees, although it is separating. This suggests that Jupiter has the potential to be more malefic, perhaps more prone to being provoked to engage in “unpresidential” self-defeating behavior.

Strangely enough, Mercury itself is applying toward Jupiter. The only way I can interpret the two rulers coming together is that they will each try to embody the other’s strengths. Hillary will be Mercury becoming more Jupiter-like, nimble and crafty, but unapologetic. Trump would be Jupiter becoming more Mercury-like, being his boastful self, but minding more about some details.

Transiting Mars opposite Trump’s natal Mercury in Cancer 12th

With the planet of aggression opposing Trump’s planet of communication, we can only imagine that Trump is looking for revenge against Clinton after besting him in the last debate. He’s promised to bring up personal issues relating to Hillary’s marriage, if he goes through with it, it would not be surprising with this transit.

Transiting Sun conjunct Trump’s natal Jupiter in Libra 3rd

The Sun will be making its annual conjunction to his Jupiter on that evening. This suggests he will have, if it can be believed, a boost in his confidence and ego. In some way this night will be fortunate for him. No one knows exactly how he’ll do in the town hall format, but he does best when he can play off an audience, and this event features direct interaction.

Transiting Mercury and Jupiter conjunct Trump’s natal Neptune in Libra 3rd

The two significators for Hillary and Trump during the debate are conjunct Trump’s natal Neptune. This suggests dishonest speech, conspiracy theories, and leveraging his statements to get media attention in his favor.

Transiting Venus conjunct Hillary’s natal Mercury in Scorpio and square natal Saturn in Leo

Venus’ conjunction to her Mercury suggests she will try to have a more charming, polite or sociable way of speaking. This is in contrast to Trump who will have Mars opposing his Mercury, indicating coarseness. Hillary will be the opposite. However, at the same time, Venus will be square Hillary’s Saturn. So while her words will have a very personal touch and may even be quite moving and emotional, it may not be a natural fit for her, or it may not be how she would honestly like to respond to things, especially if questions about her husband’s past indiscretions do come up at this debate.

Mars conjunct Pluto Recurrence Transit

Mars is beginning to apply a conjunction to Pluto, which would be a recurrence transit for Hillary who was born with Mars conjunct Pluto. It will be much closer to exact at the third debate, but it’s starting to take shape already. Mars is aggression and courage and Pluto is extreme. It likely describes her hawkishness and her own personal courage and stamina in the face of relentless attacks. During the transit she will be in her element to take down and destroy. It isn’t quite as present at this debate, but much more so at the third.


8:01:43 – Neptune at 9 Pisces squares Ascendant at 9 Gemini

8:03:09 – Sun at 17 Libra trine Midheaven at 17 Aquarius

8:10:55 – Nodes at 12 Virgo/Pisces square Ascendant at 12 Gemini

8:11:30 – Saturn at 12 Sagittarius sets

8:14:22 – Venus at 20 Scorpio square Midheaven at 20 Aquarius

8:18 – IC at 21 Leo conjunct Hillary’s Saturn at 21 Leo

8:24:45 – Uranus at 22 Aries sextile Midheaven at 22 Aquarius

8:32 – Ascendant at 17 Gemini conjunct Trump’s natal Uranus at 17 Gemini

8:39 – IC at 26 Leo conjunct Trump’s natal Mars at 26 Leo

8:45 – Descendant at 21 Sagittarius conjunct Trump’s natal Moon at 21 Sagittarius.

8:52 – Ascendant at 22 Gemini conjunct Trump’s natal Sun at 22 Gemini

8:52:26 – Uranus at 22 Aries sextile Ascendant at 22 Gemini

8:52:44 – Midheaven moves into Pisces

9:23:13 – Ascendant moves into Cancer

Public Reaction

The Moon is at 27 Capricorn, and its next applying aspect is a trine to Mercury,  the significator for Hillary. I think this means that the public will be more receptive of Hillary’s performance, but there is some discomfort about it, because even though its next aspect is to Mercury, it is in Capricorn which squares Libra, and it has to cross a sign boundary before the next aspect perfects.

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