Your Astrology Guide to the Presidential Debates: Final Round

UPDATE: Yep, I failed to correctly predict the 2016 election outcome. Keep reading though.

The third and final 2016 presidential debate will take place on October 19th 2016, starting at 6 pm in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Venus in Sagittarius vs Mars in Capricorn (conjunct Pluto)

So far in the debates, Hillary seemed to be represented by the ruler of the 1st and Trump the 7th. At exactly 9 pm, Aries is rising, which would make Hillary Mars in the Capricorn 10th conjunct Pluto, whereas Trump would be Venus in Sagittarius 9th. At 6:02:21 pm, Taurus begins to rise, which would presumably make Hillary Venus in Sagittarius 8th and Trump Mars in Capricorn 9th conjunct Pluto. But there is something a bit off about this assignment.

The Mars-Pluto conjunction is a recurrence transit for Hillary, and a Mars return for Tim Kaine. This suggests Clinton is in her element. My mentor Nick Dagan Best has said that this may represent a compromise for a bigger victory, as it has in the past. I’m more of the view that this recurrence transit will be some history-making attack on Trump, or she loses her chill, or both.

At the same time, Venus is moving toward a conjunction with Saturn, which is a  recurrence transit for Trump. At ISAR 2016, Nick Dagan Best noted that the recurrence of this transit has coincided with troubles from aggrieved women. And Trump is not exactly known for having good relationships with women. It perfects some time after the debate, and at that point, the election will more or less be a done deal by the time it happens. Trump loses. Clinton wins.

Either way, Venus and Mars are the two antagonized principles at work in this chart. While Mars is exalted in Capricorn and supercharged by Pluto, Venus in Sagittarius is in mutual reception with Jupiter in Libra. The Mars candidate will be devastating, making something huge out of something small. The Venus candidate will be conciliatory, appealing to one’s better nature.

Interestingly, Venus’s next aspect is a sextile with its ruler Jupiter in Libra and Mars’s next aspect is a square to Uranus which it rules. They both perfect within a few days of each other near the end of October. This suggests whoever ultimately is represented by Venus has a better outcome than the one represented by Mars. The other signature of this debate is the Mercury-Uranus opposition, which the Moon is applying toward. It will be a night for surprises, outbursts and the plain unexpected.

Donald Trump’s Closest Transits

Transiting Moon at 21 Gemini, conjunct Donald Trump’s Sun/opposed to Donald Trump’s Moon

The mood of the night aligns with Trump’s Sun, his ego and style of presentation. The conventional interpretation might be that “the people are with you”, but this is not necessarily borne out in practice. Jimmy Carter had this transit the day he lost to Reagan at the 1980 transit. Somehow, Trump will be the focus of people’s attention, if nothing else, than to see how low he will go.

Jupiter square his Mercury

This is actually a fairly significant and positive transit for Trump. While the square denotes boastfulness and truth stretching, there is the opportunity to restore some dignity or purpose to his campaign at this debate.

Transiting Mercury at 21 Libra, trine his Sun, sextile his Moon and square his Saturn.

At the same time, Mercury square his Saturn shows that the talk will revolve around his weak spots and past indiscretions. Mercury trine/sextile his lunar eclipse shows that he will be fluid, able to express himself clearly.

Transiting Mars and Pluto square Trump’s Jupiter

Whatever Mars and Pluto signify at this debate, and all signs point to Hillary delivering this signification, it’s at Trump’s expense, and levied at Trump’s strengths.

Hillary Clinton’s Closest Transits

Transiting Moon at 21 Gemini square her Moon at 22 Pisces

This transit suggests she is emotionally at odds with the mood of the evening. It is after all a very stressful affair, but it also shows that she is in a superior position to overcome the Trumpian antics.

Transiting Mercury at 21 Libra sextile her Saturn at 21 Leo

This kind of Mercury transit should work well for her since it’s just a sextile, ordering and organizing her thoughts and responses carefully.

Transiting Venus at 2 Sagittarius conjunct her Jupiter at 0 Sagittarius

It is a separating aspect, but it is one of the more positive transits you could have when trying to make a good impression.

Transiting Jupiter at 8 Libra conjoining her Neptune at 11 Libra

Trump had this for the last couple of debates, and it seems to offer the chance to leverage media attention in your favor.

See you on November 8th!

1 thought on “Your Astrology Guide to the Presidential Debates: Final Round”

  1. Gary C Calderone

    I just read this the morning after the debate and it seems trump as usual shot himself in the foot when he said he would not necessarily accept the results of the election and would ‘keep everyone in suspense’. A pundit on tv said it was like ‘putting on a suicide vest’. Hillary kept her cool as usual and gave him enough rope to hang himself *again*. Perhaps your comment about him making something big out of something small was his absurd comment about not accepting the results if he loses, which he will. That seems to be all the news and pundits are talking about on tv this AM as I write this.

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