Pick the Topic of My Hypothetical ISAR Talk and Win a Free Horary!

So…say I hypothetically have a hypothetical chance of hypothetically speaking at the ISAR conference this October, hypothetically. I’d love to know what you’d like me to hypothetically talk about! Comment on the blog, on my Facebook page or my Twitter and I will totally consider your hypothetical suggestions. The person who gives me the winning suggestion gets to ask me a non-hypothetical horary question free of charge ($50 value!), redeemable whenever, offer expires once I announce the best suggestion in a few days. Hey, it’s better than a signed dickpic right? Give me talk topics, now, PLZ.


4 thoughts on “Pick the Topic of My Hypothetical ISAR Talk and Win a Free Horary!”

  1. How would a future Human Resources Department utilize Astrology to “improve” the selecting and hiring outcomes? And how might future business managers develop better ‘team” and “individual” performances using Astrological methods?

  2. Kathleen Blair

    Multi-generational trauma reflected in family natal charts and the transists that set them off or show them well.

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