Julián and Joaquín Castro’s Birth Times Discovered

Julián and Joaquín Castro are rising stars in the Democratic Party. Amazingly, both twins went into politics. Joaquín is a Congressman in Texas, while Julian was the mayor of San Antonio, currently the HUD Secretary and on Clinton’s VP nominee short list. Amazing to everyone that is, except to astrologers.

Luckily for us, the fact that they are twins has made the details of their births worthy of the public’s interest, which has spared some sweaty nervous astrologer trying not to fuck up asking an insanely awkward question. The Castros have made it EASY for astrologers. So, thanks guys.

From an NPR interview with Julián Castro from a couple of days ago:

SAGAL: Sharp answer, sir. Let’s talk about your brother. He is not just your brother. He is your twin brother – identical twin brother. Who is older?

CASTRO: Yeah, so my brother Joaquin and I are twins. I am one minute older.

SAGAL: You’re one minute older. Do you ever lord it over him?

CASTRO: I do. You know, every now and then, when we were growing up – I was born at 2:40 in the morning, and he was born at 2:41. So I would wake up at 2:39, and when it turned 2:40, I’d wake him up. And for a minute, I would brag that I was older than he was.


So there we have it: Julián Castro was born on September 16th 1974 in San Antonio, TX at 2:40 am. Joaquín Castro was born on the same day at the same place 1 minute later, 2:41 am. To me, it’s just amazing that we got this information in between questions about being considered as Clinton’s VP, the definitions of urbandictionary words and insinuations that he has a large dong. I guess you can never know when someone will happen to drop their birth time, no matter the topic.

Here is the image of Julián’s chart. I’d put Joaquín’s chart here too but I mean…c’mon. Nothing against you Joaquin. The Ascendant is the same degree for both charts. And I’m still Solar Fire-less right now so you can suck it up and look at Astrodienst’s chart, not that they’re all that bad. FondleClick to enlarge.


Nice Venus-Jupiter opposition, bros. And how funny is it that the ruler of their Ascendant is the Moon in Virgo…the 3rd house…of siblings. I’m sure they’d find it hilarious.


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