Hillary Clinton’s Real Birth Time

Transits to the Angles

Because of the earth’s rotation, the Ascendant/Descendant and MC/IC axes or “angles” change fairly rapidly (about 1 degree every 4 minutes), so they can be useful for resolving a disputed birth time. Provided that the angle in question isn’t already making an aspect to another planet, examining when a planet transits a purported angle can give clues as to which birth time is correct.

Unfortunately, comparing the transits to the angles of the 8:02 am and 8 pm charts is tricky because the 8:02 am Ascendant is conjunct Mercury and square Saturn. This has the unfortunate consequence of making it impossible to isolate whether a transit to the Ascendant wasn’t actually just a conjunction to Mercury and a square to Saturn. 8 pm is also problematic because the Moon is exactly square the Ascendant, and there would be no way to isolate whether it was a conjunction to the Ascendant or just a square to the Moon. Thus there would be no sure way of comparing transits to the Ascendant or Descendant of 8:02 am to 8 pm.

However, the MC/IC axis of 8:02 am is the exact opposite of the 8 pm time. At 8:02 am, the MC falls in the 11th house at 5 Virgo, and the IC falls in the 5th house at 5 Pisces. At 8 pm with Gemini Rising the MC falls in the 10th house at 5 Pisces, the IC falls in the 4th house at 5 Virgo. At 8 pm with Cancer Rising, the MC falls in the 9th house at 5 Pisces, the IC falls in the 3rd house. At first glance, it would look like we’d have the same problem as before, but it actually presents a good test for which chart is the right one, because transits to the MC should concern one’s career, reputation and public life whereas transits to the IC should concern one’s home, parents, or private life.

  • If transits to 5 Virgo concern Hillary’s career and public life, then her birth time has to be 8:02 am.
  • If transits to 5 Virgo concern Hillary’s home and private life, then her birth time has to be 8 pm.
  • If transits to 5 Pisces concern Hillary’s career and public life, then her birth time has to be 8 pm.
  • If transits to 5 Pisces concern Hillary’s home and private life, then her birth time has to be 8:02 am.

Normally the MC/IC axis tends to align with the 10th and 4th whole sign houses, but sometimes it does not when you use whole sign houses like I do. At 8:02 am, the MC/IC axis falls in the 11th and 5th, rather than the 10th and 4th. What that means is that for the 8:02 am time, the sign of Leo and the MC in Virgo would both assume significance for 10th house topics of one’s career, reputation and public life, while Aquarius and the IC in Pisces would assume significance for 4th house topics of one’s home, family and private life.

Let’s examine some transits to those degrees. I’ve restricted the orb to 3 degrees to keep the windows of time narrow.

Saturn at 5 Virgo: October 2007-August 2008 – Hillary’s 2008 Presidential Campaign

  • October-November 2007 – Heading into the 2008 election, Hillary was considered the inevitable Democratic nominee, a shoo-in. On October 30th 2007 at a primary presidential debate, Hillary stumbled on a question on whether or not illegal immigrants should be allowed to have driving licenses. The uncharacteristically poor debate performance was seized upon by her challengers and was the beginning of a long downturn for her campaign which ultimately led to her defeat.
  • January- April 2008 – The next pass of Saturn over this degree coincided with a string of competitive primaries with Barack Obama in early 2008, in which she ultimately could not overwhelm his momentum.
  • June-August 2008 – On June 7th 2008, Obama had won the primary election and Hillary suspended her campaign.

Her experience in this time is certainly more evocative of a Saturn transit over her MC. Her reputation took a hit, it was a public loss, a hard struggle for a high office, these are all Saturnian events in the realm of career and aspirations, signified by the MC. I think it’s hard to construe this as an event that occurred in a more private domain, so this transit alone provides a good argument that she was born at 8:02 am rather than 8 pm.

Saturn at 5 Pisces: November 1994 – “Republican Revolution” 1994 Midterm Election

  • On November 8th 1994, right as Saturn stationed direct at 5 Pisces, the Republicans won a decisive victory in the congressional midterm elections, signaling a decisive rebuke of Bill Clinton’s administration which reflected on Hillary as well since she was such a large player in the attempt to reform healthcare. She took the election results personally, blaming herself for the defeat and took responsibility for hurting her husband’s administration. She essentially exiled herself from her own home, the White House. Consider Hillary’s reaction to the midterm election, as captured in Bernstein’s Woman in Charge.

After the election, said Harold Ickes, “she literally withdrew. I mean, you just didn’t even see her. She would come over to her West Wing office from time to time. I would talk to her on the phone. But even I, who was as close to her as anybody on the president’s staff, hardly saw her at all…she no longer participated…She didn’t talk to the White House staff.”…She retreated at first into the relative comfort of Hillaryland…It was time to decamp for long periods at a time, withdraw from the working White House altogether, to rethink and to travel…Hillary did not need to be pushed into exile. She was ready to go.

Exiling yourself from your own home I’d say is a fair reading of Saturn conjunct the IC. Comparing these two transits, it’s easy to see how the Saturn transit in Virgo correlated with a challenging period in her career and public life (MC) whereas the Saturn transit in Pisces was a challenging period in her home and private life (IC) which would indicate she was born at 8:02 am.

Jupiter at 5 Virgo 

  • January-February 1968 – We don’t know the exact date, but somewhere in January-February 1968, Hillary ran for president of the student government at Wellesley College and won. Jupiter crossed her MC at this time, if she were born at 8:02 am.
  • February 1980 – The most significant thing to happen in this time for Hillary was the birth of her daughter, Chelsea Clinton on February 27th 1980. This would seem to be much more of an IC-event since it concerns her family, but if Jupiter rules her 5th house of children at 8:02 am then a prominent Jupiter transit isn’t out of the question, and this is hard to square with the previous Jupiter transit in 1968 which was decidedly career-oriented. Mars is also conjunct Jupiter at 4 Virgo on the day of Chelsea’s birth but I will go into what that might be all about later in this article.
  • October 1991 – On October 3rd 1991, Bill Clinton announced his run for President in the 1992 election. While this event was more about Bill, Hillary’s own political prospects were attached to his, and Bill even advertised his candidacy as a “two for one” deal. This was her big introduction on a national stage for her as well as for him. Jupiter was at 4 degrees Virgo, which would make the most sense if she were born at 8:02 am because it would be transiting her MC. It is also worth pointing out that at this time through the 1992 election, Pluto was transiting over the 8:02 am Ascendant. In that time her own ethical record, ideology and some controversial statements (the conjunction to her Mercury) came under attack by political opponents of her husband. She was even described as “Lady Macbeth” in twenty publications in 1992. While it is a veritably unfair and unfounded comparison, it is appropriate that she would be compared to such a Plutonian/Scorpio figure and feared as such if she was experiencing Pluto transiting over her Scorpio Ascendant, if she were born at 8:02 am.
  • September 2003 – A 17-year old political activist named Adam Parkhomenko started a website called VoteHillary.org on September 9th 2003,  in order to draft Hillary into running in the 2004 election. While Hillary did not run for the 2004 election, it was the beginning of the grassroots push for Hillary to run for President herself.
  • Early September 2015 – Hillary is running for President again, and presidential primary debates for the Democrats will be starting this fall. In contrast to 2007 when Saturn was transiting in this position and seemed to coincide with a fall from grace, Jupiter will be here and should indicate the opposite, finding great favor and support. If this comes to pass, this would seem to again suggest an 8:02 am birth time for Hillary. There will be a Sun-Jupiter conjunction at 3 Virgo on August 26th 2015. Jupiter itself will reach 5 Virgo on September 3rd 2015.

17 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton’s Real Birth Time”

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  2. I agree with your findings. I think she has sun in 12th, scorpio rising. She is far too private and sun in 12th aptly describes this for me, in addition to her Scorpio sun.

  3. This is all conjecture. No one knows what time she was born and there is no way, short of seeing her actual long form birth certificate, that we will ever know.

  4. There can’t be one. How could there when actual pertinent data is missing? No slight against what you’ve done. You can analyze what’s fixed in a chart but it’s an impossible task for anyone to analyze what’s unknowable. Since there is the freedom of information act someone could in theory request a copy of her bc. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting to receive it though.

  5. I don’t believe Hillary was born on 10/26, & came here looking for the real answer.

    In Jewish Gematria – Hillary Clinton =800, matching the 8am birth time.

    In Pythagorean Gematria – Hillary R Clinton =82, similar to 8:02.

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  7. Your 8:02 a.m. birthchart has the Sun in the 1st house. I calculated the birth chart on my Solarfire program and the Sun is in the 12th. Looked at Astro.com; they have the Sun in the 12th as well. In fact, everyone’s chart of the 8:02 a.m. birth time is different than yours. Not sure what program you used, but it’s not correct.

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