Hillary Clinton’s Real Birth Time

Uranus/Pluto at 5 Virgo

Pluto was within 3 degrees of 5 Virgo from November 1957-July 1962, but it was closest to 5 Virgo from August 1958-September 1961. In this time, one might expect the direction of her life to be undergoing a deep transformation and power struggle. Uranus was within 3 degrees of 5 Virgo from September 1962-July 1964. In this time, one might expect the direction of her life to take radical departures and reversals from what it was before. This was true for many people the world over in the 60’s, as Uranus and Pluto conjoined in the decade, empowering the individual against conformity and rattling the cage of entrenched powers and attitudes. She started these transits as a conservative Republican Goldwater girl, but by the time they passed, she would never be the same, on her way to becoming a progressive icon.

In mid-1961, a young pastor named Donald Jones joined Hillary’s church and became her spiritual mentor. He was strongly motivated by social justice, and introduced the young Hillary to the concept of “faith in action” in her church youth group. He took the sheltered and privileged white Park Ridge kids to visit the youth groups at poor black churches. He took her and other young teens to see Martin Luther King Jr. speak on April 15th 1962, an illuminating and powerful experience, she reports. She watched him speak on TV and heard him give his “I Have a Dream” speech, when the Sun, Venus and Uranus were conjunct at 5 Virgo, clearly a huge transit for Hillary if it was on her MC. Bernstein writes in Woman in Charge: “If there is a single defining thread of Hillary’s political, religious and social development, it is her belief and determination, from her teenage years onward, that the tragedy of race in America must be made right”.

At the same time, she was also heavily influenced by her strident anti-communist conservative history teacher, Paul Carlson. He played speeches by Douglas MacArthur in class and tried to get the students serious about the “Red Menace”. He was thrilled by having such a conservative student as the young Hillary and began grooming her to go into politics.   Hillary even says in Living History that Rev. Don and Mr. Carlson were “locked in a battle for [her] mind and soul”. It even got to the point where Mr. Carlson formally complained about Rev. Don’s focus on social justice issues and pushed for his removal from the church. After several confrontations, Rev. Don left Park Ridge but remained in touch with Hillary throughout the rest of his life as a spiritual adviser. This kind of power struggle that happened to center around Hillary and her life path and the explosion of her political and philosophical horizons is described well by Pluto and Uranus passing over her MC.

While millions of people were born in this time, there was a certain person born in this time whose natal Pluto is at 6 Virgo, and also facilitated a somewhat Plutonian experience in her own career…

This guy.

Neptune at 5 Virgo

In general, with a Neptune transit to one’s MC you might expect to see some mystical, spiritual, fantasy, illusory or otherwise phenomenal or transcendental elements manifest in one’s career or public life. Like becoming a movie star, an icon, becoming a religious leader or something. Now, obviously Hillary wasn’t alive when Neptune was at this degree, but guess who was born on February 3rd, 1931 with Neptune at 4 Virgo? Hillary’s spiritual mentor, Rev. Donald Jones! His Neptune is conjunct Hillary’s MC, which couldn’t be more appropriate for a spiritual guru. The difference between Donald Jones and Barack Obama in Hillary’s life are decent illustrations of the differences between their respective planets conjunct her MC – Rev. Don as Neptune as the mystic, her spiritual mentor, and Obama as Pluto, the phenomenon that upset her destiny to become President in 2008, her epic opponent, former boss, and now the shoes she aims to fill.

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  2. I agree with your findings. I think she has sun in 12th, scorpio rising. She is far too private and sun in 12th aptly describes this for me, in addition to her Scorpio sun.

  3. This is all conjecture. No one knows what time she was born and there is no way, short of seeing her actual long form birth certificate, that we will ever know.

  4. There can’t be one. How could there when actual pertinent data is missing? No slight against what you’ve done. You can analyze what’s fixed in a chart but it’s an impossible task for anyone to analyze what’s unknowable. Since there is the freedom of information act someone could in theory request a copy of her bc. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting to receive it though.

  5. I don’t believe Hillary was born on 10/26, & came here looking for the real answer.

    In Jewish Gematria – Hillary Clinton =800, matching the 8am birth time.

    In Pythagorean Gematria – Hillary R Clinton =82, similar to 8:02.

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  7. Your 8:02 a.m. birthchart has the Sun in the 1st house. I calculated the birth chart on my Solarfire program and the Sun is in the 12th. Looked at Astro.com; they have the Sun in the 12th as well. In fact, everyone’s chart of the 8:02 a.m. birth time is different than yours. Not sure what program you used, but it’s not correct.

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