Hillary Clinton’s Real Birth Time

Saturn Transits Through the Angular Houses

If Hillary was born at 8:02 am then the fixed signs of Scorpio, Leo, Taurus and Aquarius should concern specific topics because of their angularity to the rising sign, Scorpio. Scorpio as her 1st house would relate to issues of her appearance and physical vitality, Leo as the 10th house would concern her career and public life, Taurus as the 7th house would concern her marriage partner and relationships and Aquarius as her 4th house would concern her family, home and private life. Saturn’s challenging transits through these signs show a simple but remarkable alignment with these topics.

Saturn in Aquarius, 4th house of Family, Home and Private Life
February 6th 1991-January 28th 1994

  • This period of time encapsulates Bill Clinton’s 1992 run for President when Hillary’s private life became a fish bowl for opposition researchers. Bill announced his run when Saturn was at 0 Aquarius.
  • Hillary’s private life was also intruded in this time by the presence of 24-hour Secret Service protection when they moved into the White House on January 20th 1993, Saturn at 18 Aquarius.
  • On April 7th 1993, Hillary’s father, Hugh Rodham died, when Saturn was at 27 Aquarius.

Saturn in Taurus, 7th house of Marriage, Relationships
June 8th 1998-April 20th 2000

  • Some of you remember this period of time as being a particularly difficult time in her marriage with Bill because of an affair Bill Clinton had with Monica Lewinsky. Bill finally admitted to Hillary that he had lied about not having had an affair with Lewinsky on August 13th 1998. Saturn was at 3 Taurus, in opposition to her Sun. Ouch.

Saturn in Leo, 10th house of Career and Public Life
July 16th 2005-September 2nd 2007

  • She was re-elected to the Senate on November 7th 2006. Saturn was at 24 Leo.
  • She announced her run for President in the 2008 elections on January 20th 2007. Saturn was at 23 Leo.
  • Her own Saturn is at 21 Leo, so her own Saturn Return must have revolved around her plans to win re-election and run for President, again, all 10th house type stuff. Remember, her MC is in Virgo, so Virgo assumes these significations as well. It was while Saturn was in Virgo that she lost the 2008 primary election and became Secretary of State.

Saturn in Scorpio, 1st house of Appearance and Physical Vitality
October 5th 2012 – September 17th 2015

  • In mid-December 2012, Hillary came down with a stomach flu. She became dehydrated and fell, sustaining a concussion on December 19th 2012. Saturn was at 8 Scorpio. Later that month doctors discovered and removed a blood clot in her brain from the concussion. She required special glasses to correct blurred/double vision from the concussion for several months. Then 65 years old, articles appeared in the media wondering aloud if Hillary was too old or too unhealthy to run for President. Essentially, Saturn’s transit through the sign of Scorpio brought the issue of Hillary’s physical vitality under scrutiny, which would be appropriate if she was born at 8:02 am with a Scorpio Ascendant.

Her Real Birth Time

I think given all of this evidence, it seems clear that the transits to 5 Virgo concern her career and public life as opposed to her private life, and the Saturn transits through the fixed signs indicate that she had to have been born at 8:02 am, or at least in the morning with Scorpio rising. Granted, I only provided one example of an event from 5 Pisces, but the very fact that the events at 5 Pisces were harder to find is evidence that they are not a matter of public record, something only Hillary or those close to her would know about, which is what we might expect from transits to the IC. If anyone has managed to mine the events of planets transiting 5 Pisces, I’d be interested in hearing more about them.

Without the birth certificate, we won’t know if this conjecture is correct, provided the certificate is also correct. If the 8:02 am time and resulting chart is correct, it certainly looks the part that Hillary has played on the national scene. I am not issuing a prediction at this time, but I would like to point out a peculiarity that perhaps someone can interpret. The next time the North Node reaches the degree and minute of her MC at 5 Virgo is within 24 hours of a certain date and time: Noon, January 20th, 2017.

17 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton’s Real Birth Time”

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  2. I agree with your findings. I think she has sun in 12th, scorpio rising. She is far too private and sun in 12th aptly describes this for me, in addition to her Scorpio sun.

  3. This is all conjecture. No one knows what time she was born and there is no way, short of seeing her actual long form birth certificate, that we will ever know.

  4. There can’t be one. How could there when actual pertinent data is missing? No slight against what you’ve done. You can analyze what’s fixed in a chart but it’s an impossible task for anyone to analyze what’s unknowable. Since there is the freedom of information act someone could in theory request a copy of her bc. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting to receive it though.

  5. I don’t believe Hillary was born on 10/26, & came here looking for the real answer.

    In Jewish Gematria – Hillary Clinton =800, matching the 8am birth time.

    In Pythagorean Gematria – Hillary R Clinton =82, similar to 8:02.

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  7. Your 8:02 a.m. birthchart has the Sun in the 1st house. I calculated the birth chart on my Solarfire program and the Sun is in the 12th. Looked at Astro.com; they have the Sun in the 12th as well. In fact, everyone’s chart of the 8:02 a.m. birth time is different than yours. Not sure what program you used, but it’s not correct.

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