Hillary Clinton’s Real Birth Time

Venus at 5 Virgo

Venus returns to 5 Virgo every year, so I initially restricted my inquiry to when Venus was retrograde in Virgo. Venus has 5 recurring retrograde periods every 8 years, removed by 2 degrees and 2 days, and one of them begins in early Virgo and retrogrades back into Leo. This Virgo-Leo Venus retrograde took place in the summer of 1951, 1959, 1967, 1975, 1983, 1991, 1999, 2007 and will again in 2015. It seems to be particularly important for Hillary and her relationship with Bill as well as her career, but it only makes sense if the birth time is at 8:02 am. This is because at 8:02 am, both Leo and Virgo have significance for the realm of one’s career and public life, Leo for being in the 10th place, Virgo for containing the MC. At 8 pm, Venus’s retrograde cycle in Virgo-Leo would affect matters of the 3rd and 4th (siblings, home, parents) or the 2nd and 3rd (finances and siblings, friends). The Virgo-Leo Venus retrogrades herald the Venus synodic return of their marriage and inaugurate distinct 8 year phases in their relationship.

  • October 11th 1975 – Hillary Rodham & Bill Clinton
    In the summer of 1971, Hillary and Bill started living together. It just so happened that during that summer occurred a Sun-Venus superior conjunction at 4 Virgo. It took half a Venus cycle for the corresponding Virgo-Leo retrograde to occur in which Hillary finally accepted Bill’s proposal in mid-to-late August 1975. It’s important to note that Hillary’s decision to marry Bill was not an easy one though she was very much in love. Hillary had a bright political future even at that point, and her decision to marry Bill meant the deferment and sublimation of her own ambitions for a long time. At the same time, Hillary must have recognized the potential for her own political influence by marrying a man she truly believed could be President someday. Appropriately then on October 11th 1975, Hillary Rodham married Bill Clinton when Venus was at 4 Virgo, in a tight conjunction to what I believe is her MC at 5 Virgo from being born at 8:02 am.
  • October 1983 – Mrs. Clinton, First Lady of Arkansas
    I could not find a specific event for the Clintons’ 8th anniversary, but the Virgo-Leo Venus retrograde in the summer of 1983 was huge for Hillary. Politico Magazine describes the summer of 1983 as “The Long Hot Summer Hillary Became a Politician”. When Bill was elected Arkansas governor in 1982, he made education reform a centerpiece of his new agenda, and appointed Hillary as the chair of the Arkansas Educational Standards Committee. In this role, Hillary was finally able to emerge from the shadow of her husband and forge her own distinct political identity. She impressed Arkansans in many meetings around the state and with compelling television appearances and radio interviews that summer. Her first appearance before the legislature prompted Arkansas State Rep. Lloyd George to famously remark “I think we’ve elected the wrong Clinton!” It was a triumphant moment for her when she delivered her committee’s recommendations to improve Arkansas’ education standards in September 1983. On October 4th 1983, then-Governor Bill Clinton gathered a special joint session of congress to persuade them to make the recommendations into law, and ultimately the effort was successful. Clinton biographer Meredith Oakley made this observation about Hillary concerning the time of the Venus synodic return of their marriage: “…her efforts were repaid as years of ill will were washed away, and she became a full partner in her husband’s political career”. They finally consummated their marriage – politically.
  • October 1991 – First Lady of the United States
    8 years later during the summer of 1991, Venus repeated the same retrograde cycle in Leo from 1975 and 1983. Venus was just 10 days away from approaching the synodic return of the Clintons’ marriage when Bill announced he was running for President on October 3rd 1991. This marked the beginning of a shift from their identity as the First Family of Arkansas to the First Family of the United States.
  • October 1999 – Senator Clinton (D-NY)
    8 years later during the summer of 1999, Venus repeated the same retrograde cycle in Leo from 1991, 1983 and 1975. This time, Hillary was on a “listening tour” in New York to gauge the public’s interest in her running for Senate. The certainty of her campaign was never really in doubt, and both Bill and Hillary were making big plans for their future together, just as they had during the previous Virgo-Leo Venus retrogrades. On October 15th 1999 as Venus was at 6 Virgo, the synodic return of their marriage, the Clintons secured financing for their new home in Chappaqua, NY, the base of their post-presidential and Senatorial lives.
  • October 2007 – Presidential Candidate, Madame Secretary
    8 years later during the summer of 2007, Venus repeated the same retrograde cycle in Leo from 1999, 1991, 1983 and 1975. Hillary was at that time, a two-term New York senator and a front runner presidential candidate, able to run on her own record while secondarily but not insubstantially helped by her husband whose public reputation only improved since the scandals of his presidency. In October 2007, Hillary was already holding meetings about transitioning into the White House, although she did not know at that point that it would be as Secretary of State, not President.
  • October 2015 – Presidential Candidate
    8 years later during the summer of 2015, Venus will be repeating the same retrograde cycle in Leo from 2007, 1999, 1991, 1983 and 1975. Hillary is again a strong presidential candidate, a former Secretary of State. Her marriage will begin a new phase after the Venus retrograde in Leo. In 2007, Venus was with Saturn in Virgo which might indicate why it was a difficult period for Hillary’s career. In 2015, Venus will be with Jupiter in Virgo, which seems more promising since the last time they were together in Virgo was October 1991, shortly after Bill Clinton announced his run for President.

Mars at 5 Virgo

Mars goes over Hillary’s Ascendant once every 2 years, so in the interests of brevity I’m concentrating on the three times in Hillary’s life when Mars went retrograde over 5 Virgo.

  • December 1947-Early February 1948 – This was too early in Hillary’s life to know how this transit might have been significant for her, and I’m not even sure how a transit to a baby’s MC could be reasonably interpreted. The only thing Hillary mentioned about this time is that her uncle tried to commit suicide in early 1948 and moved in with the Rodhams when she was just a baby, but it seems to be unrelated, so the significance of the transit is unknown.
  • Mid-February-Early March 1980 – Right as Mars retrograde passed 5 Virgo on February 27th 1980, Chelsea Clinton was born. This happened in a tight conjunction with Jupiter at the same degree. The Mars-Jupiter conjunction is peculiar because it would indicate that Chelsea represented not only a mixed blessing for Hillary’s career at that point as a transit in 1980, but also going forward through her life as a synastric aspect. I understand the event of Chelsea’s birth as Jupiter on Hillary’s MC because of it being a happy event and because Jupiter is the ruler of her 5th house which concerns children. Chelsea has also been helpful to Hillary’s career as a campaigner towards younger voters, and making her more relatable as a mother and grandmother. The part I don’t quite understand is the retrograde Mars. Perhaps, as happy as Hillary was to have a child, she resented how much further behind it placed her plans for her own career? It also raises the possibility that Chelsea could be a liability in her presidential ambitions, although if that is true, one would think it would have manifested itself in some way already.
  • Mid-March-Mid-May 2012 – Hillary was about to embark on a trip to Beijing in late April as Mars approached 5 Virgo when Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng escaped from prison to the US embassy and asked to go back to the United States on Clinton’s plane. This put Hillary in a precarious predicament – making a bold statement on human rights by taking back Chen would risk damaging the current round of negotiations and America’s delicate relationship with China. After some tricky maneuvering, Clinton was able to manage striking a deal with the Chinese concerning Chen without disrupting the planned talks. Meanwhile, 32 year old Chelsea was experiencing a recurrence of her natal Mars position. She accepted a job at NBC at the beginning of the Mars pre-retrograde shadow period at the end of 2011. It was somewhat controversial because she had no experience in journalism and was receiving an exorbitant salary. There was the appearance of receiving special treatment because of her famous parents. Just days after Mars had finished its retrograde period, Buzzfeed published this article which alleged that NBC executives were not happy with Chelsea’s work and that she was “terrible” on television. While the news certainly wasn’t good for Chelsea and doesn’t necessarily reflect well on her parents, it hasn’t appeared to be all that damaging to Hillary’s prospects.

This is by no means a full account of Mars transits for Hillary. Hillary experienced a Mars return close to the 1994 midterm elections, and she also experienced a Mars return close to June 7th 2008 when she finally conceded defeat to Obama in the primary, although these could also be accounted for by Saturn. It’s been hard telling whether Mars or Saturn is more difficult for Hillary. Although I suspect she was born during the day, I think Mars is not as bad as it could be because of its mutual reception with the Sun in Scorpio in the 1st house. It has helped her cultivate more of a “badass” image rather than just being a “bad guy”.


17 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton’s Real Birth Time”

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  2. I agree with your findings. I think she has sun in 12th, scorpio rising. She is far too private and sun in 12th aptly describes this for me, in addition to her Scorpio sun.

  3. This is all conjecture. No one knows what time she was born and there is no way, short of seeing her actual long form birth certificate, that we will ever know.

  4. There can’t be one. How could there when actual pertinent data is missing? No slight against what you’ve done. You can analyze what’s fixed in a chart but it’s an impossible task for anyone to analyze what’s unknowable. Since there is the freedom of information act someone could in theory request a copy of her bc. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting to receive it though.

  5. I don’t believe Hillary was born on 10/26, & came here looking for the real answer.

    In Jewish Gematria – Hillary Clinton =800, matching the 8am birth time.

    In Pythagorean Gematria – Hillary R Clinton =82, similar to 8:02.

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  7. Your 8:02 a.m. birthchart has the Sun in the 1st house. I calculated the birth chart on my Solarfire program and the Sun is in the 12th. Looked at Astro.com; they have the Sun in the 12th as well. In fact, everyone’s chart of the 8:02 a.m. birth time is different than yours. Not sure what program you used, but it’s not correct.

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